Canada: Synagogue-bombing Arab professor finally sacked


Prof who bombed Paris synagogue dismissed, supporters cry “discrimination”

Jawa Report

The Canadian academy has really put their foot down. The National Post reports that Hassan Diab, a sociology and anthropology professor at Carleton University, has been teaching a class this summer. One problem, however: he is wanted by French authorities for bombing a Paris synagogue in 1980 that killed four people and injured twenty others. Carleton has finally decided to immediately dismiss Diab, but only after the Canadian chapter of B’nai Brith issued a press release condemning the university’s previous decision to reinstate him to teach this summer following his arrest last November and his pending deportation hearing. Surely a Zionist plot!

From the report:

Mr. Diab, 55, was born in Lebanon, but obtained Canadian citizenship in 1993. He has led a fairly nomadic life, living in six different countries over 12 years. He has left behind a string of marriages, divorces and common-law relationships and has fathered two children over the past two decades.In 2006, Mr. Diab married Rania Tfaily in a religious ceremony that was not legally binding [read: polygamy]. Ms. Tfaily is a professor in Carleton’s sociology and anthropology department, while Mr. Diab has taught at the University of Ottawa and, more recently, at Carleton.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers have issued a statement protesting his dismissal, the Carleton sociology and anthropology faculty published an editorial saying that the university’s decision is discriminatory, and his friends have launched a website in his support.

This case raises many questions: 1) Why did the Canadians let him into their country in the first place; 2) Why did they grant him citizenship; and 3) Why has he been teaching in their taxpayer-supported universities? But it is so good to see the Canucks taking such a brave, bold stand against terror, eh?