Manufactured Rage

Cartoon Madness Will Not Go Away

Muhammed cartoon

The  Danish government is doing what it can to get rid of the dispute over the controversial Prophet Muhammad drawings. The Danish media did not exactly extinguish the fire. Yet forces in the Muslim world attempt to keep the controversy alive.

Here we go again. If somebody thought that the dispute over the Danish cartoons was finally a closed chapter, think again.

In the Muslim world there are forces who have not forgotten the controversy; and, do not intend to forget it before they are vindicated. In addition, there seems to be talk about grappling with a considerable clout in the Islamic world.

Faisal AZ Yamani

The prophet’s true believers have now hired a top Saudi Arabian lawyer, Faisal Yamani, to nail the Danish newspapers to the cross because they reprinted the Muhammed cartoons in February 2008. Yes, you read right. The controversial reprinting took place a half year ago, and although the Danish media ever since  has been careful not to fan the flames, the Berlingske Tidende and other newspapers now face an ultimatum: deplore the the publication of the cartoons and promise not to ever again insult the Prophet’s descendants.  More from Counter JIhad

A New Mecca in Dordrecht

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled an exhaustive report on the upcoming installation of a ka’aba in Dordrecht, the birthplace of Calvinism in the Netherlands. VH says, “This scandal arose in June, but the project was postponed. Now it has become clear that the permit has been issued and the project will be unveiled Friday, September 4, 16:00-18:00 hrs. in Dordrecht.”

He includes his own artistic impression of a 4m3 ka’aba on the square next to the Augustinian Church in Dordrecht. What the real “artistic” ka’aba will look like is not yet known.

More from the Gates of Vienna


In October 2007 we reported on New Yorks Apple story in the shape of the Kaaba in Mecca, which somehow infuriates devoted soldiers of Allah:

After Gitmo rage, Koran rage, cartoon rage, pope rage and heaven knows which other rages we have now arrived at the latest rage:

Kashmir: Muslim students demonstrate against Kaaba-shaped bar in New York

11 thoughts on “Manufactured Rage”

  1. Interesting,

    This week Israeli PM sent two Swedish diplomats packing home and “demanding” the Newspaper apologise and the jounalists in question be “punished” for reporting that IDF were organ harvesting Palestinian prisoners.

    Two issues from this, regardless if true or not.

    1) Double standards? Condemn one but not the other…..

    2) right wingers will immediatly declare the Swedish report outrageous BS and yet easikly accept other BS and propogate them…..

  2. This coming from the dobber, who snitched on someone preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Morocco and had him deported?

  3. How hilarious Mohammedans just cant help following the Krap Kran and hating Jews can you Solkhar.

  4. Folks – throwing rotten eggs out of the windows doesn’t change any ones mind, and means you have to clean up the mess in your yard eventually. Might I request that all kiddies stop the name calling (unless truely deserved and I see no evidence of that in the current “debate”). Onto more important issues:

    If the newspapers concerned are not government owned then sending the Swedish diplomats home is rather pointless, and there is almost another reason behind their deportation. Now the Palestinian allegations were rubbish – they usually are in that palestinian allegations of Israeli misconduct rarely stand up to close inspection. – so why even bother to react to them. I suspect that Israel is still rather annoyed at the MSM for the rather biased and one-sided reporting demonstrated by the MSM in the recent “Hamas inspired” conflict. However, this is a very unusual response, so I suspect that something else was the reason. I disagree with the point of view the Israel practises double standards (this is not what Solkhar implied – but I am simply stating my point of view on this question) – the severest critics of Israel come from Israel and their comments are freely published in the open Israeli media. In comparison, the level of censorship found in the Arab media is very high. Perhaps Solkhar might wish to comment on this observation? In essence it is yet unclear as to what the real reasons for the expulsion of the Swedish diplomats were. Now we have another attack on Danish newspaper by the islamists re. those “cartoons”. This only became an issue because an imagined insult was created out of nothing by islamists who took the cartoon to the arab media over 8 months after they had first been published and then forgotten. To my mind this is a direct islamist attack on the institutions that were used to form the foundation of Europe – and I consider that this latest attack against the west needs to be dealt with firmly. Effectively, Krekar and his compatriots should be deported – and whether or not he has a death penalty hanging over his head when he returns to Iraq is completely irrelevant. Finally, if a Christian was deported for preaching in Morocco, then it suggests that the faith of those who had him deported is not very strong. I remember well when the taliban dynamited the statues at Bamiyan – destroying a world herigate site. The taliban said “the statues insult islam” – how precisely was never explained. The Buddhists on the other hand said, ” They are just statues – If you want to destroy your heritage then we cannot stop you – it is your loss – but you actions do not influence our belief.”. One side showed strength of character and a deep commitment to their philosophy (Buddhism is not, strictly speaking, a religion) – and it was not the taliban.

  5. Kaw,

    I rather like your postings at present.

    First a point – I noticed how the blog-owner immidiately claimed Jew hater because I used the word Israel. I used the word Israel because it was in the news, I was watching it on both CNN and Al Jazeera (English). I have mentioned it on threads before, I have no issue with Judaism at all, they are People of the Book, I live in a country with a strong Jewish presence, I have Jewish friends and unlike many Arabs, I am a full supporter and believer that the only way to peace in the ME is through a Two State Sollution. The Jew hatred is rather a rediculous automatic and typical antiIslam references/escape clause like taqqiya and caliphate.

