UK: Burning the Union Jack? No worries. Burning the Black Flag of Islam? Hmm…..

England belongs to the Muslims. Get out of our country…”

A Protest Attacked; A Blogger Threatened With Execution

Brussels Journal/A. Millar

Emotions are running high in parts of Britain. Only a couple of weeks ago, rumors that a “Right wing” group was planning to march through the Bury Park region of Luton were spreading through the Muslim communities of the city. This turned out to be false. When no one turned up, the Muslim youths that had congregated attacked the police, throwing missiles and hurling abuse [video]. 50 extra police had to be drafted to contain the situation.

Last week, as it became known that the so-called English Defense League (EDL) was planning to protest in Birmingham, Mohammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque, told Muslims to “vent their feelings” at the EDL march, though he apparently believed that the police would separate the protestors and counter-protestors.

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Dr. Naseem had also told his followers to form alliances with other counter-protestors, including with members of other religions and socialists. Such advice was ill advised, and probably unnecessary. Socialist – and especially Trotskyite – organizations have formed alliances with Islamist groups over the last few years, and have amassed tens of thousands of demonstrators across the country, in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. Even when they face no opposition, socialist leaders stoke the passions, and their protests almost invariably end in chaos. The police are often violently confronted. Retail property is smashed up. And Jews have been threatened and even assaulted.

The main socialist street protesting organization is Unite Against Fascism (UAF). Its supporters include Labour MPs, the head of the Conservative Party David Cameron, but its tactics and alliances (for example with extremist Muslims) have been questioned, even by those on the Left. David Toubelamented in the Leftwing Guardian not so long ago, that, “[…] with its sectarianism, silence on antisemitism and blindness to Islamist Jew-hatred, Unite Against Fascism just isn’t up to the job.” Writing about the UAF’s recent demonstration outside of the “Whites only” British National Party’s annual festival, Lucy James, a research fellow at the Muslim-run Quilliam foundation, criticized the UAF’s tactics, saying that the “protesters soon became violent,” and that “[…] protests become ineffective when they descend into thuggery and hooliganism.”

The English Defence League is composed of working class football fans. They are mostly – or perhaps they are all – White. They are roudy, wave flags and placards, and chant “England, England, England.” By most accounts, however, they are not violent. They also claim to oppose Islamic “extremists,” rather than all Muslims. At their recent Birmingham demonstration – held in the first week of September – one man was photographed holding a sign reading “No More Mosques,” which would seem less discriminating. However, others held signs reading “Say No To London Mega Mosque,” “Islamic Extremists Out: Make Britain Safe,” and “Jihadist Choudry! Leave OUR Children Alone.”

The “Jihadist Choudry” is Anjem Choudary, a prominent extremist Islamist, and head of Islam4UK – a reincarnation of the organization al-Muhajiroun, which was disbanded after British authorities threatened to ban it, following a number of high profile terrorist attacks and attempted attacks by its followers, including the so-called “shoe bomber” Richard Reid (who attempted to blow up an American Airlines jet) and Asif Hani, who blew up a café in Tel Aviv.

The UAF contends, however, that the EDL is composed of “racist and fascist thugs” whose core members are also members of the BNP. The UAF even turned up to an EDL demonstration in August with “Stop the fascist BNP” placards. For its part, the EDL carried placards with “We are not the BNP[,] and we are not racist” and “English Defence League[:] Black and White Unite.”

One photograph published in the Daily Mail also shows a group of EDL demonstrators at the recent Birmingham demonstration holding up a large Israeli flag – a statement, surely, against the anti-Semitism of the so-called “anti-fascist” coalition. The Israeli flag is routinely burned in pro-Hamas demonstrations in Britain, organized and dominated by the same Leftist and Islamist cadre as turned out to meet the EDL protest, and who burned the Union Jack in front of them.

Burning the British or Israeli flag is not an act of “anti-racism” or “anti-fascism.” It is provocative. (One need only imagine the reaction if EDL members had burned an Islamic flag.) The Muslim youths that tuned out to the counter-demonstration, hid their faces hidden behind hoodies, sunglasses, and bandanas, and the self-described “anti-fascist” mob physically attacked the Birmingham EDL march.

