Taliban targets descendants of Alexander the Great

For centuries, the blond-haired, blue-eyed people of the Kalash tribes of North West Pakistan have lived a libertine lifestyle.
kalash_1486002cChildren of the Kalash tribe in Northern Pakistan

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi and Emal Khan in Peshawar/Telegraph UK

The group, believed to be descendants of Alexander the Great’s invading army, were shielded from conservative Islam by the steep slopes of their remote valleys.

While Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians were slowly driven out of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province by Muslim militants, the Kalash were free to drink their own distilled spirits and smoke cannabis.

But the militant maulanas of the Taliban have finally caught up with them and declared war on their culture and heritage by kidnapping their most devoted supporter.

Taliban commanders have taken Professor Athanasion Larounis, a Greek aid worker who has generated £2.5 million in donations to build schools, clinics, clean water projects and a museum.

They are now demanding £1.25 million and the release of three militant leaders in exchange for his safe return.

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5 thoughts on “Taliban targets descendants of Alexander the Great”

  1. Such cultural sensitivity & diversity! What a celebration of islamic tolerance and peace – right Solkhar?

  2. Taliban are as far from following Islam as you can get. It is ironic that OBL and Al Qaeda and the Taliban have jumped into the same bed for the sake of a mutual “enemy” because it is already been shown through interigations and other sources that OBL hates every minute he is with the Taliban, because a Wahhabist must certainly detest the usurping version of what the Taliban consider Islamic law. We know that Al Qaeda broke three times with Taliban and twice even with shots fired, but as they are both now being punished for their crimes, they are forced to stick together.

  3. Actually the Kalesh culture is protected by the Pakistan constitution, as far as I can recall. The islamists are not supported in attacking the Kalesh people by the majoritiy of the Pakistani people who seem to quite enjoy the splash of color that the Kalesh bring to the few valleys they live in.

    As regards Wahabis – as far as I see it the Taliban interpretations are closely aligned with the wahabi point of view – I consider that both groups can only be distinguished on a very fine scale – and that makes then both dangerous.

  4. Kaw, the difference with Taliban is that they mix Afghani tribal practices and claim them Islamic. It is often the more insulting and the sharper arguments when something is close – but in certain key elements not.

    Example, about two years ago there was that famous case of a boy and a girl both young teens caught walking together and she was not related to him. So, they were punished.

    If Al Qaeda was in charge of the punishment, the boy and the girl would be wipped and then the two would be forced to marry each other, or the girl would be “checked for virginity” and married off to a relative somewere within the week. Of course if she had lossed her virginity she would have been stoned. All of course, archaic and not accepted in most Muslim countries.

    But, since it was the Taliban, the boy was wipped and the girl was then raped by each and every member of the local tribal council – numbering 7.

    Al Qaeda are Wahhabist puritanical radicals whom look at the life of the 7th century in Mecca and Medina as being the only law for now. But, again I should point out that along with that ideology, they are also in the end a radical militant group and in every single case were something has a radical militant connection, they are willing to close their eyes and give up their faith for expediency. Thus they have tolerated the Taliban’s “differences”, they use technology and western techniques etc that the average Wahhabist would shun.

    1. The Taliban call themselves “students of Islam” – Al Qaeda does everything according to the book, the Islamic war manual called the Koran.

      “Al Qaeda are Wahhabist puritanical radicals whom look at the life of the 7th century in Mecca and Medina as being the only law for now.”

      Thanks for that, solker. Now tell us: did the Koran change since the 7th century?

      Abdul Wahab knew his religion, and so do the Saudis who follow it to the ‘t’. And what arguments do the so-called ‘moderates’ have against it?

      gagagaga, yadaydaydaydaydaya, blablablabla…..

      Because when it comes to the crunch, every mohammedan is afraid to be accused of shirk, of kuffar, unbelief. The so-called ‘radicals’ are the ‘good muslims’ and your home-cooked version is for infidel consumption only….

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