Muslim debunks "dark ages" myth

Muslim Association of Britain

To be taken with a grain of salt:

the good professor is the same guy that brought us “1001 Inventions”, an exercise in exaggerations and inflated Muselmanic claims that have no basis in reality.

A leading British engineer has been granted Fellowship of the British Science Association for his work to promote the scientific and technological achievements within Muslim cultures. Professor Salim T S Al-Hassani, of Manchester University, has spent the last two decades debunking the myth of “The Dark Ages” by raising awareness of the scientific achievements that took place in India, China, Muslim Spain and the Middle East between the 7th and 17th centuries.

“The period between the 7th and 17th centuries, that has been erroneously labeled ‘The Dark Ages’ was in fact a time of exceptional scientific and cultural advancement in China, India, the Arab world and Southern Europe. This is the period in history that gave us the first manned flight, huge advances in engineering, the development of robotics and the foundations of modern mathematics, chemistry and physics”.

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6 thoughts on “Muslim debunks "dark ages" myth”

  1. Islam did contribute… to psychiatry.
    Without Islamic ideology we wouldn’t have such a good understanding of psychopathology and schizophrenia, would we.

  2. Al Hassani is NOT a leading British Engineer. Almost all of his claims are easily debunked – before trusting his rubbish research the topics yourself – you will find that he is basically a liar.

  3. Al Hassini is an expert in decommission of off-shore rigs and associated accident analysis and review. – I do not consider him a leading British engineer and he is not a leading scientist in any field. That he is a very capable engineer is beyond question – that he deserves admittance to the Royal Society should be questioned. Perhaps the Royal Society is not what it used to be, sullied now by undeserved political appointments given by Labor Peers.

  4. kaw, that’s where you come in:

    Whatever you know, please post the links.

    We cannot serve you everything on a silver platter, if you help yourself, you help us.

    This goes for all our posters: please help us to debunk our detractors, not simply by letting off steam, but by steadfastly proving them wrong.

    Usually it doesn’t take much to do that. If you need help, let me know!

  5. Good – I will be send a referenced document discussing these claims – it will take a couple of weeks – I agree fully with the Sheik – this site provides a useful forum to dispute claims made by the muslim world (due to it’s relatively large reading audience) that are false – however to do so requires proper discussion etc. I will also add support to the Sheiks second last comment – simply letting off steam might help the individual but it doesn’t help the cause.

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