A large gang of “anti-fascist” protestors was shown by Islam Channel News kicking a man as he lay on the ground. The news reporter went on to remark that:

Scenes such as these are exactly the reasons some had qualms about the anti-fascist protest. While the EDL was seemingly intelligent enough to keep their message relatively uncontroversial the sight of young Muslim men engaged in scenes of violence – no matter how sporadic – are hardly likely to inspire confidence amongst the rest of the British population.

However, it is important to keep the disorder in perspective. 33 arrests were made. Some groups had told me that they were planning on bringing knives and petrol bombs. This never materialized.

This was no Bradford riot. But with the EDL planning more demonstrations in Luton and Manchester – which many will see as attempts to deliberately provoke violence – the scene looks set for an escalation in tensions.

One of the founder members of the EDL was Paul Ray, better known as the blogger Lionheart who appeared in the CBN documentary on Islamism in the UK. He recently resigned from the organization, saying that he felt it had been “hijacked” by extremists.

Earlier this year police issued the blogger with an “Osman” warning, stating that his life had been threatened. The police refused to disclose who had made the threats, but Mr. Ray wrote on his blog that he believed Islamic militants were responsible.

Since the EDL’s August demonstration, he has been publicly threatened on the extremist Revolution Muslim chat forum, by someone calling himself Bilal, though this has only came to light after his resignation of the organization.

A photograph of Mr. Ray was posted along with the threat (it originally linked to one in a newspaper article), which encourages Muslims to look out for him, and tells them “you know what to do” if you see him. The poster says “[Y]our [Paul Ray’s] days are literally numbered[…] this is not a threat, it’s a promise,” and ends by telling Muslims to “keep an eye on the news[…] you might see a repeat of what happened to Theodoor van Gogh,” who was murdered in broad daylight in Amsterdam by an Islamic extremist. The threat reads:


Aug 16 2009, 10:34 PM

“Well well well… if it isn’t Paul Ray himself.”

“This filthy kaafir is the spokesman/ex-spokesman of the “English Defence League” […]

You do realise we’ve been spreading your photo around. You do realise we know you live in Luton and used to have a shop in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. You do realise your days are literally numbered. You do realise this is not a threat, it’s a promise. You do realise I now have your IP address logged. You do realise that whenever you’ve shown your dirty pig-skin faces to us, (be it Birmingham when Shaun became Muslim, Green street and now Birmingham again) you’ve been thrashed left, right and centre.

You made it clear on TalkSport that you want war with Islaam itself. In a country full of neo-“terrorists”, you are the perfect target.


England belongs to the Muslims. Get out of our country.

This is who this ugly filthy piece of sub-vermin is. If you see him (most likely around Luton or Dunstable, Bedfordshire); you know what to do. As for the rest of the Muslims reading this; do as we’re doing, and spread this photo around to militant Muslims in the UK as we are. Also, keep an eye on the news. Allaah knows, you might see a repeat of what happened to Theodoor van Gogh at the hands of our beloved brother Mohammed Bouyeri in Amsterdam on 2 November 2004.”

The original post ended with the note “This post has been edited by Bilal ( Aug 16 2009, 11:25 PM.” Islam4UK has been linked to one in seven terrorist convictions in the UK. It is an organization that creates fanatics and hate mongers prepared to kill for their cause. Notably, Islam4UK has posted an “invitation” to the EDL on its website, saying “we are aware of your demonstrations against our aspirations to transform Britain into an Islamic State,” and inviting the organization for a civil discussion.

That would be a mistake. Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion accepted an invitation to an event that turned out to be run by Islam4UK, and some of its members had begun harassing the opposition before that civil debate had a chance to begin. One of Murray’s friends was also assaulted [video].

The threat against Mr. Ray is clear. It has been issued by someone who is apparently a member of an extremist organization, with significant links to terrorism, and it should be investigated by the UK authorities, to the fullest extent of the law.

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    The apostasy (falling away) from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, perhaps best seen in islam, which denies the deity and sonship of Jesus Christ, as well as His crucifixion, is a necessary precursor to the revealing of Antichrist and his short bloody reign.

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