Muslims riot, attack Jews on Temple Mount

Of course on Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday of the year. Not that they haven’t tried before. This pattern,  repeated throughout history should be anticipated by now. Mohammedans have always attacked other religions on their high holidays. Its offends Muhammad worshipers when other religions celebrate their religious holidays…

Reflections on Yom Kippur:  A day of wrath, onslaught and sacrifice/YEHUDA AVNER/JP

Gmar Chatima Tova

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a5a1db19970b-500wiErev Yom: Muslims Riot, Attack Jews in Jerusalem – Policemen wounded in Temple Mt. riots/Atlas

On Erev Yom Kippur, Muslims attack Jews in Jerusalem. The dome has got to go. It is sitting atop the great Jewish temple. The dome has got to go. It’s time to push back and stop indulging evil. Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it.

It all started with rumors of an “invasion” by Israeli settlers. “Policemen wounded in Temple Mt. riots,” from the Jerusalem Post, September 27 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm) via Jihad Watch:

Twelve policemen and 15 rioters were wounded Sunday in riots on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and later in the Old City.

Approximately 150 Muslim worshipers participated in the disturbance on the Temple Mount, which began when a group of Jewish visitors was admitted into the compound.

Rioters hurled rocks at the group and at policemen who were escorting them, lightly wounding two policemen. Police responded with stun grenades and the visitors were escorted away.

The riots died down, but the Temple Mount was subsequently closed off to visitors.

Later some rioting developed on the streets of the Old City, and additional policemen and rioters were wounded in those scuffles. Several rioters were arrested by police.

Rabah Bkirat, an official with the Muslim religious body in charge of managing the site, said some of the protesters had come because of rumors of an “invasion” by Jewish settlers. When a group of some 15 Jews entered the grounds accompanied by police, the protesters began chanting slogans and only threw stones after police used force, he said….

“It all started with rumors….” a lot of Muslim violence begins with Rumors or allegations…

rumors of a torn Qur’an
rumors of  moslem women talking to Christians
rumors of dating non-Muslims
rumors of illicit sex/adultery
rumors of conducting business with non-Muslims
rumors of drinking allah Cola
rumors of not apostasy
rumors of being happy/having fun
rumors of being unwilling to join the jihadists
rumors….rumors…rumors….and the Qur’an are all that is needed to push the Muslim riot/violence button…the Islamic violence fuse is incredibly short….and they just plain love to destroy, maim, and kill….they will never change… Islam is what Muslims do…

The willingness of Middle Eastern Christians to accept dhimmitude will result not in their hoped-for symbiotic Christian-Muslim co-existence but in the disappearance of Christianity from the region.

A day of wrath, onslaught and sacrifice


At one time or another most of us are like Don Quixote, all more or less the dupes of our own illusions. Even the alleged infallibility of the Israeli intelligence community is not immune. On the eve of Yom Kippur 1973 its highest echelons took a holiday from reality when they predicted that hostilities were not in the offing. The very idea of an Arab onslaught was an affront to Jerusalem’s divinity of military doctrine, which postulated that neither Egypt nor Syria was capable of waging renewed all-out warfare at this time.

And much as actors at dress rehearsals reassure their anxious producers, “Don’t worry, it’ll be all right on the night,” so did Israel’s top brass reassure prime minister Golda Meir, “Don’t worry the IDF will be ready on the day, should it ever dawn.”

And dawn it did, and the IDF was not ready. The thinly held lines in the north and in the south were sent bleeding and reeling under the hammer blows of the combined Egyptian-Syrian surprise attack, splintering and crushing the army’s defenses as if caught in the jaws of a closing nutcracker. A combination of highly effective preparations and deceptions, astutely planned to make them look like training maneuvers, would allow the Egyptians and the Syrians vast opening-day victories.

