Dutch Muslims Threaten "Uncivilized Behavior" Over Sacking of Tariq Ramadan

Brother Tariq’s Hit Man

from the Gates of Vienna

Tariq Ramadan

Brother Tariq was sacked because he is a  paid agent for the Iranians. How come  that doesn’t upset his Sunni friends, too?

Mohammed Jabri announces: “[Afshin] Ellian, [Leon] De Winter, [Paul] Cliteur, Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the city council, all of them have with the resignation of Tariq Ramadan — and their involvement therein — placed a new bomb under the social debate.”

*  Of course they need a new bomb after Tariq has been defused. And they’ll blame us for everything as usual.

Mohammed Jabri called Theo van Gogh (when he was still alive) “the pig”, and wrote after the slaughter of Van Gogh: “The murder of Van Gogh leaves us cold. Why is there not more attention for Muslim dead in Chechnya, Palestine or Afghanistan?

Nederland Bekent KleurIf there was any doubt left about his Muslim world-view, Mohammed Jabri is a member of the Committee of Recommendation for Nederland Bekent Kleur [“Netherlands Admits Color”] of the notorious Fortuyn-hater, Wilders-hater, anti-Semite, and subsidy sponge, the Left-wing extremist and a fifth column on his own, René Danen. Jabri put his signature on the Anti-Wilders list of the same René Danen, in support of the upcoming court case against Wilders, and wants see both Wilders and the PVV silenced. Freedom of opinion is not for the Dutch, but for himself and Tariq Ramadan.

In April 2009 he co-initiated — with the usual left-wing traitors and feminists like the anti-Semite Anja Meulenbelt (Socialist Party Senator) and other suspects — the committee known as Support Tariq to help Tariq Ramadan in his “struggle” against the “ongoing smear campaign against him”, and last week wrote a column in support of Ramadan, or better, threatened a few prominent Ramadan critics in his article A Dirty Game!. One may wonder whether he also speaks and threatens at the behest of Ramadan.

* Mohammed Redouan Jabri is a Moroccan Dutch (34) and has a job with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs as a “social investigating officer”. His parents, both Moroccan immigrants, traveled back to Morocco in 1975 so that he could be born there, and then brought him “back” to the land of milk and honey, free money, and freshly-cleansed lebensraum for unemployed Muslim immigrants: the Netherlands.

Jabri is a happy immigrant and one of those enrichments who are of the opinion that the Dutch lack awareness of their history, and view citizenship only as having a Dutch passport. Mohammed Jabri views the Netherlands as a country with “a very sneaky and xenophobic population who can not handle criticism and where foreigners do not know where they stand”.

VH’s first translation is from Stan de Jong:

Mohammed Jabri is angry, and then just can’t help but threaten

*  Read the whole thing, here

Robert Marchenoir said…

A very fine example of the most dangerous form of jihad : the one by which Muslims use our own values to defeat them and overcome us.

Note the typical projection, by Muslims, of their own vices upon their opponents. This column shows how deeply perverted Muslim behaviour and morals are when it comes to dealing with non-Muslims.

And though, the fault in the argument is obvious : freedom of expression does not give a “right” to Mr. Ramadan to be hired as a professor by any university, or to be hired as a consultant by any city.

If he wants a paid job, he has to persuade an employer to hire him. That’scalled freedom. No compulsion in hiring. See ? That’s our own democratic scripture. You’ll have to live with it.

Alternatively, he can open a blog and express himself there freely, in both senses of the word.

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  1. * Dutch Muslims Threaten “Uncivilized Behavior”

    Sun threatens to rise
    Seagull threatens to eat chip
    Cat threatens to purr
    Dog threatens to bark

    Since when is normal muslim behaviour a threat?

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