UK: Muslims attack protesters against Islamization, 31 arrested

“Youth” riot in the UK, torch British flags and attack white citizens

On Harry’s Place a Neil D. shills for the Koranimals, smears Brits as ‘Nazis’  and produces more steaming piles of cow paddies than the biggest bulls in Texas:

“The only way to fight extremism, of any type, is to form broad coalitions with those who oppose the extremists. That includes, in the case of extremist Islam, the Muslim community itself. If you have fallen so-far down the Londonistan rabbit-hole that you are unable to see the distinction between the normal adherent of a religion that just want to live their lives in peace and extremists in favour of the use of violence to obtain their ends, you will find yourself on the same side as far right racists.”

Here’s the link:

The pic’s are clear:

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a4d83b10970b-800wiNote the thug in the middle who is just about to burn the Union Jack!

Muselmaniacs,  incited by a letter published on the MCB website, came prepared:

Its going to be pretty intense so be prepared to defend your religion when the time comes, and let friends and family know. Please forward to all.
Lets kill and maim the *******s who want to destroy us. Make sure your there, and dont come empty handed (preferably a sharp or hard object).’

Its on!!!

By Daily Mail Reporter

More than 30 people were arrested today after disorder broke out during a demonstration billed as a protest against Islamic fundamentalism.

  • Update: the Sunday Mercury has a video: a Muslim calls the protesters “racist, fascist Nazis”- that’s enough for me. Unfortunately, some of the enlightened progressives on “harry’s place” buy it. England is a sewer…
  • While I’m typing this, AlBeeBeeCeera prattles on about “torture…” not a word about the mass-murders on Christians in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria etc. – sometimes you wanna scream…!!!

A total of 31 people were detained in Birmingham city centre during the event, which is believed to have been organised on social networking sites.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said the arrests were made at various locations during the protest and a counter-demonstration organised by the Unite Against Fascism group.

A protester lies injured following the demonstration in central Birmingham today

A protester lies injured following the demonstration in central Birmingham today

A man with a Union Jack flag is attacked after the protest sparked violence

A man with a Union Jack flag is attacked after the protest sparked violence

The spokesman also confirmed that a car had been damaged during what she described as ‘sporadic’ outbreaks of disorder in the city centre.

Witnesses said scores of officers were involved in policing the rival protests, which had gathered near Birmingham’s Bullring shopping complex.

One shopper, who declined to be named, said broken banners were left scattered on the ground outside the Bullring following the disorder.

A man with a Union Jack flag is attacked after the protest sparked violence

The clashes saw 31 people arrested

Police had vowed to deal robustly with anyone acting outside the law at the protests.

Police believe the anti-fundamentalist rally was organised by groups calling themselves the English and Welsh Defence League and Casuals United, which is said to have emerged after British soldiers were abused by Islamic radicals at a homecoming parade in Luton.

Men are attacked as the demonstration span out of control

Men are attacked as the demonstration span out of control

11 thoughts on “UK: Muslims attack protesters against Islamization, 31 arrested”

  1. Is civil war around the corner? How long will the koranimals last when the gloves do come off? Not very long my friends!

  2. How many were arrested when the muslims were chasing the police in London calling them cowards and pigs ?
    It’s more important now – muslims might get hurt so arrests are in order .

  3. not one mention on al-bbc of the “anti-fascist” protestors and thugs being of the islamic persuasion!

  4. I just headed over to the website that incited this violence to find a new comment from the poster named Undercover85, literally declaring that Birmingham is now a muslim land. Here see for yourself:

    Salam everybody

    I have just arrivedback from the UAF protest to counter demo the EDL.
    Guess how many of them turbned up? The number wassnt even in in 3 digits. I asked a copper and he said there was signficantly less than a hundred possibly 80.
    On the other side (our side) the number was just under a thousand at the start!
    Looks like them text messages done the damage! Apart from a few kids from Alum Rock messing aroiund it was a successful and peaaceful yet boisterous demo. At least we showed the Racist scum that you cant come into our streets abusing our way of life.

    Haven’t heard any news from the London muslim demo from the same day, so you can guarantee it turned out like the last one and ended in chaos with our coppers being shoved around like rag dolls!!

    Regarding those pics, it’s typical of the scum. Calling normal people who are concerned for their country “fascists” and using that as justification for surrounding and attacking them in the most fascistic and cowardly manner! 8 Vs 1 in that bottom picture, good odds for the mohammedan scum, the poor bloke never stood a chance.

    The double-standard is breathtaking!!!

  5. Just found a couple of video’s on youtube:

    They’re not a very good ones, but it clearly looks like the police just stood back and allowed the muslims to run rampage and attack the protestors.

    I wonder which government department that order came down from?

  6. Bryan Magn usson
    What is the British phrase for “fix bayonets”?

    We don’t have a phrase for that now – it’s archaic
    We prefer ” Please do what what you like with us , we don’t mind – riot on our streets , beat up the locals , criticise our society , destroy our society – be our guests “

  7. A very sad day for Britain and for Britains youth but as Darrin says we can feel this coming everywhere. All the more reason to get our young people into martial arts training…all these young mullahs in the UK are into it…this will be one thing giving them confidence , that and of course knowing that the authorities are on their side. Shame..

  8. When the violence starts the police had better get out of the way. One can only be pushed so far, and if the incompetent police cannot do their job then they will have to be replaced, as well as their PC handlers from NullLabor.

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