Along the Suez Canal, 450 IDF soldiers with 50 artillery pieces tried in vain to stop 100,000 Egyptian troops crossing the waterway under the covering fire of 2,000 artillery pieces and under the shield of one of the most extensive anti-aircraft SAM missile umbrellas in the world. Within a few days, two whole Egyptian armies had occupied the entire Israeli-held east bank of the Suez Canal. Simultaneously, on the Golan Heights, 1,400 Syrian tanks hurled themselves against Israel’s 160. Its defenders fought ferociously at point-blank range, lurching and roaring and dying in an unequal entanglement of tanks and armored personnel carriers and howitzers and other lethal paraphernalia that culminated in a contest of wills which left the IDF hemorrhaging.

Imagine then the inexpressible astonishment of people at prayer on this Sabbath of Sabbaths hearing in horror the sudden wailing of air-raid sirens filling the sky; of rabbis announcing from their pulpits to their congregants in prayer-shawls to report forthwith to their reserve units; of military vehicles violating the awesome silence of the sacred day as they sped along normally empty streets on errands of high emergency; of radios blaring out code names for instant mobilization; and of cantors chanting the brokenhearted liturgical, Unetaneh tokef – “Who shall live and who shall die.”

Hours after its outbreak defense minister Moshe Dayan gloomily walked into the prime minister’s room, closed the door, stood in front of her and said, “Golda, do you want me to resign?”

Golda shook her head. “No, Moshe, under no circumstances.”

“Then you should know this is not going to be a short war. The attrition is serious.”

“How serious?”

“If our stocks are not speedily replenished, we won’t be left with sufficient arms to defend ourselves.”

Golda, shocked at this apocalyptic prospect from the man who purportedly embodied the Jewish state’s undaunted defiance, gasped, “Are you saying that we’ll ultimately have to surrender to the Syrians and the Egyptians for lack of arms?”

It was as if David had aimed with his sling and missed. The thought of suicide passed through her mind.

“What I’m saying,” said Dayan, “is that if our stocks are not replenished at a fast rate we may well have to pull back to shorter, more defensible lines, particularly in Sinai.”

“Pull back? Retreat?” Golda Meir’s features went ivory white. She looked despairingly at her defense minister, covered her face with trembling fingers, rose to stare out of the window, and the more she pondered the more the color seeped back into her cheeks until, composure restored, she turned to face her defense minister and said, “Moshe, one way or another I’ll get you your weapons. Your job is to bring us victory, mine is to give you the means to do so.”

She picked up the red telephone and instructed her secretary, “Get me Simcha.” Simcha Dinitz was the ambassador in Washington.

“Simcha,” she said into the receiver, “Dayan is here with me. I want you to call Kissinger immediately…”

“But it’s three in the morning here…”

“I don’t care a damn what time it is. We need help today because tomorrow may be too late. We are in desperate need of an airlift.”

“What do you want me to tell him exactly?”

“Tell him what he already knows – that huge military transports of Soviet aid are being supplied by sea and air to the Syrians and the Egyptians. Tell him that we’re feverishly shopping around for foreign carriers to transport material to us, but they refuse. Tell him that the French and the British have chosen to impose an arms embargo on us when we are fighting for our lives. Tell him that we are losing aircraft to the Soviet SAMs at an intolerable rate. Tell him I’m ready to fly to Washington incognito right now to talk directly to the president myself if I have to.”

BUT GOLDA did not have to. Washington understood that the direction this war was taking could drag America into a perilous confrontation with the Soviet Union, with consequences too terrible to contemplate. So, on October 14, the ninth day of the war, after the prime minister herself had spoken to Washington personally any number of times, president Richard Nixon telephoned secretary of state Henry Kissinger from his retreat in Key Biscayne, Florida, where he was taking refuge from the ever mounting legal and congressional pressures emanating from his skullduggery in the Watergate scandal.

