Salma Yaqoob: "Muslim youngsters will react and fight back!"

Of course they will. They will “defend their streets” and “fight back”…

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Because land, once Islamic, belongs to the soldiers of Allah forever. “When it comes to public safety we have every right to intervene,”said Salma Yaqoob.

West Midlands Police have been urged to step in and ban a far right group from holding a march in Birmingham next month to avoid a repeat of the shocking scenes of violence witnessed earlier this month.

White nationalist organisation The English Defence League (EDL) and an associated group, Casuals United, are due to hold a rally against Islamic extremism in the city on September 5. Their first demonstration on August 8 ended with violence and bloodshed as supporters clashed with anti-racism campaigners.

One of those calling for a ban was Respect councillor Salma Yaqoob, who expected more street violence if EDL returned. “When it comes to public safety we have every right to intervene,” she said. “But the ‘just stay away’ message we are hearing won’t wash with today’s Muslim youngsters who won’t put their heads down and carry on walking when they are subjected to racist taunts – they will react and fight back.”

Yesterday, those at a public meeting to discuss how the city should deal with the group’s next visit voted unanimously that the police should have the demonstration banned. West Midlands Police were urged to join forces with Birmingham City Council to apply to the Home Secretary for a banning order under the Public Order Act. But a senior police officer said there were no current plans to do so as the EDL had a legitimate right to hold its march.

Birmingham Post, 24 August 2009

20 thoughts on “Salma Yaqoob: "Muslim youngsters will react and fight back!"”

  1. Actually these muslim youths have started the aggression on our streets – in each and every instance. As referred to an earlier post, Ms Y. is just another muslim thug collecting “go to jail “points which she will collect eventually. However, I think you will find that Whitehall has already intervened to ban the march – so much for the freedom of expression of English citizens – btw paki scum are not English citizens even though they have attached themselves in viral form to the UK.

  2. “Behead those who insult islam”
    “Run you dogs! run you kaffirs!”

    We’ve heard it all before.

  3. So hy did the blog-owner start the item with the BS statement “Because land, once Islamic, belongs to the soldiers of Allah forever”?

    Actually there is a correlation. You have extreme-right wingers and far-leftists whom will love to have a bash at each other, plus you have the typical immigrant youth issue that all western countries have, that for the Muslim youth has been exploded by the provocations of radicals (whom are ironically not welcome in the real Muslim world) and bingo you have a problem.

    So the correllation? Saying BS crap like above only makes things worse and right-wing nationalists looking for a fight is pure antagonism and the radical emement amongst the youth and that stupid cow Yaqoob will fall for it.

    The solution is to ban the march because it is there for provoking conflict not any real reason and is also pushed by radical right-wing bigots and be sure the radical leftists will milk it for everything it can get.

    Ban the march and start working on the core-issues of identifying radicals in all three groups and if there is enough “go to jail” points, then use them and get rid of the bitch. She does no-one any favours, especially the peaceful people of her own faith.

  4. Solkhar here you come running back now that the questions have stopped what a surprise . But please no more Taqqiya about Mohammedans and their actions. They do not ,will not and have no intention of ever intergrating so the ONLY solution is to stop all immigration and start deportation back to their Islamic cesspits they came from. Its the only thing that makes any sense or the blood will run on the streets just like Enoch Powell predicted.

  5. “Realist” if we go and look at your own postings you will find it nothing but abusive language and rather banal rantings that give no value. Your the first everytime to use the agend-based “escape clause” taqqiya and you have in this posting even proven your support for that historic class-act bigot Powell.

    What is most laughable is that I tell people here not to bother going to Europe and introduce them to those whom have returned all agreeing that the cesspit is often over there, created by the far-right bigots sh*tting in their own nest to try and make it uncomfortable for others.

    Frankly speaking, your rantings proves all my points ten fold and better than I can ever express.

  6. well i say im glad the muslims are fighting back i have freindss from all type religion hindu muslim christian etc i myeslf f dont have religion well apart form totenhamhotspur fc which poepls always say is jewish community which is true but we have lots others around spurs we are multicultral

    it angers me when im out and i hear all these sick jokes about indiand or muslims from pakistan etc jsut cos of soem extremists people put them in same cloth and then call then names which arent racist just very unpelasent

    so good on the muslims for fughtuing back

  7. Solkhar has a valid point – the extreme right and the exterme left hijack these demonstrations – however it has mostly been the extreme left that is the problem in recent times.

    Jack Bush – you have absolutely no idea about what you are trying to discuss so either educate yourself or just get lost. Try reading about what happens to non-muslims in muslim pakistan for a start. Then check and see who initiated the violence in the last three major anti-islam demos in Europe- all violence was initiated by left wing thugs with muslim assistance – incidentally a point that Solkhar raised much earlier.

