Sudden Outbreak of "Islamophobia" After Muslim Psycho-Killer Mows Down Fellow Soldiers

Spin, spin, spin….

Tim Blair:

Thursday’s deadly rampage raises a red flag over the issue of combat stress …

The most common disorder linked to combat stress is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can develop after exposure to one or more traumatic events that threatened or caused great physical harm.

Except that Major Nidal Malik Hasan never saw a single minute of combat; any stress he suffered was pre-traumatic. The Guardian has another diagnosis:

Hasan did not fit the classic pattern of a stressed soldier. But someone listening day after day to troops describing the tension and carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan could end up as damaged as those facing combat at first hand.

There you have it. Poor Hasan, who shot a teenage girl in the back, was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder by proxy.

Spinning madly:

H/T ZIP/NPR -the far left- Nation:

It should be understood that to assume a follower of Islam who engages in violence is a jihadist is every bit as absurd to assume that every follower of Christianity who attacks others is a crusader. The calculus makes no sense, and is rooted in a bigotry that everyone from George W. Bush to Pope Benedict XVI has condemned.

But that did not stop right-wing web sites from exploding with incendiary speculation about a “Jihad at Fort Hood?” and a “Terrorist Incident in Texas.”

Fox News host Shepard Smith asked Senator Hutchison on air: “The name tells us a lot, does it not, senator?”

Hutchinson’s response? “It does. It does, Shepard.”

Neither Smith nor Hutchison had any information to suggest that Major Hasan’s name offered even the slightest shred of information regarding the incident at Fort Hood.

What could Hutchinson have said that might have been more responsible response?   More>>

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Shooter shouted ‘Alahu ackbar’ as he killed people at Hood

The fact that Dr. Major Hasan shouted the usual Arabic phrase which has come to mean ‘you are all going to die now’ is likely no surprise to anyone. What probably should concern us all a lot more than the actual event, is that an eye witness to this was afraid of losing her job with the military for actually reporting it. How please, did we get to the point where telling the truth meant losing your job? How did Islam become so protected, that reporting the words of the killer as he did his best to slaughter all his coworkers is a crime and a firing offense?

Fort Hood jihad shooter was disciplined for Islamic proselytizing

CAIR has been working overtime (they’re quoted in this article also), and the “Muslims fear backlash” victimhood machine is in high gear. No one, of course, is questioning whether there might be any connection between this man’s devoutly held Islam and the massacre today. After all, how could there be any such connection? Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢!

“Massacre Leaves 12 Dead At Fort Hood,” by Kevin Whitelaw for NPR, November 5 (thanks to JW):

[…] The motive behind the shootings was not immediately clear, officials said….

Nothing can be made clear to those who do not wish to see.

A source tells NPR’s Joseph Shapiro that Hasan was put on probation early in his postgraduate work at the Uniformed Service University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He was disciplined for proselytizing about his Muslim faith with patients and colleagues, according to the source, who worked with him at the time.

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  1. Washington Post, once acclaimed for its investigative reporting but now a hollow shell of a newspaper, is going flat out blogging about whether the latest allah-mandated killing is about Islam or Islamophobia:

    The poor victim…

    This about Islam or Islamophobia?

    As we all struggle to make sense of the terrible events at Fort Hood, it is all too easy to blame a particular religion or a particular ethnic background. No doubt, certain pundits will have a field day, using this tragedy to proclaim yet again that Islam is a terrorist religion and Muslims or Arabs are violent and not to be trusted. Those who have more a favorable view of Islam and Muslims will realize that the shootings do not reflect Islamic teachings and that the vast majority of American Muslims are appalled at such violence.

    Until we know more about Maj. Nidal’s motives we should not jump to conclusions, and certainly we should not declare that he had religious/political motivations simply because he was Muslim.

