Watch out where the huskies go…

Contaminated Pears from Turkey


Pears imported from Turkey are heavily contaminated with Amitraz, an insecticide. In some tests the amount of poison exceeded the tolerable amount 1500 times.


Too Dirty:

50 % of Kebab shops in Germany are unsanitary, the equipment dirty, personnel untrained in hygiene, and the meat is often found to be past the use-by date. Source

Toronto: Muslim employee inserts needles in pork sausages

H/T Atlas: Poisoning food with feces is detailed as a tactic in the Al-Qaeda manual found a few years ago by British intelligence. If feces are acceptable for such use, why not needles? It would be interesting to know if Mastoora Qezil singled out pork products, but the story of course doesn’t tell us.

Ont. grocery store sees 2nd meat tampering incident

Mastoora Qezil, 42, was charged with one count of common nuisance in the matter.

Qezil later pleaded guilty to the charge and according to a report in theGuelph Mercury, she is due to be sentenced later this month.   More


All not kosher in halal slaughterhouse in Illinois: FBI raids with 100 agents, cops, 50 govt vehicles, helicopter, more

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  1. Another nice little earner in Britain … “Briton” Mohammed Patel staged car accidents for 500 pounds a pop:

    LONDON (Reuters) – A Briton who cost the insurance industry
    some 1.6 million pounds by staging almost 100 car crashes as part
    of a scam to win fraudulent payouts, was jailed for 4-1/2 years on

    Mohammed Patel, 24, charged 500 pounds a time to stage accidents which enabled fraudsters to claim an average of 17,000 pounds from their insurers. …

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