Australia: Jihad book author Belal Khazaal jailed for 12 years

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sharia-poster-crowdThere is another solution, can we talk about it?

Remember: there is no jihad going on, these are just a tiny  minority of extremists, can’t blame the religion of 1.5 gazillion muslims for the actions of a few, its all propaganda by the Mossad, the religio-Zionists and the CIA in order to tarnish the image of Islam…..etc etc….

A SYDNEY man who produced a do-it-yourself jihad book has been sentenced to at least nine years in prison.

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5ef460b970c-800wiThe Age – KATELYN CATANZARITI

In September last year, a NSW Supreme Court jury found Belal Khazaal guilty of making a document – between September 20 and 23, 2003 – connected with assistance in a terrorist act, and knowing about that connection.

Other un-Islamic activities:

The 110-page book, in Arabic, entitled Provisions Of The Rules of Jihad – Short Judicial Rulings And Organisational Instructions For Fighters And Mujahideen Against Infidels, contained advice about terrorist acts such as exploding bombs, shooting down planes and assassinating people such as former US president George W Bush.

Khazaal has never denied making the book, but said it was never intended to incite terrorist acts.

At his sentencing today, Justice Megan Latham said she found it “unsurprising” a jury had rejected his defence.

“It beggars belief that a person of average intelligence who has devoted themselves to the study of Islam over some years would fail to recognise the nature of the material,” she said.

“The dissemination of extremist activity, connected or unconnected with a terrorist plot, is caught by the government’s (anti-terror) scheme … (because such material) is capable and is shown to foment terrorist activity.”

Khazaal was sentenced to 12 years in prison, with a non-parole period of nine years.

With time already served, he will be eligible for release after August 31, 2017.


15 thoughts on “Australia: Jihad book author Belal Khazaal jailed for 12 years”

  1. What on God’s earth (not allah’s) are the powers that be thinking
    when they allow Bilal and his ilk to be baggage handlers, or to have
    access to secure areas – while relieving passengers of nail clippers.

    Rewind the clock, and where better than on the Sydney Mainly Halal,
    where Bilal is portrayed as possibly being an innocent scapegoat:

    ( )
    The baggage of Bilal Khazal
    June 4, 2004

    Fanatic mastermind or innocent scapegoat? Mark Coultan and Ellen Connolly profile the man who has been on ASIO’s files for a decade.

    That Khazal had worked as a baggage handler for Qantas simply added to the media excitement. His nondescript Federation house in Lakemba was besieged by media. But before that, Khazal had been receiving plenty of attention from ASIO.

    Within hours of his appearance in a Sydney court on Wednesday, it was clear ASIO had known about him for a long time – 10 years, in fact. He had come to its attention after being stabbed in an apparent faction fight in Lakemba’s Islamic community.

    * just a normal muslim victim of World War III against islam

    Yesterday Maher, Bilal’s younger brother, said his brother was innocent. “He is a very good man. He just leads a normal life.” Asked how his brother was coping, Maher replied: “Excellent.”

    “Every Muslim expects this would happen to him. It’s World War III against every Muslim, every Islam, because it’s the true religion and they just want to fight it,” said Maher. “We’re a close family. Our parents are dead but we all live in the same area.”

    (and so on)

    Back to the future:

    Naturally, he didn’t review all the stuff he put in his book and was
    unfairly treated because he is a muslim…

    ( )

    DIY terror book author gets 9yrs

    Khazaal’s lawyer argued that he did not check all the material he compiled from other writers.

    But the judge said it ‘beggars belief’ that a person of average intelligence would not register the nature of the material.

    After he was sentenced, his supporters shouted abuse at the Bar table in Arabic.

    Outside court, they said he has been unfairly treated because he is a Muslim.

    (and so it goes – “allah” and islam are at war with the “free world”
    and its leaders are too blind to connect the dots and see it )

  2. “unfairly treated because he is a Muslim”.
    Always the poor victim. Never anything he did.

    It’s time we started engaging in honest dialogue about our contempt for current immigration policies in this Country. Muslims will never assimilate, the gap is too wide.

    1. He is right: he is indeed innocent! He is only following his religious obligation!

      Here’s why:

      Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definitiion of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.

      Hugh Fitzgerald

  3. * Muslims will never assimilate, the gap is too wide.

    They have no intention of assimilating, and even if they did – iron
    will not alloy with clay, no matter how much “cultural sensitivity”
    herbs & spices the diversity officers throw in the pot.

