Fatah Revives Arafartbastard, Blames Jews

Yasser Arafat


I am ready to kill for the sake of my cause; wouldn’t I lie for it?

“We plan to eliminate the state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state.We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. . . . We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

“Continue to press on soldiers of freedom! We will not bend or fail until the blood of every last Jew from the youngest child to the oldest elder is spilt to redeem or land!”

“This is my homeland no one can kick me out.”

Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo. Why did he claim Israel as his “homeland?”

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS FATAH CONFERENCE“Moderate” terrorist Abu Mazen aka Mahmud Abbas

A resolution adopted at the conference of the ‘moderate’ Fatah terror organization calls for the return of all Jerusalemboth ‘east’ and ‘west’ before any further talks are held with Israel.

The sixth Fatah General Assembly decreed on Saturday that the return of both east and west Jerusalem to Palestinian control was a “red line” which was non-negotiable, and would need to be fulfilled before any peace talks with Israel could renew, Israel Radio reported. J’post

Peace-loving Fatah revives an old manufactured grievance, blames Israel for Arafat’s death

Why bring this up now? Why make fresh accusations that are sure to cause tensions with the Israelis instead of smoothing things over and playing the role of the cool-headed “moderate” faction that is open to peaceful coexistence? With Barack Obama in the White House, isn’t Fatah on the brink of greater success than ever? Isn’t it true that all Abbas and Company has to do is play the game, send the right signals about desiring peace, and all sorts of goodies will fall into their laps?

Maybe. But they’re behaving as if they don’t even have to pretend to want peace. They’re behaving like people who know that a more belligerent stance will cost them nothing. And indeed, that does seem to be the case in regard to Barack Obama.

“Israel to blame for Arafat death: Fatah,” by John Lyons for The Australian, August 8 (thanks to JW):

THE ruling faction of the Palestinian Authority has formally blamed Israel for the “assassination” of Yasser Arafat, one of the founders of the Fatah party.At the party’s conference in Bethlehem yesterday, delegates unanimously passed a resolution blaming Israel for Arafat’s death and setting up a committee to investigate the death.

The committee will be led by Arafat’s nephew, Nasser el-Kidweh.

Israelis seized on the resolution saying it suggested Palestinians were not serious about negotiating with Israel for a two-state solution.

Indeed. Because they’re going to get everything they want anyway, courtesy of the President of the United States.

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  1. Arafat was given peace on a plate. But we know that the real criminals run the show, and Arafat did not want to go the same way as Sadat.

  2. Arafat – “We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.”

    Jesus Christ – “They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” (Luke 21:24)

  3. An educational piece from Hugh Fitzgerald:

    The members of Fatah are, like the rest of the local Arabs who were carefully renamed the “Palestinian people” after the Six-Day War, are Muslims. They believe in Islam — save for a handful of tame and collaborationist islamochristians (Naim Ateek, Bishop Michel Sabbag, Hanan Ashrawi, and others of that dismal ilk), and believe that it is an outrage, an offense against justice and nature and Allah, that Infidels — and the despised Jews at that — now live on land once ruled by Muslims. It is, in fact, the land, and who possesses it, and not what happens to the local Arabs, who are merely to be used as a propagandistic weapon in order to destroy, quickly or slowly, the Infidel nation-state and either kill, or drive out, or push back into the dhimmi condition the Jews who resurrected their anceitn commonwealth, and whose successes, far from being the cause of admiration among the Arabs and Muslims, are a constant source of fury and humiliation, akin to Iago’s envy of Othello (“He hath a daily beauty in his life that makes mine ugly”).

    Fatah consists of the old Arafat henchmen, such as Mahmoud Abbas, pretending because he wears suits that his past life was not soaked in blood, putting on an act as a “technocrat” to be confused with Fayyad — this “nobody-here-but-us-accountants” mien is put on for the Westerners, especially when it is time to ask for handouts, received as by right, as a kind of Jizyah, which does not prompt any gratitude. But Abbas and that practiced liar Saeb Erekat, and Mahmoud Dahlan, and all the rest, have outdone themselves during the last few days, assuring their own audiences that they are just as vicious, just as cruel, just as uncompromising, as the members of Hamas, but because they can produce a slightly different patter for the outside worl, likely to be more successful. Were one simply to truthfully report on what they say — and not leave it up to such sites as http://www.Memri.org, anyone would be able to see that the only differences between the Slow Jihadists of Fatah and the Fast Jihadists of Hamas are questions of tactics and timing. And the performance this week suggests that on timing, the two are not as far apart as one might have hoped.

    Many Israelis, having again and again been taken in by the Arabs, again and again made prepsterous and dangerous deals which only they, the Israelis, honored, have at long last come to understand that the war being made on them is prompted by, is explained by, the texts and tenets and attitudes of Islam That’s a big improvement. That may save them — just. But now they need to openly declare that understeanding, and Netanyahu and others can, in clever ways, show that this is their understanding, and convey it to the Americans and others, especially in the now-imperilled countries of Western Europe, that also face a menace, from Muslims internally, that will not go away, and to which there is no “solution”: save that of working to diminish the size of the threat, in ways little and big.

    It simply will not do to silently recognize the threat, and not to dare to mention it, for fear of offending someone. It has to be discussed. What is in the Qur’an and Hadith and Sira have to be forced on the consciousness of those who presume to protect and instrcut in other countries, and who dare to put pressure on Israel based on policies that make no sense, but are the product of wilful ignorance about Islam.That the current American government, by its statements (such as that by Obama in Cairo, or Brennan the other day in Washington) has no real understanding of Islam, and follows policies that continue to squander our resources — men, money, materiel — in a dizzying fashion, instead of sitting down, reading, thinking, figuring out what Islam inculcates, what assumptions it is perfectly rational and legitimate to t make, therefore, about those who call themselves Muslims, and what we can do to divide and demoralize and weaken the Camp of Islam, as we work to strengthen our non-Muslim allies most threatened — in Israel and in Western Europe, and work, in our immigration policy, to avoid repeating the experience of Western Europe, avoid the dangers that they, alas, have not over the past few decades been heedless of, and in that heedlessness, brought about a condition, for themselves, that makes the lives of non-Muslim indigenes far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous — with no conceivable hope of large-scale “integration” of those who take their Islam seeriously — than would otherwise be the case. We must learn from their example what not to do.

  4. And referring to Israel as “the criminal enemy”, King Abdullah wrote: “I’ll be honest, brothers.

    ‘BROTHERS’ – they’re all lying , devious bastards, conniving against one another !

    Anyway , if the Jews had killed arfat , who would blame them ?
    He was always talking about killing them !

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