    Now getting back to the reference about the Swedish article, I put it to show that the Muslim World is not the only country to go outrageously overboard over issues that are sensitive to them. Israel and the international community having been victims of an attempted genocide are overly senstive to certain remarks and are protected by laws in some countries as well. Israel also being for so long attacked by Arabs (right or wrong), isolated and threatened are very defensive. So some of the reaction is understandable but still shows how far and how “political” subjects can be and much of the loud response is for internal political consumption.

    You are right, kaw, that sensorship is in fact an art-form in many Arab countries – they learnt it from the two Cold-War combatants I think. That happens to be a reality in many developing or autocratic countries. Morocco had been such a country as well and after knowing and talking to those involved in the running of the country and the security services, I now understand why sometimes it was necessary. Immature press run by political parties that in turn attack others for the benefit of their patrons is simply in such countries a distabalizing affect, in comparison to a mature press in a stable (economical/political) environment. Collective liberty, they say here, has to be earned.

    Lastly, the topic of preaching in Morocco, has some correllation to the statements above. It has nothing to do with confidence in faith, it has to do with social maturity and that comes from all the factors that make up stability – political maturity, economic progress, education and peace. Thus in a country that has not achieved all of that, there is concern that active prosthelitizing of another faith will undermine the social harmony and fabric of society – in fact that is for my part what the intention in the Qur’an and badly reflected in the haddiths is saying.

    Adding to the above – so far the so called “missionaries” that came here AND add to that the diplomat in question that I helped point out, are not simple people explaining to the locals that they have an alternative faith and it is like this and look how wonderful it is. No, they were diliberately sent by radical evangelical groups on purpose and intentionally challenging the laws and their message was “your religion is evel, sucks and you will go to hell unless you change”. So we can see there is that factor – the cases here were all about attacking Islam on the one hand and promoting their own alternative with the other and knowing that it would be causing disruptions. That I find morally repugnant and thus they deserved the expulsion.

    So no it has nothing to do with the faith being strong. For my part if the education, politics and economics was that akin to western nations, the issue of prosthelitizing would be mute and not a problem. The correllation to say the Taliban blowing up the historical statues in Afghanistan is another matter entirely, it had nothing to do in fact with faith, it had to do with showing power and control over others.

  6. August 30th Luton England.
    Asian thugs attack cops – blame BNP Ghosts

    Image – Tourism brochure for Luton. It reads ;

    ” Welcome to Luton, home of the Bedfordshire Taliban. Twinned with Kandahar in Afghanistan, Luton is a welcoming town for all Islamist radicals and anti-white racist thugs. The local police are castrated by Political Correctness, so we Islamists run the town. We can even get democracy, free speech and the right to peaceful protest cancelled and banned in Luton as we threaten to attack the Kuffar when they dare excercise their democratic rights to protest our presence in the town. The police are so busy kissing our arses, under the orders of the Labour Party and the government who want our votes in the forthcoming general election, that we can virtually do as we want “

    It appears that the real face of thuggish extremism has appeared from behind the mask of UAF and liberal media bullshit.

    Apparently the Asian rioters in the article below are going to claim that they were driven to attack the police, local shops and local shoppers by the presence of BNP ghosts seen floating around the area going ‘whhooooo’ to Asian youths who were busy constructing a local art project which neccesitated them roaming the area whilst carrying bricks, fireworks and rocks.

    Because the ‘fascist’ police and ‘nazi ghosts’ were in the area without the permission of the local Taliban commander, then this drove the local members of the Taliban militia to attack the police and seek out the BNP ghosts they all saw in their tiny little minds.

    I wonder how the UAF are going to spin this away – as there were no football groups, no casuals and certainly no BNP to blame for their violence and attacks on the police.

    When you take away all the excuses all you are left with is the local Taliban using violence against the police and local people.

    The job of the UAF is to provide a semi-plausible cover story for the Taliban when they attack people, by blaming everything on the victims of the violence instead of the perpetrators of the violence.

    Next week – stoning of unmarried mothers comes to Luton and women seen on the streets without Burkhas will be whipped by local Taliban commanders and their militia.

    Riot police break up mob of protesters

    Published Date: 30 August 2009

    Riot police were forced to break up a mob of 200 youths in Luton after they threw fireworks at officers.

    Officers wearing helmets and carrying shields were sent to Bury Park in Luton after Asian youths attacked local police.

    A statement from Bedfordshire Police said the protesters were deterred from entering the town by a banning order approved by Home Secretary Alan Johnson last week.

    The force added: “Sunday’s disorder follows weeks of engagement and public consultation by Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council in response to tensions within the community after the town was identified as a potential location for a march by right-wing supporters.”

    Police had to send in an extra 50 officers and six police horses at 4.30pm as the violence escalated. Two people were arrested for public order offences.

    The force said there was a strong police presence to ensure the safety of local residents and the disorder was dealt with by 7pm.

    Chief Superintendent Andy Frost, from the force, said: “I am extremely disappointed that some members of the Asian community have used today as an opportunity to commit disorder and undo much of the excellent work that has been done by both the police, council and community leaders to ensure today passed without incident.

    “There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park.

    “Although this incident was contained within Bury Park it has again put Luton under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

    “The town has enjoyed excellent community relations for a number of years but it seems a small minority has let Luton down.” AGAIN!
    21st Century British Nationalism

  7. * but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park

    Nothing to do with the “god” of islam and the teachings of its false prophet?

  8. Right, then!
    So goes my re-invention of the Rubic’s Cube…”Mohammad’s Cube”.
    Back to the drawing board.

  9. * Sally has a beard, shaved head, tattoos, and is the secretary of the Luton chapter of the BNP – 6:1 odds in favour.

    You get paid for this sort of thing, Solkhar?

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