Scum: the sick Islamic bastard who terrorized diggers widows with vicious letters

0,,6426634,00Muslim ‘cleric’ Sheik Haron  sent hate mail to Australian war widows

pic.phpThe filthy websites of this sick PoS have now been deactivated. What does it take to get rid of him altogether? How did he get to settle in Australia, behind, what he perceives to be, enemy lines? Does he have an Australian passport? How did he get it? Did he commit perjury by swearing allegiance to the the crown or to the Australian people?

The inevitable result of allowing Islamic dreck in human form to settle among us:

The Daily Telegraph

Sick Sheik allegedly taunts Diggers’ widows with vicious letters

THEY are young Australians who paid the ultimate price, losing their lives at war – but now their families have allegedly been targeted by self-styled Muslim cleric Sheik Haron in an anti-war campaign.


Finally, after an alleged two-year letter-writing spree that has devastated the families of seven Diggers who died in Afghanistan, Haron faces criminal charges, The Daily Telegraph reports.

In the letters he allegedly wrote to grieving parents and wives of the Diggers – one addressed to a widow, care of a funeral home – he apparently accused some of the dead Australian soldiers of being “criminals”, “killers” and “murderers” fighting a war of invasion.

Haron has penned letters to the families of Michael Fussell, Gregory Sher, Mathew Hopkins, Brett Till, Jason Marks, Luke Worsley and Benjamin Ranaudo.

One of Haron’s letters was allegedly hand-delivered to Brett Till’s widow Breeanna at his funeral.

Counter-terrorism police arrested Haron, 45, – an Iranian-born immigrant who claims to be a Muslim spiritual leader – at his Croydon Park home on Tuesday.

Sydney’s Joint Counter Terrorism Team, comprising Australian Federal Police and NSW Police, also visited two other addresses, at Campsie and Green Valley.

Haron was charged on Tuesday night with seven counts of “using a postal service or similar service to menace, harass, or cause offence” and was granted bail to appear in court next month.

Yesterday, he told The Daily Telegraph he would fight the charges and was seeking legal advice.

“I was in the custody of the AFP for a while, a few hours … then I was released. I believed that I am innocent, of course. Later I can explain everything.”

Haron has posted the letters he allegedly sent on a website attributed to him.

In a letter to Gregory Sher’s family, he allegedly wrote: “I feel bad that you have lost your son but I don’t feel bad that a murderer of innocent civilians has lost his life.”

Sher family friend Ben Hirsh said he was aware a number of grieving families had allegedly received anti-war letters.

“Getting any anti-war letters is disgusting,” he said.

Private Luke Worsley’s father John said: “You have just got the news of the loss of your son and then this happens.”

12 thoughts on “Scum: the sick Islamic bastard who terrorized diggers widows with vicious letters”

  1. This useless piece of shit should be strung up by his balls. I bet this piece of islamic cowardice would never be game to try the same sort of crap on any of our soldiers.

    I have the greatest respect for our boys who have been to these detestible countries to try to provide a better life for the pitiful inhabitants & this is the thanks they get?

    Sorry for the language, folks, I get a bit pissed at this sort of thing…

  2. Rossco,
    Write a letter to Krudd requesting that after judicial proceedings are completed the thug is deported if found guilty. How about we put together a petition to the removal of this person from Oz.

  3. How did this bastard get into the country in the first place. I’ll bet the prick is on the dole with 6 kids and a few wives. When is the big backlash coming to insist all these useless swine are immediately deported with all their relatives. Failing deportation drown him in pig shit.

  4. The west is not treating this war seriously.

    Imagine some nut-case spouting pro-nazi propaganda in England during WW2….

  5. “behind, what he perceives to be, enemy lines”

    But isn’t it dar al-Harb wherever they go?
    They’re all a bunchof sick bastards and they should all be sent to Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever they’ll fit in with their own crowd.
    The Muslim Brotherhyood’s agenda is to take over the country of occupation. So why does our government allow these thugs in? Because they’re stupid a-holes!

  6. On a different note , I am sure all Aussie readers will be shocked to know that the Afghan who planned to blow up a nuclear reactor in Sydney is still wending his way thru the NZ courts..I had wondered what had happened to seems very little. I don’t think he was even charged. The immigration dept is still trying to have his refugee status overturned. There is very little in the media about this terrorist.
    Write to our politicians and your own…NZ should be getting a blast for this situation.

  7. This is of all one piece with those islamic fanatics whose protests at the Anglian regiment returning from Iraq.

    I think we should get involved in more Muslim countries. We must bring the blessings of liberal democracy – toleatrnce above all, tolerance of homosexuals, feminism etc to all Muslim countries. This has to be our mission – to bring the message of Enlightenment to the Islamic world.

  8. Let us hope that the judiciary show some intestinal fortitude and throw the book at this piece of filth. Then deport the furry faced freak!

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