  4. I really think that one has to make a distinction between those that are willing to assimilate and those that are not. The mistake is to not deport those who cannot assimilate – and these people threaten the muslims who will assimilate more that the rest of us (at the present time). Our major enemy at the moment are the PC morons, especially politicians, who are willing to bring any one into the country under the flimsiest of excuses. The lebanese muslims thugs that one reads about in Oz are NOT representative of the muslim community in Australia – and the muslim community freely admits this. They were brought in , against good advice, by labor morons (in much the same way that null-labor has rewritten the requirements for immigration in a very non-positive way). So, while you can spit venom against the entire muslim community if you wish – in the short term that will achieve nothing (NOTHING) or you can put in some effort to isolate politicians who are protecting violent religious extremists and work to have these extremists and their supporters deported, jailed or removed from positions of influence. So I agree totally with Hugh Fitzgerald who argues for very carefully controlled immigration – I know many muslims who make a positive contribution and are good citizens – I know many who are not and should be deported immediately – we should not be allowing unrestricted immigration, and we should be very careful of whom we allow in. The labor jerks allowed a group who were causing significant problems in the Lebanon into Oz without a care and with some meaningless guarantee from the idiot Keating – is it a surprise that this group is now causing problem in Australia??!! Parts of Pakistan are basically religious war zones – it is any surprise that most of the muslim problem in the UK comes from groups within the pakistan community – YOU SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL WHOM YOU LET IMMIGRATE!!! As an exampIe, I know that DFAT have abrogated their responsibility to Australia. The selections of those allowed into Oz has often been handed into local hands in the Middle East and SW Asia because it is “cheaper”!!! . The same is true for the UK. Under these conditions there can be no guarantee that the selection criterion have been enforced or even applied!!! If you want to stop this rot you have to remove those responsible from positions of power. And you cannot stop anything by bitching against a minority group, most of whom probably just want to get on with their lives. You have to work to remove those who are damaging our societies from positions of power and you have to start now – before your freedoms are so curtailed that violence becomes the only possible means of achieving the goal.
    Put your energy into indentiying the real trouble makers and work to have them elimated from position of influence.


  5. They not only let / bring them in, but keep them here and reward
    them for their hate crimes and refuse to deport them. Destruction
    of the nation is a bi-partisan project, and one of the few that Labor
    and the Coalition appear to be united on.

    ( )
    Victim’s mothers fury as murderer Mehmet Ince is allowed out to visit his mum

    The Herald Sun captured Maribyrnong Detention Centre detainee Mehmet Ince enjoying a six-hour day-release trip to visit his mother at her northern suburbs home.

    The mid-morning jaunt has infuriated the mother of Ian Broadbent, who was gunned down by Ince in 1997.

    (and so it goes – come in under Keating, stay under Howard, and
    get the Comfy Chair under Rudd)

  6. Spot on Mullah. Perhaps we can help people to mobilize and voice their opinions so that the idiot pollies can hear them but ultimately, dear readers, that is UP TO YOU!!!!!…!!!! I write quite a bit to Canberra and, when required, I tell Gordon and his pack of nitwits in the UK what I see they are doping ( a spelling mistake – I meant doing – silly me) , and I am quite honest. I have no citizenship for the UK so I cannot influence anything officially except perhaps I can make some PC twit start to think. More from the silent majority need to speak up – and soon – otherwise in a decade or so YOU MAY NOT GET THIS CHANCE AGAIN.. Bloody hell, you fought two world wars for your freedoms, dont throw anything away without a fight
    – and don’t loose the fight.

  7. I liked the comment by the brother and his fellow supporters claiming that if he was not a Muslim he would have got five months.
    On what precedent do they base this claim? could they cite any incidence in the past of Christians, Jews been convicted of the same charges that this sociopath has been convicted of and received 5 months imprisonment .
    video of supporters and their usual victim hood comments

  8. This creature should be sent straight to the gallows.

    Y waste taxpayers dollars keeping this worthless freak in gaol?

    Give him his virgins, I say.

  9. Radicals that write this stuff, deserve the harshest of punishments that the country provide. There is no place for hate-crimes and stating that there is a legitimate jihad is in all ways a hate-crime. As we all know, or should if those with agenda actually let you, jihad in defence of Islam has to be sanctioned by authorities and not some terrorist in a mountain cave of afghanistan or an individual cleric. There has been no sanctioned Jihad since the end of the Crusades many centuries ago.

    The argument by some that if the radical above was not a Muslim he would have got a lesser sentance is both pathetic and moot, it is because he is a Muslim he must get the maximum sentance – because he is usurping and advocating via what he states as his religion.

    I agree with Kaw that care has to be given to taking in immigrants, the concept of screening must be much stronger and it must come with contractual demands of integration, loyalty and full support of the culture, standards and norms of the country – by contract or face deportation/refusal to entry. Simple. There are many, many Muslims in the west who are loyal, patriotic, integrated and still good faithful Muslims – you just do not here about them because they are integrated.

  10. Assimilation is an error and I do not support it, Erdogan was correct in his comment.

    Good faithful Muslims have integrated, are there, are still practicing Islam as they have always and you neither see them if you report only about radicals and problems – because by the very nature of integration they are neither radical or involved in problems, and as well as that, you simply wish to play the game that they do not exist for your own ludicrous and questionable agenda.

  11. * Good faithful Muslims have integrated

    How, Solkhar, by disobeying allah and his false prophet, who warned
    them not to take Jews and Christians as friends?

    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends … [allah]
    does not guide the wrongdoers” (5:51 or thereabouts – not all verses

    So much for good faithful muslims integrating. In any event, iron
    will not alloy with clay, as in the image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream,
    no matter how many diversity officers & harmony events the Western democracies waste in the attempt.

  12. My “ludicrous and questionable agenda” is called SELF-PRESERVATION solker.

    Defending our culture and civilization and the future of our children against Mohammedan conquest and subjugation is the most noble task I can think of.

  13. * it is because he is a Muslim he must get the maximum sentance – because he is usurping and advocating via what he states as his religion.

    Rubbish, Solkhar – islam is like a cuckoo, taking up residence by evicting the Truth and those who preach and adhere to it, and substituting lies and blasphemies in its place.

    islam is the usurper.

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