The Melting Pot is Melting Down

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From Weasel Zippers:

Cuba is out of toilet paper! (No S#it!)

10892060_400x300But do not fret: help is on the way: Obama will sent his favorite paper made from recycled Newsweep material along with apologies…


Cash-strapped Cuba says toilet paper running short (Reuters)

Check out the comments, pretty funny!

Geraldo Rivera Calls ObamaCare Protesters Organized Racists…..

Every time I see this asshole on Fox News I cringe in horror….

Geraldo Rivera Calls Protesters Racist And Organized (RCP)

From the Peoples Cube


Union thugs aren’t helping Obama on health care

With Friends Like Obama, Who Needs Enemies?alsharpton2New GOP Ad Turns Tables on White House; Shows Where “Disinformation” is Coming From – Video 8/8/09