Philippine flag to get a ninth ray for Muslims

By Creeping Sharia

imagesAdditional rays against jihad? Folks, if that doesn’t work, what will?

Opening sharia courts hasn’t helped. In fact a sharia court judge has already been whacked. Don’t anticipate this capitulation to do anything but embolden the jihad.

A BICAMERAL committee on Tuesday approved the addition of a ninth ray to the sun in the Philippine flag to represent Muslims who also fought against foreign invaders.

The current eight rays represent areas that revolted against the Spanish regime, namely, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Manila.

In a statement, Senator Richard J. Gordon, main author of Senate Bill (SB) 3307, said the proposed law “would foster greater unity among Filipinos regardless of religion.”

“We are a country that has had a conflict with our Muslim brothers for the last so many decades. I think this is a big step towards reuniting our country, recognizing the contributions of our fellow countrymen, the Filipino Muslims. We should recognize their deeds in our country,” he said in a statement.

* Hmm, lets see if we can find some  contributions from our “Muslim brothers” on this list: kidnapping, arson, assassinations, bombing of churches, terror attacks on Christian villages, rape of infidel women… did I leave anything out?

via BusinessWorld Online: Philippine flag set to have ninth ray for Muslims.

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  1. They are not comparing like with like.

    ‘The current eight rays represent AREAS that revolted against the Spanish regime…’

    What area is Muslim? What geography is Islam?

    Why the special treatment?

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