Pundits claim that by this time the president was drinking heavily, was losing sleep and was so distracted by the shadow of possible impeachment that he was not fully focused on the Middle East inferno. Certainly, when he phoned Kissinger that day his words were slurred and rambling. However, as the following extracts indicate, when it came to the crunch he was crystal clear: The Russians had to be reined in, a massive airlift to Israel had to be launched forthwith and Israel must be enabled to win without Egypt being totally defeated:

Nixon: Hi, Henry, how are you?

Kissinger: OK.

N: Look, we’ve got to face this… we’ve got to come off with something on the diplomatic front. If we go the cease-fire route, the Russians will figure that we get the cease-fire and then the Israelis will dig in and we’ll back them as we always have. That’s putting it quite bluntly, but it’s quite true, Henry, isn’t it?

K: There’s a lot in that.

N: So we have to be in a position to offer them [the Russians] something. We’ve got to squeeze the Israelis when this is over and the Russians have to know it. We’ve got to squeeze them goddamn hard. And that’s the way it’s going to be done. But I don’t know how to get that across now [to the Russians]. We’ve told them before we’d squeeze them and we didn’t.

K: Well, we are going to squeeze them…

N: The other point I want to make, what are we doing on the supply side [to the Israelis]?

K: Basically what we are trying to do is to stop military planes [from shipping supplies] and put commercial charters in.

N: Yes, yes. As I say though, it’s got to be the works. What I mean is – we are going to get blamed [by the Arabs] just as much for three planes as for 300 – not going to let the Russians come in there for – with a free hand. On the other hand, this is a deadly course, I know, but what I mean is, Henry, I have no patience with the view that we send in a couple of planes, even though they carry 60 some… My point is, when we are going to make a move it’s going to cost us out there. I don’t think it’s going to cost us a damn bit more to send in more and – I have to emphasize to you that I think the way it’s being handled in terms of our things – we are sending supplies, but only for the purpose of maintaining the balance [with the Russian re-supply to the Arabs] so that we can create the conditions that will lead to an equitable settlement. The point is, if you don’t say it that way, it looks as though we are sending in supplies to have the war go on indefinitely, and that is not a tenable position.

K: Right. Right. If it hasn’t been said before, we’ll say it certainly today.

N: The thought is basically: the purpose of supplies is not simply to fuel the war; the purpose is to maintain the balance, which is quite accurate incidentally, and then – because only with the balance in that area can there be an equitable settlement that doesn’t do in one side or the other. That’s really what we’re talking about.

K: Exactly. Exactly right.


N: Hi, Henry. I got a fill-in [on the airlift]. I’m glad to know we are going all out on this.

K: Oh, it’s a massive airlift, Mr. President. The planes are going to land every 15 minutes.

N: That’s right. Get them there… If we are going to do it – don’t spare the horses. Just let…

K: Actually, Mr. President, in the big planes, [cargo C-5 Galaxies] we have flexibility. We can fly Skyhawks in them.

N: Put them on the plane, you mean?

K: Yes. I don’t think there is another way – no [European] country will let them overfly [nor grant refueling rights].

N: All right. How many can a big plane take?

K: It can take five or six.

N: All right – put some Skyhawks in; do that too. You understand what I mean – if we are going to take heat for this, well, let’s go.

K: I think that is right. And I think, Mr. President, we can offer to stop the airlift if the Russians do after a cease-fire is signed.

N: Exactly. I think we should say – I think a personal message now should go. I mean you have been sending messages, but one should go from me to Brezhnev [the Soviet leader].

K: Everything I am sending is in your name.

N: Good. But I think he should know – now look here: the peace is not only for this area but the whole future relationship [with the Russians] is at stake here, and we are prepared to stop if you are, and we are prepared – you know what I mean. I don’t know – have you got anything developed along those lines so that we just don’t have…?

K: I have. I’m developing it now and I think I could call Dobrynin [the Soviet ambassador] and point it out to him.