    The shootings at Fort Hood raise many questions. Major Nidal complained of being treated poorly by fellow soldiers because he was Muslim. It got bad enough, according to a New York Times article, that he hired a lawyer to seek to end his military career early. This request was denied, and he remained in the military. How severely did Islamophobic treatment by the very people he was trying to serve impact Maj. Hasan? How did the army’s refusal to let him end his service early, even though he agreed to pay off the cost of his education, affect his feelings about the army? What kind of stresses are Muslim soldiers placed under when they are deployed to areas where they are killing fellow Muslims, and perhaps people of similar ethnic background? Is the army taking extra precautions to deal with the additional stresses these soldiers are under? …

  2. Malik Hasan is a miserable muslim coward . There is NO excuse for what he did.
    The death penatly is required for what this muslim pig has just done. Hear that Obama – you are bending over to accomodate CAIR and other terrorists – be a man and stand up for your country – you might be President but you have not deserved this honor!!!

  3. KAW

    The death penalty – yes if he is a traitor to the USA.

    However, let us c0ncede that he is a soldier of allah acting on behalf the Ummah. Then he should be treated as a prisoner of war, and that would save his neck. I would along with that if the US and its allies conceded that we were at war with Islam. As that is unlikely, the best option is execution for acting on behalf of the enemy at a time of war.

  4. As a matter of interest, actually quite some interest. What was on the shopping list of Hassan? He seems to perusing the shelves showing considerable interest. What items was he looking for?

  5. I am sick and tired of the ‘muslims fear a backlash’ crap.

    While they work towards establishing sharia laws, or just cower in fear over their jihadists while supporting it with their zakat (muslim charity) – it is just sickening.

    And then we allow over 35 compounds around the USA to let these creeps train in their jihad. We let them vote in their creeps (yes, the muslim congressman, Ellison, is associated with CAIR a Muslim Brotherhood front group) and now they want a muslim USA judge appointed. While they do not believe in the basic precepts of our country’s law they keep on infiltrating because we are afraid to look at them harshly.

    Their ‘religion’ is not a religion but an ideology of sedition, hatred and murder. And we are labeled the hateful ones because we tell people what their ‘religion’ says.

    Read ‘Muslim Mafia’ and you will know this Major came from a very radical area of the country where CAIR resides and many other Muslim Brotherhood people/groups reside. He basically wanted free training from our government but was not willing to honor the contract that he signed before he got the free training to serve for ‘x’ amount of years afterwards for the USA. This guy had no intention of serving that is why all the excuses and the lawyers to start proceedings to try to get out early. He wanted to appear like he tried to serve, but had no intention and was trying to make everyone else look bad by claiming he was harassed.

    He wasn’t harassed and everyone around him knows it. He had no PTSD – unless his mommy didn’t give him enough teat when he was a baby and he was stressed out about it just like his perverted prophet was.

  6. KAW, they won’t give him the death penalty – mark my words. Our military and government are afraid of touching the guy. he should be shot with pig’s urine coating the bullets, or hung with a rope soaked in pig’s urine. Then buried under a pig sty.

  7. I almost forgot one thing about this phantom mental illness of this Major – PTSD. He wasn’t even going to Iraq to kill anyone – he was going there to be a DOCTOR! They don’t put doctors out in the kill zones.

    Our mainstream medias are failing us as is our military and our politicians. Sometimes I think I see where they might be getting it then something like this happens and they put the likes of CAIR on TV – CAIR! Of all people – terrorists to tell us that this guy was not a terrorist and not killing for their suck god. He shouted ‘allahu akbar’ which means ISLAMIC TERRORIST – MUSLIM TERRORIST TRYING TO DIE WHILE MURDERING FOR A DUMB goat of a god.

  8. It’s like saying he caught Downs Syndrome after talking to a Downs sufferer.
    Please America get this SOB as healthy as possible, make him believe that he has his entire life ahead of him , make him think he has been saved by his President & Democrat apologists , make this Satanic sack of shit think America fell for his Religions Bull Shit, then simply shoot the bastard dead, the same way he slaughtered 12 of Americas Finest without a second thought.
    Islam IS what Islam Does, show me one GOOD thing Begat by Satans “Religion of Peace”

  9. DP111,
    When he put on an American uniform he took an oath to serve the USA and protect its citizens. In any court of law this overrides his religious convictions. He broke his oath (a traitor), he murdered for his religion (a capital crime). The best result is his execution and an official declaration that we are at war with islam. In the present PC climate neither are likely.