  8. What is the policy of the elite vis-a vis the importation of muslims into our countries ?

    Who knows – in some way , it doesn’t matter .
    They must see where
    the importation of muslims is heading , but they still carry blithely on .
    If events over the last years won’t make them change their
    minds, then nothing will .

    I can think of a few possible reasons but these are only conspiracy theories -i.e. attempts to get at the truth because politicians don’t tell us the truth .

    This policy of the mass importation of muslims into Europe
    has not happened by chance – decisions have been made at the highest level – by who we don’t know .

    A few very powerful people have decided on this (possibly with some kind of deal with the muslim very powerful people ) and those lower down in the power structure understand what is required of them to further their careers even if they don’t understand what is behind it all.

    What do these powerful people want ?
    I don’t know –
    ENORMOUS sums of money from the muslim rulers paid into their bank acounts ?
    They want all the world to mix so that we’ll all love each other and there will be no more war ?
    Divided people with no clear, unified sense of how a country should be run will be easier to rule ?

    As I say ,I don’t know their motives – I just see the results of their policies – I see the EU , that powerful and undemocratic organisation , steamrollering on and we – the people –
    seem helpless to stop it .

    I think this policy is so important to these people that we would not be allowed to change it democratically ..

  9. alma flatboob is the one who sat next to red ken in a debate with Douglas Muray and others .

    a chip on her shoulder / a nasty piece of work /
    stupid ……………… written all over her face

  10. Where there are muslims , there is violence. It is as natural as night and day.
    Sometime ago, I read about the number of wars muslims are currently involved in ..either fighting others or fighting each other. I think it was about 80..Maybe someonelse has the exact figure. They do not value life.
    To Solkar in another accuse Sheik of promoting anti islam hatred. Islam does not need any help in this area. It does a superb job in getting others to hate it. You preach about logic..What is illogical about hating mass murder , slavery and imprisonment?

  11. theresaj,

    to be honest your post is all emotive and though you wish to use the word logic, there is none in your statement.

    In using the distinguishing remark of “them” and “muslim this and muslim that” you are in fact feeding hatred and dare I say the word “bigotry”, by pointing to one group collectively.

    I have no problem with pointing out all the hate, war, attrocities, terrorism, sexism etc done by Muslims but I reject it when it is pointed out to the Muslim community as a whole of the religion of Islam. That is the point I make time and time again and that is why I accuse the blog-owner of antiIslam hatred.

    The figure of Islamic nations at war is not even close to 80 and I am certain it is an inflated figure by someone with an agenda. It should be pointed out (yet again!) that there are as many problems in the world outside the Muslim World as there is within it, except for the subject of organised terror groups. Everytime the blog-owner or his type mention about some pathetic and disgusting habit in some Muslim Country I consider but hold back in posting two items from some other country, like the horrors in eastern Congo, Zimbabwe’s self-destruction, something in India, Nepal, China or about the drug-war in Mexico.

    So about your remark on preaching logic. I do. I hate mass murder – everywhere, like in Srebrenica, Rawanda as much as in Darfur. I hate slavery, in all its forms such as in the diamond mines of Nigeria or the slave soldiers in Liberia and Cote d’Ivoir and I certainly hate the political imprisonments that occur in Iran, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Venezuala and so on and so forth.

    If you want to talk about logic, then be logical, if you want to single out one group and ignore the others, that is not logical, that is bigotry and hate-mongering, I stick to my accussations.

  12. Solkhar I am very sorry if my posting the truth hurts you fragile feelings but when you post such fascile squirming BS the truth is needed to show you up for exactly what you are . A Mohammedan convert who is flushed with new found zeal but really knows NOTHING of any consequence about the CULT he has joined and so spews the Taqqiya he has been fed thinking it to be true . Islam is as Islam does and even you cannot sugar coat the Book of Hate and War, antisemitism, misogyny, Arab supremacism, violence and nonsense that is the Krap Kran no matter how hard you try.

  13. By the way Solkhar what ‘abusive ‘ language have I used. Oh I see anyone who disagrees with you and points out the BS and Taqqiya you are trying to pass off is ‘abusive’ I get it. lets all cheer for Solkhar a champion of free speech except of course when it comes to criticising Islam LOL.In recent postings you have claimed Islam invented or refined DEMOCRACY so please list for us all the DEMOCRATIC Islamic cesspits?

  14. SNIP for profanity. i know what i am exactly saying
    any day u wanna have it out feel free u twat boy

  15. Another books you won’t find on any shelf in Europe

    Many in Europe and the West do not believe that the massive immigration and subsequent refusal to integrate by muslims is just happenstance, a quirk of history or circumstances. That would include the majority of the readers of our modest blog, I venture. There is now THE book that will give them the ammunition they need to make their case: Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.

