Guilty? It's a badge of honour say Muslim hate mob (and because we're on benefits, the state will pay our costs)

Luton 5 Mock Taxpayers for Having to Pay Their Costs & Fines…

Mail Online

Moslem Parasites Unimpressed With Judge, Fines, Verdict:

The protesters had refused to stand for the judge as she entered and left court. But she yesterday said she did not wish to ‘set a precedent’ by charging them with contempt of court because of this.

A group of Muslim extremists who screamed ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’ at British soldiers went unpunished yesterday – and called their conviction ‘a badge of honour’.

The five were given conditional discharges for shouting ‘baby killers’ and ‘terrorists’ and waving placards at hundreds of soldiers returning from Iraq.  Outside court they were surrounded by a mob of supporters and boasted they would do the same again, saying they wanted to see sharia law in Britain. Read it all/Daily Mail

Islamist group that planned Wootton Bassett hate march banned under terror laws… but defiant leader ‘won’t be silenced’

Tundra Tabloids:

“I can’t stop being a Muslim, I can’t stop propagating Islam, I can’t stop praying, I can’t stop calling for the Sharia. That’s something I must do, and ultimately I will pay whatever price I need to for my belief.


The Bunglawussi sees his “open society threatened”–  from the Guardian (of Muslims)

Banning groups like Islam4UK – repugnant as they undoubtedly are – is not only ineffective, but threatens our open society

Sheik sez: there are means and ways to make it effective.

Mohammedans, the soldiers of Islam, are threatening our open society. This isn’t  about dissent – those involved have no interest in maintaining freedoms or democracy. They are counter-democratic by definition. If they want an Islamic state, then fine, there are plenty to choose from – we have every right to use all means to protect our society from terror and their totalitarian utopia.

5 thoughts on “Guilty? It's a badge of honour say Muslim hate mob (and because we're on benefits, the state will pay our costs)”

  1. This gutless judge has set a precedent alright,what is she or any other judge going to do when it happens again,especially if someone who is not a muslim does it,I see endless trouble coming over this

  2. Isn’t this just a further slap in the face to the long suffering British taxpayers?:

    Hate preacher Anjem Choudary is being given round-the-clock police protection following his controversial threat to march through Wootton Basset, the Daily Mail can reveal.
    Even though the extremist cleric has now called off plans to stage the protest, carrying empty coffins through the town where Britain honours its war dead, he still receives hourly security checks at his East London home.
    Metropolitan police officers have been told to give his protection priority above other local policing jobs such as muggings, theft and foot patrols.
    Officers tasked with carrying out these patrols have privately expressed their fury at being diverted away from what they regard as ‘proper policing’.
    But the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism unit fears a far-Right group may be plotting an attack on the fanatic.

    Those pesky “right-wingers”, eh? Not that we’ve ever had a genuine threat or attack from “right-wingers” in Britain, with the exception of David Copeland, who was actually expelled from the National Front for being too much of a nutcase, quite an achievement given the National Front’s reputation for violence and bully-boy tactics!

    But then again, in the marxist and muslim infested world of modern British politics, anyone who strays, even slightly, from the path of politically correct righteousness is immediately branded a dangerous right winger and possibly put on some watch list or another.

  3. The Official Monster Raving Loony Party would be hard pressed to make dying Britain more of a laughing stock than the current incumbents.
    9/11/09 Law and order proposal

    Superglue unruly teenagers together.As the saying goes if you cant beat them you may as well join em.

    (seems remarkably sane compared to where the British police and ‘justice’ system is now)

  4. Don’t they have any non-believer terminal cancer patients that can make a difference going out? Step up. Put litter in it’s place.

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