N: Right. Right. Put it in a very conciliatory but very tough way that I do this [the airlift] with great regret – great reluctance – but that we cannot have a situation that has now developed, and that we are prepared to give tit for tat…Well at least I feel better. The airlift thing, if I contributed anything to the discussion it is the business that, don’t fool around with three planes. By golly, no matter how big they are, just go gung ho.

K: One of the lessons I have learned from you, Mr. President, is that if you do something, you might as well do it completely.

And do it completely he did. Reenergized and reequipped, the IDF decisively moved over to the offensive. What had begun three weeks earlier as an ignoble retreat ended in an almost total rout of the Egyptians and the Syrians, and the humiliation of their patron, the Soviet Union. Israeli forces advanced to a mere 40 kilometers from the gates of Damascus, battled their way along the highway to Cairo, smashed two Egyptian armies, surrounded a third and were poised to strike a knockout blow when Nixon and Kissinger put the squeeze on, saying in effect, “OK, Golda! Good job! Enough! Stop! It’s over!”

Exactly as they had envisaged in their cryptic telephone exchange a few weeks earlier, Egypt’s residual forces were rescued from total annihilation and Israel was robbed of a decisive victory. This enabled president Anwar Sadat to declare to his people that he had wiped clean the shame of 1967, and Kissinger was enabled to fly into the region to fine-tune the war’s outcome, using the currency of Israeli concessions to convince Sadat that Washington, not Moscow, was henceforth the arbiter of affairs in the Middle East, and that it paid to be a friend of the United States of America.

As more and more reservists were demobilized and came home their anger boiled over. It was an anger fueled by that matchless fury which Israelis reserve for their fallen heroes. Anti-government demonstrations proliferated. By April 1974, following the findings of the inescapable commission of inquiry, the once indomitable Golda Meir, the woman who was an epic embodiment of true legends and legendary truths, became so discredited in the eyes of her exhausted and grieving nation that she and her fellow ministers, morally crippled, were compelled to resign.

Two thousand six hundred and eighty-eight soldiers died in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. In the Yizkor prayers of this holy day Israel pays homage to its fallen. For the bereaved there is no solace as they mourn and weep over their private plots of grief on this day and on every day.

The writer served on the personal staff of five prime ministers, including Golda Meir.

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  1. Remarkable that the people of “the religion of peace” never
    organize peaceful protests when it’s directed to the Jews.

  2. There’s this muslim thing, a crazy worked up madness that is ‘all spin and no traction’ and once it gets going it is VERY educational for all of us…

  3. The Day of Atonement – the highpoint of islamic mocking and blasphemy against God and his atonement for sins – the cuckoo religion
    demands recognition as an “Abrahamic faith”, but rejects and blasphemes against all that is Holy.

    Notice that Solkhar the shape-shifter will refute “radical” claims that burkas, veils and the like are not mandated in the koran, while simultaneously asserting that al-Aqsa and Jerusalem are mentioned in the koran, but is unable to trot out the evidence in the form of
    the relevant suras.

    Islam is a fake, and fakers follow it, and its “god” and its false prophet, whether they are “extremists” and “radicals”, or “liberal

  4. You’ll find more people read my column in the Cairns Post than this sordid blog of continued bigotry against a mostly peaceful people of Islam. And I take great pride in exposing any disingenuous author.

  5. Gavin Kingburger…
    We’ll have major analysis from him…very clear anal-ysis…I can see that, style Solkhar …. It starts well, “9 / 11 inside job” We’ll not be bored, really missed it …

  6. LOL, the blog-owner continues to assume that people must agree with his deluded lunatic fringe concepts. Thus he simply attacks them.

    “Its offends Muhammad worshipers when other religions celebrate their religious holidays…”

    1. No such thing as Mohammed worshippers.
    2. Many of the Jewish holidays also fall on Muslim Holidays, some of it to do with the lunar calendar usage, some because we all share the same Abrahamic Tradition and third coincidence. In this particular case, not that I condone violence at all, it was also the period of Islamic religious celebrations. The blog-owner in fact claims he knows all this since he says he and his sources knows Islam better than Islamic theologans, so thus by his own admission he is a liar one way of the other.

