Sex on welfare

Resisting Shariah, Oz Style

Keysar wants  to spread your wealth around…

The president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia brightened my day and rocked the world of all those dudes with way too much lovin’ to give yesterday thanks to this long, rambling and kind of one-sided argument in favour of Allah-approved polygamy.

Trad, how would y’all feel about dropping the legal age of marriage and its consummation – for chicks, at least – to nine? Like they have in Yemen? Surely the imams of Yemen couldn’t be wrong about that could they?

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2nat_trad,0Keysar & brood…

Full judgment from the NSW Supreme Court in Trad’s defamation case against  Harbour radio


Other Mohammedan exploits:

Polemics of polygamy

Although permitted in the Quran, there are two different views on the practice, men are generally in agreement but most women are not in favour of it.

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6 thoughts on “Sex on welfare”

  1. There is method in Keysar Trad’s madness.

    His Social Security payments must be drying up as his eldest children reach maturity and no longer qualify for handouts of our tax monies.

    After bearing 9 children to the #@*$er (insert KRudd’s ‘robust’ language), Mrs Trad’s body probably does not excite the disgusting little man anymore. She has outlasted her usefulness.

    So – another wife, another brood.

    A guaranteed Social Security bonanza to allow the Trad to live to a ripe old age, on dole money. As befits a bigamist.

    And, when he reaches his 70s, another young chick to continue the breeding process.

    Smart man, our Keysar!

  2. Actaully the SMH seems to be taking the piss out of the moron – so Oz – send trad back to Lebanon – he sure aint Australian!!!!!

  3. Is bigamy still a crime in Aussie? Our welfare minister in NZ is saying she is going to cut 177,000 benefits in August. Here is hoping she starts with all the muslims who are working and collecting benefits but they will probably be untouchable as they are in health spending cuts..couldn’t stop the breeding machines could we. It is amazing how quickly they become untouchable in western countries. I suppose if you threaten people directly or indirectly all the time at the same time as constantly telling the world how special you are , you get to get your own way. Childish really..what is it the old fashioned parents say..if you don’t sort the child out when he is two , you’ll always have problems with him. So many Westeners give in to their tantrums.

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