Yesterday in Iran

From the Hopenchangen people at Harry’s PC Place:

“This is what they do in public, just imagine what they do behind the prisons”

Potkin says:

A girl is walking away and a riot guard stops her, she is all alone against the big metal gate, defenseless and not bothering anyone, but an anti-riot guard decides to lash her across the sheens a couple of times with his truncheon. But there is worse to come, another girl is pulled over and this time she is smacked in the face with the truncheon, she is knocked out and when a young man comes to her aid, he too is pulled away and kneed in the face before more women come to their rescue. Also notice the security agent with the camera who is filming the protesters. This is what they do in public, just imagine what they do behind the prisons.

How long can this regime hang on to power?

Khamenei calls on “true Muslims” to express hate for the U.S., the “Great Satan”

Not all were willing to oblige, however. “Brave Iranians ruin hate-U.S. fest,” by Amir Taheri in the New York Post, November 5 (thanks to JW):

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the capture by Khomeinist “students” of the US Embassy in Tehran, triggering the 444-day hostage crisis. More>>

Obama extends hand to Iran again, Iran spits back again

But hey, if it didn’t work the first hundred times, there’s always hope for the 101st.

“Obama calls for new relationship with Iran on anniversay [sic] of embassy takeover,” by Michael Muskal for the Los Angeles Times, November 4: Jihad Watch


3 thoughts on “Yesterday in Iran”

  1. I see the Iranian pussy patrol is out again.

    Their favourite targets: women and the defenseless.

    Yes, my military gear wearing friend, I am sure your westernized gear makes you feel like a mighty lion, but when you face an equal, like the Squaddie who tackled a suicide bomber, your are not that tough. You will always slink away, like the little kitten you are. Cowards.

  2. Spot on Grace!!! Call to arms – you muslim thugs want to be tough – lets see what you can do against real fighters. NOTHING!!!!

  3. I think we are expecting far too much from Muslim fighters. The entire Muslim world is no match for tiny little Israel.

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