Hundreds of protesters face-off at anti-Islamic demonstration


More than 2,000 people were protesting in political demonstrations in Manchester this afternoon.

Anti-Islamic protesters from the  English Defence League (EDL) were involved in a face-off with counter-campaigners from Unite Against Fascism (UAF)  at the city’s Piccadilly Gardens.

A line of police officers, dogs and mounted police separated the two groups. Police said 30 people had been arrested on suspicion of public order offences, including one on suspicion of carrying a weapon.

Update: See this poster about sharia law?


    Look where it ends up:

58605478Pamela has more:

Anti-Islamisation Demonstrators Confronted by Fascists

They arrest Brits fighting for their nation, their country, their way of life, they get arrested. But traitorous scum get the royal treatment.

No surprises here: the Manchester police is in the pocket of the Islamists:


Vlad Tepes has more here

Islam In Action covers it too

article-1219446-06C5E004000005DC-552_468x317Members of the right-wing English Defence League brandished a Union flag as they goaded protesters from Unite Against Fascism

Police issued a stern message to troublemakers. Chief Superintendent Gerry Donnellan said: ‘If people come to Manchester to protest they are legally entitled to do so.

‘As soon as they step over the line between lawful protest then we will be taking positive action against those individuals.

* Authorities are still trying to get away with labeling opposition to sharia  “racist”:

‘If you are going to come to Manchester and think you can get away with shouting racist, inflammatory remarks, you can expect us to respond.’
Chf Supt Donnellan said there would be a ‘significant spotting operation’ for known troublemakers with back-up from CCTV.

The UAF had earlier indicated that they planned to occupy Piccadilly Gardens to ‘keep the EDL out’.

EDL demonstrators had planned to meet there at 5pm for an address by an ‘expert speaker’, followed by a two-minute silence for soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They planned to sing the national anthem.

EDL Manchester

The organisation denies it is racist. In a statement on its website it says it is a ‘multi-ethnic, multi-faith organisation’.

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4 thoughts on “Hundreds of protesters face-off at anti-Islamic demonstration”

  1. The UAF are the real fascists and should be banned. Every peaceful protest by the EDL is subjected to nazi chants by the fascist UAF.

  2. In attendence at EDL a black guy is clearly visible.

    Radio 4s Sunday programme 11/10/09, the EDL played a blinder when asked to send a spokesman for the BBC to interview.
    The EDL sent one of their black members!

    SIOE Demo coming up December!

  3. Some of the comments on The Times article are very good, and one of the sites Pamela linked to quotes one of them:

    “Laura Roberts wrote:
    Hardly a surprise. It’s the start of Rivers of Blood.

    I abhor racism: and that means racism from ALL sides. If you continue to impose one incoming race’s laws and preferences on the indigenous people of a country, you are going to create massive turmoil, disruption, antagonism, anger, resentment and confusion.

    I have lived around the world. I know of no other country that welcomes foreigners into it that hate it with a venom. I know of no other country that destroys it’s own culture, traditions, values and everything that makes it that particular country, as we do when we try to change it to suit incomers. I know of no other country embarrassed of it’s own flag, where any patriotism that on the one hand we are urged to celebrate is slammed as racism at other times.

    When I have lived around the world, I rejoice in their cultures and their pride for their country, heritage and customs. I modify my behaviour to theirs and even when I have to cover my head, or take off my shoes, or have to be escorted because a lone woman out and about is not permitted I do so unquestioningly so, and I honour their rules.

    I know of no other country on earth that diminishes it’s own culture and gives in to the demands of visitors and newcomers that we must adapt to them, rather than the other way round. They would not do the same in their country.

    And so we have a growing anger, sometimes irrational and extreme, but mostly highly rational and deserved, and it will only get worse until the traditions and culture of Britain is restored and celebrated, just as other countries do with theirs.

    Failure to do so will result in carnage.
    October 10, 2009 6:15 PM BST
    RECOMMEND? (348)”

  4. “I abhor racism: and that means racism from ALL sides”.

    You see! That is what gets me about this whole affair.
    Islam is not a race. It is a religionideology. It is more cult than anything else so how can they arrest 90 people, probably all “Patriots”, as racists. It’s beyond me and it exemplifies the Islamophobic attitude of the UK judiciary.

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