Father Zachariah Botros, the Sixty Million Dollar Man

Michael Coren and Father Zakariah Botros.

Muslims have identified father Zacharia Botros as the worlds number ONE  enemy of Islam because he tells the truth.   This man has a sixty million dollar price tag on his head in the Islamic world.

Michael Coren with Father Zakariah Botros – Part  1

Michael Coren with Father Zakariah Botros – Part 2

At least this debate can (still)  happen in Canada.

* Courtesy of Vlad Tepes

3 thoughts on “Father Zachariah Botros, the Sixty Million Dollar Man”

  1. Botros is right that Islam went back to the legalism of
    Judaism and also many christian denominations did.
    Of the three religions islam is the most political one,
    the reason why all three can’t survive in Tribulation
    is that they draw wrong conclusions concerning YHWH;
    no sole oneness, no separatism, no family or trinity
    theories which are all falling short of describing the
    Being of YHWH. “religious systems” wont save you;
    it is personal faith & relationship with Yahweh through
    his Spirit in Yeshuwa covered by his Angel under his Glory.

  2. Father Botros is so right when he answers Michael Coren’s question of : ” You’re saying all Muslims aren’t peaceful?”
    He answers “Muslims pretend to be nice people. Yes, there are nice Muslims, the moderate ones. But they are not the true Muslims. The moderate Muslims, when Islam takes over everything…’when they have the upper hand’, then they become True Muslims, just like everyone else. That’s the way it is!”

    Islamic history has proven this. Is this Islamic History being taught in our schools and universities? NOT! They are teaching “the pretend” version of Islam.
    Once Islam has taken over then everybody who was moderate suddenly comes out of the woodwork and says “look, our dream has come true and we didn’t have to fight the Lesser Jihad…we did it with our peacefulness and everyone fell for it”.
    If that weren’t the case then how come these moderate Muslims who are so down on Shari’ah Law and claim they don’t want to see it here…that they would rather see democracy rule…how come they are still Muslims? Why haven’t they left the ideology behind? They still attend their mosques, pray their daily prayers, and tell us that they aren’t violent muslims…that the radical muslims are just a minority.
    That is true. The radicals are a minority. But look what has happened to those countries that have been taken over by Islamic law.
    We need more Father Botros’ in this world.
    I wish he would come to Canada and live here permanently. He deserves some form of protection from persecution.
    Six million dollars is a lot of money.

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