Climate Apes & Jihad Monkeys, Unite!

The loopy left found a new hero:

Osama bin Laden lends support in fight against climate change –

When a terrorist like Bin Laden has the same ideas as our current administration– what does that tell you?

Andrew Bolt

Guardian reader  quotes Chomsky, murders thousands

So from where does Osama bin Laden get some of his whackier ideas about the evils of capitalism?

Bin Laden also appeared to reveal himself to be a Guardian reader when he quoted from the newspaper’s recent interview with US intellectual Noam Chomsky.

Sleepless Wong

WHEN does Penny Wong sleep? According to her Climate Change Department, there are 210,507 documents to help inform or brief her on the government’s emissions trading scheme. /Andrew Bolt

KRudd’s “Australian of the Year” demands: Free asylum seekers!

An arse clown is awarded the Labor Party “Australian of the Year” title, yet a man who has laid his life on the line fighting to protect Australians from those who at every opportunity enunciate their hatred for everything Australia and the Judeo Christian west stand for is called a “Young Australian of the Year”- thanks to AussieNews&Views

“Divine Love” Spiritual leader faces court on rape charge


Mohammad Memar Zadeh, 38, of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order based in Balmain appeared via video link at Central Local Court . (?)    He was charged with aggravated sexual intercourse without consent in December with a woman who was, according to court documents, “under his authority” as spiritual leader of the organisation.

Mohammad Memar Zadeh, 38, of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order based in Balmain appeared via video link (?)   He was refused bail by the magistrate, Jane Culver, and remains in custody.   He did not enter a plea.

2 thoughts on “Climate Apes & Jihad Monkeys, Unite!”

  1. Penny Wong has never answered a climate related question in the senate…NEVER!
    The Australian Of The Year award now pars with the Nobel Peace Prize for joke-worthiness.
    A spiritual leader named Mohammad with sexual issues?:Self explanatory.

  2. Obama has decided to shut down Nasa´s 2020 moon mission + development of new system with goal to travelling to Mars. Obama has just kicked the USA’ s chance of maintaining a lead in higher technology to the bin. That is what you have with a technologically illiterate president who was basically selected by the media.

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