  7. “we all share the same Abrahamic Tradition ” – stop insulting everyones intelligence, solker.

    Islam is as ‘Abrahamic’ as a turd in the Moroccan desert…

    As for “sharing” – don’t get me started on that! As if!

  8. Not insulting anyone but if it bothers you, well…….. bad luck. The rest of the world, it’s dictionaries, encyclopedias, educational institutions, Christians, Jews and Muslims all agree that Islam is a part of the Abrahamic Tradition – but of course you know better……

    In the other blog you said were did you lie? It is on this thread, suggest you respond to above.

    You claim you are well better and more knowledgable on Islam then clerics are and yet you “do not know about Muslim holidays coinciding with Jewish ones (because we are of the Abrahamic Tridition for some of them) and yet you ask the question on this thread. Thus, it means you either lied or you …… lied.

  9. No dictionary or encyclopedias, educational institutions or whatever makes Muhammads false claims ‘Abrahamic’, solker.

    “Muslim holidays coinciding with Jewish ones ”

    If they coincide with Jewish ones it still doesn’t make them ‘Abrahamic’ because Muhammad falsified and distorted everything.

    He certainly had no lineage to Abraham, or was he a Jew?

    1.” No such thing as Mohammed worshippers.”

    You certainly are one. Besides: people who go apeshit over cartoons and tell us they “love their profit more than their wives and children” and run amok for months killing people and smashing things up are definitely worshippers of sorts. Fanatical ones…

    Islam revolves around Mohammed, without mohammed, no Islam. In islam, the soldiers of allah are commanded to kill and die for allah and “the messenger”- which is absurd.

    muhammad was nothing but a marauding bandit who started a cult that’s gone apeshit…

  10. * Christians, Jews and Muslims all agree that Islam is a part of the Abrahamic Tradition

    islam lifts its leg on all that is holy, and rejects the Scriptures associated
    with Judaism and Christianity, and rails against Jews and Christians.

    islam is nothing but a cuckoo, a usurper religion, mocking and blaspheming, and claiming for itself the promises of God through
    the Prophets and the Son of God.

    Behold the cuckoo in action:

    “They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous falsehood against
    Mary. They declared: ‘We have put to death the Messiah Jesus, the
    son of Mary, the apostle of [allah].’ They did not kill him, nor did
    they crucify him, but they thought they did.” (4:157, blasphemous

    “The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than [allah’s]
    apostle and [his word] which [he] cast to Mary: a spirit from [him].
    [remainder of blasphemy ignored]” (4:171, blasphemous koran)

    islam is not Abrahamic, Solkhar – it is SATANIC.

    “Hereby know you the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. You are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. hey are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world hears them. We are of God: he that knows God hears us; he that is not of God hears not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”
    ( 1 John 4:2 – 7)

    Who will you listen to, Solkhar? Those who tickle your ears with lies
    about islam being “Abrahamic”, or God and His Son, against whom
    “allah” and its false prophet mocked & blasphemed against so often.

    Flee from islam, Solkhar. Run for your life, and for your soul. Only
    the precious blood of the Lamb of God can redeem a soul, and false
    religions like islam traffic in human souls.

  11. “No dictionary or encyclopedias, educational institutions or whatever makes Muhammads false claims ‘Abrahamic’, solker. ”

    Live in your dreamworld of a blog if you like blog-owner but the facts are there for everyone to see. They are all free to do so.

    Your laughable blindness has been exposed blog-owner, that is all I needed to do, your agenda was correctly identified and it is as simple as that.

