Maldives goes under water… for the jiziya!

Nothing to do with facts…it’s  all about  the cash.

The facts behind the Maldives stunt

Mohammedans are rather crafty and inventive when it comes to fleecing the infidels. And the idiocy combined with complete ignorance among gullible Western leaders is a bottomless pit:

Andrew Bolt

maldivesMohammed Nasheed, PM of the Maldives which just  introduced sharia law.

The Maldives have already introduced  public flogging. Earlier, a  law was passed that denies citizenship to non-Muslims. But it appears that this was not enough – some have complained that the revised penal code – which gives priority to Sharia – does not include amputations for theft and death for apostates. Islamization Watch has more…

Maldives: Misunderstanders of Islam call for amputation for …

Maldives doesn’t respect Infidel Laws… — Winds Of Jihad By …

Nils-Axel Morner, one of the world’s greatest authorities on sea levels, writes in dismay to Mohamed Nasheed, president of the Maldives, who last week held a meeting of his Cabinet underwater to hype the risks he says his country faces from global warming.

Mr. President,

You have recently held an undersea Cabinet meeting to raise awareness of the idea that global sea level is rising and hence threatens to drown the Maldives. This proposition is not founded in observational facts and true scientific judgments…  Read it all, here

For good measure, the Saudi fat cats also want to make sure the jiziya keeps coming, once the oil runs out:

The Saudi Pension Plan

Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia Wants To Make Sure Western Welfare Will Be Waiting

The Saudis — the skimming-off-the-top gang known as the Al-Saud family, and their courtiers, and the government itself — have more than a trillion dollars squirreled away for their Rainy Day Fund. And they will continue to receive, far into the future, hundreds of billions every year. But their proleptic squealing is quite something to behold.

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  1. Global warming is a scam perpetrated by the usurpers of power in the world.
    Watch this video and you’ll see the truth behind the deception that Obama is about to sign in Copenhagen.
    This is a rebuttal to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” by Lord Christopher Monckton.

    He is rather humorous in his presentation and, being an environmental scientist, “he has all of his ducks all in a row”.
    You will want to download the Power Point Presentation here:
    The graphs etc. didn’t show up in the video.
    All US citizens should watch this video and write their members of Con-gress before they lose all of their freedoms.

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