LGF symbol-chaser and libel blogger Charles Johnson can never undo the damage he has done!

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“It took two years, and now the useless and damaging blogwar is finally over. . . . At this point virtually everyone in the blogosphere, except CAIR tool Charles Johnson’s new Leftist and jihadist allies, knows what I have been pointing out ever since he began attacking me: that Charles Johnson is a smear merchant who traffics in half-truths, distortions, and outright lies, and whose testimony on any particular point is not to be trusted.”
– Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.org, read it here>>

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UPDATE: While I’m always eager to hear praise — who isn’t? — there is a very serious issue involved. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and others were subjected to these LGF smears for nearly two years, going back to Geller’s report on the October 2007 “counter-jihad” conference in Brussels. Too many people were silent, and I was silent too long.

As Pamela told me in a recent phone conversation, LGF’s attacks had the effect of disrupting attempts to forge a trans-Atlantic alliance to deal with a genuine problem. “Counter-jihad” activists in both Europe and America lost support because one of the biggest “conservative” blogs was repeating discredited accusations of “fascism” against Vlaams Belang and Sweden Democrats.

Too many bloggers seemed to think, “Well, there must be something to it, or else Charles wouldn’t be posting this stuff.” But to my knowledge, Charles has never traveled to Sweden or Belgium to investigate any of the supposed “Eurofascists” he’s denounced.

This inarguably apt description of LGF’s Charles Johnson (hat-tip:Save the GOP) comes from a commenter on a post where Ace of Spades includes this video:


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4 thoughts on “LGF symbol-chaser and libel blogger Charles Johnson can never undo the damage he has done!”

    1. Obama is his fathers son, or is he not, solker?

      His father was a Muslim and a life-long Communist, and so was his mother, that Gramscian whore.

      Since when does one exclude the other? Islamo-fascism, Islamo-Nazis, Marxists and totalitarians all flock together before the “my Allah is better than yours” begins and the fight over the spoils leaves them dead in the tracks.

      I was around when Khomeini had all his Socialist hopefuls executed after he came to power and didn’t need them anymore….. where were you?

  1. Obama never knew his father, blooog-owner – I think I will not even spell that correctly until you spell mine twith the “h” in it.

    I notice your smearing and using words like “whore” again but get upset if I call Spencer an “idiot”. His mother was certainly not a communist, her second Husband was in the military fighting them.

    Religion and Marxism does not mesh, never has – read Kahane, he said that as well.

    It would be better that at least in one effort you get your facts actually correct.

    What I find funny is the saga about LGF. A right-winger who realised how embarassing putting all this agenda BS chose to give up on it and there is nothing wors than “a traitor amongst thieves”.

  2. CJ had a go at Tim Blair the other day about the tea arty numbers.

    It’s about time Blair and Bolt got LGF off their blogroll!
    It demeans them.

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