    There’s a review on American Thinker which doesn’t mince words:

    [A]uthors Sam Solomon, a former professor of shari’ah law and convert to Christianity, and Elias Al Maqdisi, an expert on Islamic teachings, explain the migration of Muslims to the Dar-al-Harb, the “land of war,” as a religious edict with a basis in Islamic doctrine. They delineate the step-by-step process of this 1,400-year-old strategy of conquest. It is a transitional strategy which they characterize as the most important step in spreading Islam and preparing for jihad. From their carefully delineated treatise on Hijra, it is clear that migration in concert with military conquest comprise the bookends of Islamic expansionism.
    None of us is surprised, I guess. But as the book shows, Islamic law itself is rather clear on the subject: All is in the service of Allah. This fragment should sound eerily familiar to anyone living in a town with more then 1,000 inhabitants:
    This first step of establishing the mosque as the center of local Islamic life and activities is mistakenly viewed by non-Muslims as merely the benign construction of houses of worship. Its true goal escapes notice, that of firmly establishing a purposeful non-integrated Muslim identity to advance the goal of Islamization.

    Once the consolidation of the Muslim community occurs under the radar, the purposeful fight for special status and shari’ah follows. As dictated by the Koran and Sunnah, segregation from non-Muslims is a natural outcome of the advancement of the Hijra.
    The end-game thus becomes almost inevitable. Read the whole review. Or better: buy the book! You won’t much enjoy it, for the description of the different stages of Hijra sound too familiar for comfort. At the end I was wondering if we haven’t lost, given up too much ground, already. I hope I am wrong.

    (Thanks to DP111 for pointing this one out)
    Don’t miss out on the American Thinker!

  16. Sally,

    DP111 has come out with a lot of ….. I guess we can call it material, value though is another matter.

    The book and the phrase given are of course propoganda and unrealistic and does not even equate to reality on the ground.

    Assuming all of what is written is correct such as Shari’a following suite, then we must assume the question why is not Shari’a in place within the entire if not at least the majority of existing Muslim countries were Islam has been established some from day 1?

    The answer of course basically throws out the references and the argument completely out the door as BS, because Shari’a is not the common legal system in the majority of Muslim countries and of that minority, half of those have dual-systems were Shari’a is only applicable to family court situations.

    Probably you will not find this book in Europe because it is BS and with purposefully incorrect information and thus does not fulfill the requirements for what the book was meant to be and publishes did not want to lose the legal battle for promoting bigoted fictional propoganda as non-fiction.

  17. Realist said “A Mohammedan convert who is flushed with new found zeal”.

    Since I have been a muslim for over 30yrs I think the new found zeal is rather a mute rant on your part. As yet Realist has said nothing of value and though he thinks putting worlds like cult into capitals makes it more the truth or important is rather absurd and as most psychologist will point out, the need to capitalilze is often a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence in one’s self. They hit the nail on the head with that one.

  18. Solkhar ,
    your post is too long for me to read but I have to tell you I became they way I am through living in a muslim country. I completely lost my self , my identity , my personality. All of this was stolen from me.
    Prior to living there , I was a happy , happy , friendly, outgoing person and by friendly I mean friendly to EVERYONE but I am no longer this person. It was a peculiar experience to lose ”ones self”..not one I expect many people to understand. When I first returned to a western country , I desperately wanted my old self back but it was just impossible ; I could not get my old self back.
    So now I am rabidly anti islam. Islam stole from me as it has stolen from millions of others.

  19. So with all due respect to your feelings and what happened to you, I find that no excuse at all and an example of blaming everyone for the actions of a minority. Again, with all respect to those abused, it is rather like a rape victim who now blames all men – again unfair.

    It is unfortunately your bad fortune to obviously be in the wrong Muslim country. I have been to many, if not most of them, I would not live in many of them because of the radicalism, the cultural and tribal customs that I find repugnant and I have chosen to live in one of them that I respect. I know westerners who have retired here because of the life style, environment and other reasons, in fact there are thousands of French and other nationals now moving to Morocco for all those reason.

    What I find is that there is a singular and myopic view of Islam and it there is no denying that most of it is because of the many examples of radicals and events, much of which is in fact not Islamic but cultural. So the point is, they are backwards and ignorant for many reasons, mostly to do with education and radicalism – so they can be excused for their foolishness and ugliness for those reasons, but for those westerners whom have there backwards and ignorant views towards Islam – they have no excuse – such as yours.

    I find your excuse sad in many ways, sad for you and sad that you are the way you are.

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