    This blog is in fact not your own, you have succumbed to your agenda needs to attempt to justify your needs to take away a future Palestine because of the teachings of the dangerous radical the late Rabbi Kahane. To do so you have joined the limited fringe group of radical right-wingers whom try to push hate to simply sell books and make themselves look credible because the education, government and authorities have rejected them.

    Your decision to ceede logic and simply follow these agendas has made your blog not your own and as much as you wish it, and constantly switch between claims of knowing what you obviously do not, I do not care and …. yeah but this is actually satirical….. is not going to hide the fact that you lost it.

  12. Solker,

    facts are facts. What you’re offering here is blather and more blather.

    Here. FACTS:

    Dubious Claims

    Three historically dubious claims promoting the Islamic claim to Jerusalem have emerged.

    “The Islamic connection to Jerusalem is older than the Jewish”.

    The Palestinian “minister” of religious endowments asserts that Jerusalem has “always” been under Muslim sovereignty.64 Likewise, Ghada Talhami, a polemicist, asserts that “There are other holy cities in Islam, but Jerusalem holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Muslims because its fate has always been intertwined with theirs.”65 Always? Jerusalem’s founding antedated Islam by about two millennia, so how can that be? Ibrahim Hooper of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations explains this anachronism: “the Muslim attachment to Jerusalem does not begin with the prophet Muhammad, it begins with the prophets Abraham, David, Solomon and Jesus, who are also prophets in Islam.”66 In other words, the central figures of Judaism and Christianity were really proto-Muslims. This accounts for the Palestinian man-in-the-street declaring that “Jerusalem was Arab from the day of creation.”67

    “The Qur’an mentions Jerusalem.”

    So complete is the identification of the Night Journey with Jerusalem that it is found in many publications of the Qur’an, and especially in translations. Some state in a footnote that the “furthest mosque” “must” refer to Jerusalem.68 Others take the (blasphemous?) step of inserting Jerusalem right into the text after “furthest mosque.” This is done in a variety of ways. The Sale translation69 uses italics:

    from the sacred temple of Mecca to the farther temple of Jerusalem
    the Asad translation70 relies on square brackets:

    from the Inviolable House of Worship [at Mecca] to the Remote House of Worship [at Jerusalem]
    and the Behbudi-Turner version71 places it right in the text without any distinction at all:

    from the Holy Mosque in Mecca to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine.
    If the Qur’an in translation now has Jerusalem in its text, it cannot be surprising to find that those who rely on those translations believe that Jerusalem “is mentioned in the Qur’an”; and this is precisely what a consortium of American Muslim institutions claimed in 2000.72 One of their number went yet further; according to Hooper , “the Koran refers to Jerusalem by its Islamic centerpiece, al-Aqsa Mosque.”73 This error has practical consequences: for example, Ahmad ‘Abd ar-Rahman, secretary-general of the PA “cabinet,” rested his claim to Palestinian sovereignty on this basis: “Jerusalem is above tampering, it is inviolable, and nobody can tamper with it since it is a Qur’anic text.”74

    “Muhammad actually visited Jerusalem.” Not.

    The Islamic biography of the Prophet Muhammad’s life is very complete and it very clearly does not mention his leaving the Arabian Peninsula, much less voyaging to Jerusalem. Therefore, when Karen Armstrong, a specialist on Islam, writes that “Muslim texts make it clear that … the story of Muhammad’s mystical Night Journey to Jerusalem … was not a physical experience but a visionary one,” she is merely stating the obvious. Indeed, this phrase is contained in an article titled, “Islam’s Stake: Why Jerusalem Was Central to Muhammad” which posits that “Jerusalem was central to the spiritual identity of Muslims from the very beginning of their faith.”75 Not good enough. Armstrong found herself under attack for a “shameless misrepresentation” of Islam and claiming that “Muslims themselves do not believe the miracle of their own prophet.”76

    More here

  13. “Islam revolves around Mohammed, without mohammed, no Islam. In islam, the soldiers of allah are commanded to kill and die for allah and “the messenger”- which is absurd.”

