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Oh how I wish the Taliban would keep them as SEX SLAVES!

Weasel Zippers


On the bright side, their pink burqas will be attractive targets for the “resistance” snipers and IED teams….

Join CODEPINK’s small delegation to Kabul, Afghanistan to witness the current situation and return home to speak about it on the 8th anniversary of the US invasion.

Our trip will include a meaningful introduction to Afghanistan’s rich history and culture, struggle and resistance, as well as exploring various aspects of the reconstruction and development process today. We visit with NGO’s and human rights groups, women’s organizations and small business collectives, schools and an Afghan peace-education programs.

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UK Bleeding Hearts Brigades: “British PM didn’t want Lockerbie bomber to die in prison”

Jawa Report

“Mr Rammell [a Foreign Office Minister] had stated that neither the Prime Minister nor the Foreign Secretary would want Mr Megrahi to pass away in prison”

Jihad Watch:

50K Muslims to Turn Capitol Hill Into Giant Outdoor Mosque on 9/25…..


Imagine the photo-op of 50,000 Muslims bowing in unison to an Allah-chanting Imam in front of the US Capitol building…..

Elizabeth mosque organizes national prayer event in D.C.– NJ Star-Ledger


50,000 Muslims expected for Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill– Creeping Sharia