Our Pali "Peace Partners" Praise Yom Kippur Attack on Jews on the Temple Mount


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“Moderate” PA praises those who attack Jews

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Yesterday, Ma’an described the event on the Temple Mount like this (the story has since been radically changed online:)

Confrontations erupted after groups of Israelis broke into the compound, reportedly under the guard of Israeli police. Palestinians hurled stones, chairs, and shoes at the Israelis, while police tried to disperse the Palestinians by force, injuring nine people right away, and four more throughout the morning.

The newer version of the story says this:

According to witnesses, clashes broke out after a group of about 150 Israeli settlers entered the Al-Aqsa compound on Sunday morning, reportedly under the guard of local authorities who also escorted the group away from the area when worshipers began to protest.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the poor provoked “worshippers,” courtesy of Palestine Today:


By all accounts, the Jews (or perhaps French tourists) who toured the Mount did nothing provocative. They didn’t interrupt prayers, they didn’t shout, they didn’t riot, they didn’t cause any disruptions at all by their actions. And when the worshippers protested the fact that they were doing nothing, they even left without a fuss.

All they did was walk around, something tourists do every day.

Since they were presumably Jews, however, the Arabs freaked out and started doing what they do best – rioting. They threw rocks and chairs at the people they identified as being guilty of the crime of being Jewish.

Today, the PA – those moderate darlings of progressive peace-pushers worldwide - praised the rioters:

The Fatah-backed Palestinian Authority in Ramallah has condemned Sunday’s Israeli infringement on the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in Jerusalem and hailed Palestinians who rushed to defend the holy site.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, the cabinet of caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad also urged Arab and Muslim countries to mobilize in defense of Al-Aqsa.

The government “congratulated the Palestinian masses when they rushed to defend Al-Aqsa Mosque and foiled the attempt of settlers and extremists to storm the Mosque.”

This isn’t even Abbas – this is the uber-Western friendly prime minister Salim Fayyad praising rioters.

Of course, from their perspective, the “settlers” were being “provocative.” Reacting to the provocation of “existing” with rocks and thrown chairs, as well as more rioting that carried over into today, is apparently a praiseworthy action according to the peaceful and moderate Palestinian Authority.

The Dirty Little Secret About the ‘Palestinians’

The Palestinians are essentially a historical concoction intended to advance Arab aims.

Moshe Dann/Pajamasmedia

As the proportion of anti-Israel countries in the UN grew, “Palestinians” were given more and more recognition, support, and legitimacy, unlike any other group.

And the fraud worked! It worked so well because the world’s media accepted the Palestinians’ self-definition and their cause. Even the Israeli media, politicians, and jurists adopted this myth. Academics promoted “Palestinian archeology” and “Palestinian society and culture.” Every time someone writes or speaks of “Palestinians” it reinforces this myth.

Most major newspapers use only the term “West Bank” — a Jordanian reference from 1950 to distinguish the area from the “East Bank” — rather than its authentic names, Judea and Samaria, apparently to deny its Jewish history.

“Palestinian” came to mean Arabs who lived in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza — as well as those in UNRWA-sponsored “refugee camps” in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and hundreds of thousands of “Palestinians” living throughout the world. By UNRWA’s unique and controversial definition, anyone who claims to live or have lived in Palestine and all descendants, forever, are considered “Palestinian,” with full rights and privileges.

Spread among 58 “refugee camps” (in many cases entire towns), UNRWA’s over-half-billion-dollar budget supports about one and a half million “refugees in camps” and five million “registered refugees”; the total population is expected to reach seven or eight million next year, and growing.

As Palestinian nationalism spread among Israeli Arabs, the term became an identity magnet for Arabs on both sides of the 1949 armistice line — the “Green Line” — as well as those living in other countries. Today, “Palestinian” can be anyone who for whatever reason identifies as such, including their children, grandchildren, etc.

This amalgam of national identity is possible because “Palestinian” is not a separate and unique linguistic, cultural, ethnic, religious, or racial group. Nor does this motley group, currently led by the Fatah and Hamas terrorist organizations, aspire to a country with clearly defined borders. Their goal is not statehood, but exterminating the Jews, thereby “liberating Palestine.”

The success of “Palestinianism” is a tribute to what money, influence, and Jew-hatred will buy and attract. That Jewish and Israeli media and NGOs support Palestinianism stems from liberal ideals of helping those who are less fortunate, the underdog, and even a genuine, although misdirected, desire to live in peace, a supreme Jewish value.

Although there’s probably no way to prevent the virus of “Palestiniansm” from spreading, there’s no reason to ignore it and less to accept it. Like pollution, it may be one of those things we have to live with; but we can and must resist its proliferation.

Arabs of Palestine are entitled to civil and human rights in the countries in which they have resided for generations. That there needs to be a second Arab Palestinian state in addition to Jordan, which was carved out of Palestine and whose population is two-thirds “Palestinian,” and whether such a state will resolve all the attendant problems are extremely doubtful.

That the State of Israel should commit suicide to accomplish this goal is unthinkable.

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  1. this sh*t will go on until:

    a) Iran makes good its threat [nobody left in Israel]
    b) Iran goes down, the Arabs in Israel act up, and an Israeli government with balls gives the Arabs what they have been asking for.
    c) without any consideration for what Iran does, the latter part of (b) –the action of an Israeli government with balls–takes place.

    COMMENT to (c): fat chance we’ll see this in our lifetime or in that of our children or of our children’s children. But then again, sometimes the totally unexpected does happen.

  2. * Obama Calls for ‘Contiguous’ Palestine, Split Israel…

    Psalm 83

    O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, O God, be not still.
    See how your enemies are astir, how your foes rear their heads.
    With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish.
    “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”
    With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you-
    the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, of Moab and the Hagrites,
    Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia, with the people of Tyre.
    Even Assyria has joined them to lend strength to the descendants of Lot. Selah

    [ the rest is worth contemplating, also]

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