Imam lends support to French burqa ban

That’s one imam. Out of how many?

Reader ‘atheist’ demanded that I post this for the sake of being ‘fair and balanced’. So here we are: fair and balanced. The question is: at what a cost did this imam give  Sarkozy his support?  And since there is no central authority in Islam, what is his support worth? As we can see here, an imam who doesn’t subscribe to the hardcore teachings of Islam lives dangerously: Extremists Beat Kosovo Imam in Mitrovica

By Europe Correspondent Emma Alberici/ABC News

An Imam in Paris has given his support for a law against full-face veils and burqas in France.

A Parliamentary Commission in France is about to deliver its findings after a six-month investigation into the religious, cultural and social significance of the more conservative style of dress by Muslim women.

Hassen Chalghoumi, who heads a mosque in a northern suburb of Paris, said women who wanted to cover their faces should move to Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries where that was a tradition.

The report will be handed to the national assembly on Tuesday after which the French Government is likely to pass a law banning clothing that covers the face while they are in public.

President Nicolas Sarkozy supports a ban calling the veils an affront to women’s dignity.

3 thoughts on “Imam lends support to French burqa ban”

  1. One – from hundreds!! Take the story for what it is worth and what impact it will have on the muslim world – nothing, and none.

  2. Why on earth do those on our side want to ban the burqa and the naqib? I would not only allow them, but also make them compulsory for all islamic men, women and children. I’d feel much safer being able to clearly identify these treacherous disciples of the great paedophile at a distance.

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