Prison Jihad: Radical Islam’s Recruiting Station

Examiner/John Duffey

The idea that violent criminals, incarcerated in prisons throughout the country, could become ardent converts to radical Islam has only recently come to the attention of the American public. It has been in the sights of National and state law enforcement and corrections agencies for only a bit longer than that. What brought the reality of such activities to the forefront was the arrest of four men, who converted to Islam while in prison, in Los Angeles, California.



These individuals were planning to attack military and Jewish facilities and members during Jewish holiday times. They converted to a very radical and rigid form of Wahabi Islam while in prison. The Islamic chaplain at the prison was well known for giving sermons of hatred towards the United States, Jews, and other non-Muslims. They were conditioned over time to believe that the world’s problems rested on the actions and greed of Jews throughout the world.

This theme is growing exponentially inside the United States as more and more convicts are released from prison after years of Islamic indoctrination in a captive environment. They are exiting the corrections system and immediately forming pre-arranged terror cells where they plan and attempt terrorist attacks specifically against Jews and government personnel, facilities, and functions. Overcrowded prisons, providing nothing in the way of rehabilitation and plenty of down time to listen to radically Islamic rhetoric has most definitely created a situation of easy pickings for Islamic strategic operatives and planners.

Another terrorist cell in New York was detected and arrested in recent history that also involved 100% Islamic converts who converted while in prison. This group planned to plant high explosives at Synagogues and shoot down a military aircraft using a stinger. Luckily for America, these people were detected through an informant and the FBI used undercover agents to provide fake plastic explosives and a fake stinger to the terrorists. When they committed the overt act of planting the bombs and waiting on a military jet to shoot down, they were immediately arrested by agents.

Incidents like this are becoming more and more common inside the United States. The question of spiritual development, freedom of religion, and national defense is complex to say the least. Islam is complex in and of itself. Its three facets, or trinity, of Spiritual, Political, and Militarist set it apart from many other world religions and belief systems. Banning it in prisons may provoke law suits and protests while doing nothing allows for the rampant recruiting and developing of future terrorists. It is an environment in which militant Islam thrives. It uses religion to mask political and militarist activities thereby giving it constitutional protection.

There is no doubting that a continuance of recruiting activities and exponential size growth of Islamic converts with radical ideologies and militarist intentions will be seen as time elapses. This is especially so if the government remains in its current disposition of inaction regarding the matter. Some have suggested that a more precise definition of what constitutes a religious belief system or practice is needed so as to identify cults with military and political branches as pseudo-faiths and excludable from constitutional protection.

3 thoughts on “Prison Jihad: Radical Islam’s Recruiting Station”

  1. Hey man! It’s cool!
    I mean, what better place to conduct Islamic recruits than a prison?
    It’s full of psychopaths, and borderline schizophrenics, baby rapers and mother killers and mother rapers and baby killers. It’ the perfect place to raise a whole new generation of homegrown jihadist Islamo-paths. It fits right in with the ideology.
    I think that all prisons have to be reconfigured to prisons where they can separate the Muslim clerics from the general population. The fact is that anyone can become a Muslim cleric. It takes no theology degree. All the qualifications are right there in the characters within the prisons.
    Perhaps more ADX prisons might help?

  2. al-Kidya,i went at your link,it’s interesting but i have hearded before of ADX prison…..i readed all the article but i disagree with them of how they take care of the muzz for me it’s not at all the good way it’s looked more a day-care center than a Prison…..I don’t know if you have seen the movie ‘Papillon’ or read the book ‘Papillon’ of Henri Charrière a memoir of his incarceration in a penal colony on French Guiana.
    The French put the Hard one in solitary confinement,a place where they haven’t the right of speak and make any Noise for their Lifetime,i can tell you that was very hard on the Moral of the Inmate,habitualy they all Collapse…..
    Today we can easily build soundproof prison cell and ‘VOILÀ ‘problem solved…No more F****** g TV,coran or society Games..why they left the coran to them, this book is the source of their hatred and their actions,that’s Crazy !…Show No Respect for their Ideology (islam-coran)…You eat the Menu of the Prison or Die that’s all…our food is the Best in the World.
    A lot of things must change in these Prisons they are holiday camps as I can see.

  3. It is time to rewrite a bit of history. The ‘National Socialism’ of Nazi Germany was, in fact, a religion. Instead of women wearing hajibs and burqas, men wore armbands. Most of the rest, including hatred of Jews, murder of all opponents and dissent, etc. is identical. If we are going to call 21st Century Jihadist Islam a ‘religion’, then we need to be consistent across other historical epochs.

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