    Thus confirming the blog-owner’s lie, since you claim to know better than any Muslim what Islam is.

    What is absurd is how you have “added” words, just like your pathetic “edits” of people’s postings.

    The “soldiers of Allah that are commanded and kill for Allah” and though that is not as usual correct, had logic and then you said “the Messenger” as the obvious “add on”.

    The fact that Islam puts the worship clearly “there is no God but Allah” and then adds that “Mohammed is His Messenger”, not even a secondary position but still important. Christians venerate and put Christ way more higher than that status and as you know Islam rejects that and puts Christ back into the very important but certainly lesser status of third-place – Prophet (Angels beign the second place).

    Thus we can say that many Christians are in fact Christ Worshippers and that would be correct, but the reference to Muslims being Mohammed worshippers is not only incorrect but considered heretical and a sin.

    Your problem is that your looking for excuses and thus are creating them from scratch. The reality that, like Christians and to a lesser degree in Jewish Scriptures, there is obvious and clear veneration for the Prophets and thus they are not only respected but spouted. Thus, any claims and hypocrisy of attacking such veneration is in fact attacking not only Islam but Christianity and Judaism as well, if not, then you are saying to us all “we can do it but you cannot”.

  14. Don’t obsess over a “future Palestine”, Solkhar – even if Antichrist’s
    seven year covenant with Israel includes a Palestinian state on land
    covenanted to Israel (remember Abram / Abraham?), he will renege
    and seek to destroy Israel – this should gladden the hearts of muslims
    all over the world, unless they have already died in the Ezekiel 38 / 39
    invasion of Israel, and been destroyed by the God they mock and
    blaspheme against.

  15. The blog-owner, in an obvious admission that he has been cuaght out and exposed has yet again changed the subject.

    The world minus a few radicals all accept that Islam is a part of the Abramic Religions or as is often known as “The Abrahamic Tradition”.

  16. The House of David, the City of Temples, the Mountain, etc, etc, etc. Some Muslims will say that is in fact a miracle that someone in Mecca at that time, location and circumstances is aware and knows about the City of David. It is obviosly clear, nor necessary that the word Jerusalem (Al Qods) is not mentioned. That is your problem, or not actually yours, it is that considering this is not a blog that you really control, you just put the question as the pawn of the carefully but rediculously staged question by either Spencer or Fitzgerald.

  17. Solkhar the mocking blasphemer wrote “as you know Islam rejects that and puts Christ back into the very important but certainly lesser status of third-place – Prophet (Angels beign the second place).”

    Yes, Solkhar, the “god” of islam certainly denies that Jesus Christ is
    the Son of God, and denies that He was crucified (though muslims
    have a hard time resisting the temptation to call Jews “Christ killers”).

    God has a very different view of Jesus Christ, Solkhar:

    “Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass, that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened, And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove on him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, You are my beloved Son; in you I am well pleased.” ( Luke 3:21&22 )

    Is there anything holy, anything at all, that you will not mock and
    blaspheme against in your service of allah and its false prophet?

    You have no idea what you are messing with, Solkhar, and what the
    result of your mocking and blaspheming will be. What price your soul?

  18. Muslims also believe that the Arab world is also a part of the same “tribe of Abraham” and that is why the claim of being a “race, religion and a culture” is not accepted and only the “religion”.

    I find it also extremely pathetic that your complaining about smears but in fact your entire blog is nothing but attacks, insults and smears on my faith.

  19. Solkhar the serial blasphemer wrote “It is obviosly clear, nor necessary that the word Jerusalem (Al Qods) is not mentioned.”

    In the koran, Solkhar? A day or two ago you claimed that Jerusalem
    and al Aqsa were mentioned in the koran, and when asked for the
    relevant suras – sounds of silence – zero (that arabic contribution?).

