Shari'a Sanctioned Rape in Irans Prisons

Iran: Protestors alleging rape in detention told to provide four witnesses as proof

You know about the “wedding nights” in Iran’s prisons. We reported it here: Read it and weep…

  • A new twist on the Qur’anically prescribed requirement of four witnesses (4:15, 24:4, 24:6, and 24:13) to “prove” a sexual offense. So many aspects of Sharia, including this one, are illogical and unjust when followed conventionally, but as such, they also provide ample opportunities for additional, imaginative forms of abuse by corrupt, unaccountable authorities.

“Iran’s Mousavi says government agents raped detainees,” from Reuters, August 18 via JW:

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi accused “establishment agents” of raping and abusing detainees imprisoned after Iran’s June presidential vote and urged the powerful clerics to do their duty and speak out.

“They (authorities) asked those who were abused and raped in prisons, to present four witnesses (to prove their claim)… Those who committed the crimes were the establishment’s agents,” Mousavi said in a letter to reformist leader Mehdi Karoubi, the reformist website reported.

“They were threatening detainees to keep silent … it is not possible to appease the suppressed people by using money and force,” Mousavi said.

In a forthright declaration that puts the Islamic republic’s influential top clerics on the spot, Mousavi demanded that they step in and pass judgment on a growing political scandal….

One thought on “Shari'a Sanctioned Rape in Irans Prisons”

  1. The insanity that is the Dogma of Islam, must be eventually branded illegal, by all Sane administrations.
    There are many weaknesses to use against this Neurotic inducing Dogma.

    Their belief that ArchAngel Gabriel was linked to Mohammed in revelation, is the greatest Religious Scam and insult to this being of a highest Octave.

    In Mystical awareness Archangel Gabriel domain includes the Reproduction of our species in Purity, through the lower Chakra tied to the endocrine system.

    Mohammeds known activities of Paedophilia and Rapine, is the worst offence that humans can express on this plane of existence, and is a Spiritual Abomination which sullies the name of Archangel Gabriel.

    SHAME on all Muslims for following this perverted WarLord and claiming he was a Prophet.


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