WTF is happening to us?

Reverse Islamic Immigration!

In Pakistan Muslims are killing Christians with the assistance of the police and the authorities, while the US government demands more aid to fight Islamic terrorists.

In Bangladesh the Muslims want a “Christian free society”after they already killed most of the Hindus, in Nigeria the Muslims burned the churches, beheaded priests when they refused forcible conversion to Islam and in Indonesia the churches are burning while the Christians are driven from their homes. Muslim rape jihad in the UK and Scandinavia continues, while the only surviving terrorist in the Mumbai Taj Mahal attack complains about the food in jail. The released Uighur terrorists from Gitmo are living it up in the Bermuda islands, where they -sort of-  help prepare a golf course tournament. There are hundreds of thousands of examples to keep Muslims out of Western countries, is anybody listening?


Our Climate Changing PM KRudd Must be in Hiding, Somewhere.

Chief Commissioner Simon Overland makes a plea for “tolerance” after the arrest of four Somalis and one Lebanese Australia for allegedly plotting terrorism:

We must exercise restraint and understand that while these are very serious charges they are in no way reflective of the broader Somali or Islamic community. They are not terrorists. They do not support terrorism. They are peaceful communities, who have integrated well and deserve our respect and understanding.

Poor old Overland doesn’t realise how years of PC indoctrination have poisoned his ability to describe something in real terms.

A “Backlash” against the Muslims never happened, no matter how much the Muslims whine and the supporting moonbats air their grievances.

The only “backlash” we have seen is the attack by one of the arrested terrorists against Ahmed Imam. Mr Imam is the son of Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam, Australia’s mufti and the leader of the Preston mosque. Guess why? Because Ahmed Imam was not radical enough!

According to  opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull migrants should not be asked to adapt to Australian society - we should adapt to them. Good grief! And that from the leader of the Liberals, the conservative party in Australia!

The faster this fruitcake gets dumped the better.

If young Muslim men want to kill us, it’s our fault. We must ask: what evil have we done to provoke such anger?

… the Race Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes, (where would we be without a “Race Discrimination Commissioner”!)  called for calm amid reports of a backlash against the Somali community in the wake of the arrest of the suspected terrorists.

“…hardships, which are commonly experienced by migrants and refugees upon entering a new country, will be made worse if a racist backlash against them is able to gain momentum.”

Excuse me, but:

– Just who is reporting the “backlash against the Somali community”?

– Why and where is this “racist backlash” going to occur?


– Why is it to be a “racist” backlash?

It is an interesting and new phenomenon that officials – appointed or elected by the Australian community – must continually bend backwards to support alleged perpetrators and the communities from which they originate, rather than showing their support for the Australian people as a whole. If we are to take seriously some of the statements coming out of those communities, it is not they who need the support.

Is this to be the detestable PC approach to everything now? First successfully destroying Britain, and now here?

No, thank you.

What needs to be done:

Stop the Muslim “peak bodies” from holding seminars about the ‘permissability of living with kuffr’, ‘the evils of the Kuffr’, ‘the miracles of the Koran’, ‘the historic evils of the Jews’, etc.

Every week, in every state, nonsense Muslim seminars discussing those topics are held in community centres and council halls. By allowing this primitive nonsense to get an airing in respected premises muslims get the idea that salafist madness is gaining in the west and that they should join the push.
Muslims will always be poor and disadvantaged, that’s the nature of the beast.  Its just the way they live and construct their communities, constantly pulling each other down. As nonmuslims we must keep a strict eye on muslim behaviour and be willing to administer stern justice if they step out of line. Its all they understand and respect. Forget assimilation, you are either the strong horse or you are the weak horse in muslim 12 century mentality.
Muslim youth has become violent because they see the host community as weak and divided, until strength is shown (deportations/citizen ship cancellations/slashing the muslim migrant intake) the muslim violence will only increase as they see their strength cowering western weakness.

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  1. There are plenty of corrupt Islamic countries who would not mind, if the price was right to take all the shit stirring Islamists we did not want.

  2. Islam is inherently evil. All those denying this incontravertible fact are our enemies, and should be dealt with as traditionally have been all quislings and traitors.

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