Multiculturalism Has Destroyed the British Police

by Paul Weston/ Gates of Vienna

Paul Weston has done some extensive research on the current state of British law enforcement, and the result is not encouraging. His report is below.

A quick glance at the Metropolitan Police Authority recruitment targets for 2009-10 reveals the liberal insanity that has taken over this pitiful Island. 27% of all new police recruits must be “black and minority ethnic” (BME) and 41% must be female.

z13928992Policing Muslimahs in Londonistan

West Midlands Police Authority has seized upon such directives with glee. What would once have been called racial and sexual discrimination against white males is now called Positive Action, which is why the police are able to recruit black and ethnic minorities in far higher percentage terms than their population warrants.

White males will account for a mere 30% of new Metropolitan Police recruits over the next three years, but unfortunately for the powers that be, it is still white males who overwhelmingly apply to join. The result is that they are simply turned away, and the reason given, with no hint of hypocrisy or shame, is because they are white. In 2006, two thirds of white males were turned down for interview by Gloucester Police, whilst every single ethnic minority and female was accepted (for interview).  More from the Gates of Vienna

alidezai150606_228x264Corrupt Muslim Police


Britain’s Police Force Being Destroyed under Waves of Mad PC Nonsense

Britain’s once-proud police force has been reduced to a politically correct shambles with orders to recruit Gypsies and not to arrest extremist Muslims “in case they become more extreme.” The latest moves to cripple effective policing in this country have come in the form of two directives in as many days.

The first outrageous directive, drawn up by the Government’s counter-terrorism board, will be sent to all police forces later this year. It says that police must not charge Muslim extremists in many hate crime cases “to stop them becoming more militant.”

The Baron has a lot more, here>>

8 thoughts on “Multiculturalism Has Destroyed the British Police”

  1. “not to arrest extremist Muslims “in case they become more extreme”

    But they can deal severely with people putting recyclable materials in
    their wheelies…

  2. They need to be sued for racial discrimination. This is apartheid, no two ways about it.

  3. Congrats to this website and Paul Weston for exposing this pathetic practise. I left the UK before Tony Blair and the Labout Prolitariat destroyed what was left of the country. Here in Calgary, Alberta, over 200 former UK police officers now serve in our city force. Another 600 have gone to Australia (NSW) and more are leaving all the time. When even our coppers are beating it, you know the UK is in big trouble.

  4. “In 2006, two thirds of white males were turned down for interview by Gloucester Police, whilst every single ethnic minority and female was accepted (for interview). ”

    How did Gloucester Police know the applicants were white or not before their interview?

  5. We Australians have less trouble with PC than England . What is PC ? An ideology based on thought controll and reverse racism …………………What is a Politicaly Correct domestic ? A black lady bashing up her white husband ……………….. Where is The Worlds’ first Politicaly Holocaust ? Zimbabwe …………. It is not ilegal to be white …….. yet .

  6. The police in Britain no longer do “crime”. Their objectives

    1. Detect motoring offences to generate revenue for the ruling class.

    2. Protect the ruling class.

    3. Job creation in the public sector for political or vote gathering purposes.

    In essence, the entire system in the UK is now corrupt, as both the police and judiciary are corrupt at a fundamental level.

  7. Britain is on a very slippery slope going downhill fast..I think it will get so bad that the people will revolt, and there will be a civil war in Britain..what a tragedy! deportation is the only answer!

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