  10. * the “Muslims fear backlash” victimhood machine is in high gear

    Part of something I posted earlier on Doctor Bulldog:

    (search muslims backlash) – plenty of backlashophobia

    “Another attack leaves US Muslims fearing backlash”

    “Muslims decry killings, brace for backlash‎”

    “Muslim groups fear backlash after Fort Hood shooting – Yahoo! News”

    “Another attack leaves US Muslims fearing backlash – Yahoo! News”

    “Some Muslims fear backlash after Fort Hood shooting | U.S. | Reuters”

    “AP: “Anti-Muslim Backlash Immediate” — but offers not even one …”

    “Mosques Up Security in Wake of Ft. Hood – CBS News
    6 Nov 2009 … And so we witness the strange phenomenon of stories of Muslims fearing a backlash far outnumbering actual incidents of backlash. …”

    “Barack Obama calls for calm as Muslim community voices fears of Fort Hood …
    Daily Mail – ‎3 hours ago‎
    He spoke of their diversity in a move to calm any anti-Muslim backlash to the killings. Major Hasan was reported to have shouted Allahu Akbar, …”

    “Fearing backlash, South Asian bodies in US appeal for harmony”

    “Muslims decry killings, brace for backlash”

    “Upstate Muslims Fear Backlash In Fort Hood Shootings”

    One day, the backlash that muslims simultaneously provoke and fear will come, when the civilized world collectively snaps as a result of years of islamic atrocities inflicted upon it.

  11. Perhaps this Misunderstander of Islam could try the “Twinkie” defence at his court martial. What he really needed was a sugar fix and was really crying out “Hello Snack-bar!” and shot anyone who go in his way.

  12. I would like for the Author of, JOIN THE DISCUSSION, to read the long winded nonsense he wrote. (or she) IF OUR COMMENTS ANNOY YOU? What if your babble annoyed US?

    Dear LORD!!! It was hard to read your wall of text. NOW…STOP and CONSIDER what you wrote.. “Take a deep breath before you post, try to make some sense, do not just vent, do not make a fool of yourself and if you prove us wrong you can earn 10 Islamic dollars for your piggy bank. Deal?”

    #1. I want those ten dollars in quarters, as my dime piggy is full.
    #2. I and I am sure all who read your wall of text would appreciate it if the editor of this site would proof read your wall of text and MAKE IT EASIER to read. Thank you very much!

    “Yes, we know that only idiots oppose Islam and sensible people submit, but you should know that we are ignorant bigots, hypocrites and Islamophobes, and we prefer to remain that way…”

    OK, Now read what YOU wrote above. TOO funny!!!



  13. “Backlash” in Londonistan?

    London, Nov 10 (PTI) Investigation into two alleged racist attacks on Asian students outside a London university has commenced, police said today.

    On Friday, around 30 youths, both white and black, confronted Asian students near City University in Islington, central London and attacked them with metal poles, bricks and sticks.


    The Federation of Student Islamic Societies, an Islamic student group said, “The mob assault was the culmination of a series of attacks.

  14. I think that the amount of baiting/winding up that muslims, immature ones, mete out in the UK has caused this as a retaliation, but that’s got nothing to do with islam, anymore than the baiting/winding up that you can see on the website of Stop The Islmification Of Europe where there’s film of a muslim demo in Harrow baiting/winding up the Police this time. Nothing to do with islam.

  15. Any infidel attack on muslim / muslims, no matter how slight, is “racist”, “islamophobic” etc, while any muslim attack on infidel(s), no matter how serious, is nothing to do with islam, but caused by “islamophobia”, “racism”, “the war against islam”, “history of mental illness”, “pre traumatic stress disorder” and the like.

  16. Sudden Outbreak of “Islamophobia” After Muslim Psycho-Killer Mows Down Fellow Soldiers
    Thanks to websites like yours

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