Sudden Jihad Syndrome in San Remo: "Allahu Akbar" Shouting Moslem Attacks Friar in the Street…

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Sanremo: Tunisian assaults a friar in the street, while shouting “Allahu akbar”

Gates of Vienna, thanks to DP 111

It’s notable that even though the culturally enriched assailant shouted “Allahu akhbar!” while attacking his victim, the police are certain that there was no religious motive for the crime. Perhaps they have availed themselves of the latest EU surveillance equipment, which not only scans retinas and recognizes faces, but also reads people’s minds:

Sanremo: Tunisian assaults a friar in the street, while shouting “God is Great”

Father Riccardo, age 76, risks the loss of the use of an eye. But the attack was not motivated by religion. Continued below…

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The Jawa Report:  Islamist Suspects Detained at Oktoberfest


Arrest — The police headquarters of Imperia and the police station of Sanremo arrested a 20-year-old Tunisian illegal immigrant for the attack.

The man, an illegal who has been already expelled from the country and then arrested and released for drug possession, may have had a discussion with the friar about religious symbols before the attack. But the police, who tracked down the Tunisian thanks to images from a surveillance camera in the area, deny that the attack might have had religious motives. Instead the friar’s refusal to give the Tunisian money could have caused the violence. More

Contrary to what the police assert, a refusal by the friar to hand over money can also induce a religious motivation, since payments by infidels to Muslims (jizyah) are mandated under Islamic law.

But no need to concern yourselves about such things. There’s nothing to see here. Just move along.

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Seattle jihad shooter was a…jihad shooter

Jihad?  Nah. Mental illness and anti-Muslim prejudice? Yep, that’s it!  Naveed Haq Update. “Did Jewish Federation suspect believe he was a ‘jihadi’? Jail phone calls, claims of jihad at issue as trial approaches,” by Levi Pulkkinen for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 27 JW