Iran: Suicide Bomber Exports Revolutionary Guards to the Virgins, 30 Roasted…

Iran blames “Great Satan” –(the US) Blame for Israel (little Satan) to follow…

The attack was one of the largest in recent years on the Revolutionary Guard.

A suicide bomber killed six senior Revolutionary Guards commanders and 23 other people in one of the boldest attacks on Iran’s most powerful military institution.

The attack, in the country’s turbulent southeast, comes as Iranian officials are due to meet their Western counterparts in a sensitive second round of negotiations in Vienna on Monday intended to resolve a standoff with the West about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Breitbart has more>>

The Revolutionary Guards pointed the finger at US involvement. ”Surely foreign elements, particularly those linked to the global arrogance, were involved in this attack,” a Guards statement quoted by television said. Iran often uses the term ”global arrogance” to refer to the US, its old foe.

State TV also singled out Britain. ”Some informed sources said the British government was directly involved in the terrorist attack … by organising, supplying equipment and employing professional terrorists,” it said.

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  1. Good! the more the merrier. These stone age minds are going to run around in ever decreasing circles and we know where that ends up.

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