Question Number Nine for Solkhar, Islamic Agit Prop

Dear Solkhar,

Yesterday’s shocking article   Top Shia Cleric and Ahmadinejad’s Spiritual Adviser Says Islam Sanctions Rape of Political Prisoners, Both Male and Female… has even shocked me, and I am used to quite a lot of Islamic madness.

My question to you, Solkhar, a Sunni Muslim of the Maliki school, is this:

Are these demented, perverse Shiite clerics “rafidite dogs” who get their religion all wrong, or are they, because of the nature of their business, respectable Islamic clerics who understand their Islam better than you and me?

Furthermore, could you please provide suras or hadith that justify even anal rape of male and female underage prisoners in Islamic jails, or can you prove beyond any reasonable doubt that such practices are (as always) totally un-Islamic and cannot be justified by true believers?

Thank you very much for answering without the usual lies and taqiyya!

3 thoughts on “Question Number Nine for Solkhar, Islamic Agit Prop”

  1. Sheikh

    Thank you for enlightening me. Dear god, what a terrible thing to do.

    Muslims view apostates with revulsion enough to want them dead, for they view them as traitors to their birth right.

  2. Dear Sheikh,

    I dont think surahs and haditdh would be sufficient proof.

    While its possible for Solkhar to make 1 up on the fly, both surahs and hadiths are not worth as a standing evidence because:

    1. There are too many false Surahs & Hadiths which not every expert would agree of its legit. There are the some verses that are written completely different and some that omit words by misinterpretation.

    2. The Surahs & hadiths went through a process of voting and threatening via a council from 20 years toll 200 years after muhammads death. Even some experts and close friend of Muhammad disputes the verses & was completely ignored.

    So, whatever thats quoted from Surahs or Hadiths are presumably wrong because the process that it went through is flawed.

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