Hamas: Policemen or Terrorists?

Policemen or Terrorists?

terrorist hamas patrols 3Well, I think we all know the answer to that….

One of the more controversial moments of Operation Cast Lead happened in the opening days of the conflict, when Israel bombed a police graduation ceremony.

Israel’s position on the choice of target was that Hamas drew no distinction between its military and policing force, that the graduating police were overwhelmingly members of the Hamas military, and that the government had done little more than put active terrorists on the payroll.

The Elder of Ziyon has considered this question in detail.

In summary, what the Goldstone Report finds is that:

Atlas Shrugs: UN International, Institutional OIC-driven Anti-Semitism: Human Rights Council Goldstone Report is a “grievous act against the state of Israel

The Organization of the Islamic Conference is driving the UN bus (right off the  cliff).

Bush and Bolton refused to sit on a council of such violators of human rights. Obama is begging to join and has.

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6 thoughts on “Hamas: Policemen or Terrorists?”

  1. Where is the Obaminations message to the Jews I mean he would not just suck up to Mohammedans and ignore Jewish holidays would he??????

  2. Hamas are terrorists and all there attempts to legitimize themselves is a wasted effort, if they truelly are dedicated to the peace of their people they simply mut dissapear and allow for total reformation amongs all the Palestinian groups.

  3. Solkhar,

    You are so right. The other Palestinian groups like Islamic jihad and Fatah are so peaceful and lovely. If only they were allowed to take control, we could all live in peace and harmony, with little lambs frisking in the meadows and fluffy clouds in the sky.

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