  20. Knock yourself out, solker.

    So you really believe the Jewish prophets (which you don’t respect but you claim you do) were -somehow- mohammedans long before the meshugga prophet pretender had his hallucinations?

    Some belief system you have, solker. What next?

    You gonna knock on my door and tell me my house was always the property of the moslems?

    I guess that all make sense to you….

    mullah, this guy cooks it as he goes along. He lies so much he can’t lie straight in bed at night!

  21. Solkhar the blasphemer wrote “but in fact your entire blog is nothing but attacks, insults and smears on my faith.”

    Your koran is largely comprised of attacks, insults and smears on my
    faith, and blasphemies against my Saviour and Lord.

    Islam is doomed, Solkhar – because of its blasphemies and lies.
    Abram / Abraham had faith in God – allah & its false prophet lifted
    their legs on the very basics of anything Abrahamic, including the
    covenant between God and Abraham’s descendants.

  22. Solker, the da’awa doctor:

    Muslims also believe that the Arab world is also a part of the same “tribe of Abraham” and that is why the claim of being a “race, religion and a culture” is not accepted and only the “religion”.

    Whatever muslims believe is irrelevant because its false, its cooked and ridiculous just like your non-sensical arguments. “You believe” solker, that’s all. “Muslims believe”.

    You don’t know.

    That’s why everything you deposit here is false currency.

  23. The colours are shown, put out the colours regardless of reality.

    The blog-owner wishes the world to believe:

    The Qur’an was made 200 years after the real date.
    The dictionaries, universities, text books, governments, major religions, established collective total do not accept Islam as one of the three Abrahamic Religions……. (so which is the third since we know there are three?)
    That Fitzgerald and Spencer are great people and are supported by educational institutions, governments and other established authorities.
    That the entire world is lying and stupid and that only he and some well known agenda-linked radicals know that Barrack Obama is in fact a Muslim.

    Whoohooo, get the jacket ready!

    1. Solker slick:

      Seek medical help. Valium for sale!

      Your Fitzgerald and Spencer obesession has turned into the dragon of your dreams….

      The Islamic Qur’an was mostly written down from 3rd and 4th hand accounts; and from a few thoughts written on scrap papers, palm leaves and stones –and compiled over 150 years after Muhammad died in 632 A.D. In the Mishtatu ‘lMasabih, chapter 3, we are informed that by the command of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, the text of the Qur’an was “collected” by Zaid ibn Thabit “from palm leaves and stones and from the breasts of those who had learned by heart” the various revelations.” Abu Bakr’s copy came into the possession of Hafsah, one of Muhammad’s widows. Qustalani states that after Hafsah’s death her copy was torn to pieces by Mirwan, who was governor of Medina.

      The oldest Qur’an dates from around 790 A.D. (after Jesus), and it is in the British Library. That’s 158 years after Muhammad’s death. See corrupted Qur’an here .

      Muslims often claim that the manuscript of the Qur’an housed in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the oldest sources. Muslims say it dates from around 650 A.D. There is an insurmountable problem with this. This document is written in Kufic (also known as al-Khatt al-Kufi) script. Coins in the British Museum show that the first coins using the Kufic script date from the mid to end of the 8th century (750-800 A.D.). The only script used during and after Muhammad’s days was the Jazm script. These earliest copies of the Qur’an are written without vowels and diacritical dots that modern Arabic uses to make it clear what letter is intended. In the eighth and ninth centuries, more than a century after the death of Muhammad, Islamic commentators added diacritical marks to clear up the ambiguities of the text. Source

  24. It’s all happening now. Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, Iran, intoxicating an attempted — though exacerbatingly dangerous — Jihad at the Temple Mount to lead to Zion’s own destruction. Israel must return to full alert. Much of the bruhah is the infliction of Dayan’s insipid retreat before the Waqf. No more. No more. No more!!! Yerushalayim, Judea, and Samaria and the Temple Mount in the hands of the Jewish peoples now and forever.

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