NZ Under Pressure to Import More Halal Butchers

Perhaps revenge for this: that’s how it started, anyhow:

NZ: Ex-slaughterman’s action threatens meat industry

Jordanian princess to KRudd: “killing without stunning is not necessary under Islamic principles,”

Blackmail: Halal Butcher Ahmed doesn’t want animals stunned before cutting their throats, because that’s not “proper” halal. Only if Muslims do it “correctly”, the cruel practice is acceptable. If its not done ‘correctly’ that means NZ could lose a great deal of its meat exports. Animal cruelty and hygiene doesn’t come into play…. In Europe, the industry has a long history of scandals….

At that time I was asking how much will NZ bend over to please the Mohammedans?

Then came this from the Tundra Tabloids:


Move from halal brings manna for meat firm

And here the latest, H/T Counter Jihad:

“You won’t get our business if you don’t submit to Islam”

Indonesia’s highest authority on Islamic affairs, the Council of Ulema (MUI), has signalled a hard line on imports from New Zealand and other Western nations.

It plans to insist that all imported food labelled as halal is sold only if it has the council’s own halal certification.

Which means: import Muslims and let them control it. Let them settle in what they perceive to be behind enemy lines,  build mosques and madrassas for them and establish Islam….

Islam has religious rules for halal food, including specific requirements for how animals should be slaughtered.

A nice little scam:

MUI’s Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Assessment Institute is the sole issuer of halal certificates for such goods.

Ma’ruf Amin, one of the chairmen of the council, said many products imported from New Zealand – and other Western countries such as the United States and Australia – carried halal labels but the MUI did not always trust their certification standards.

Mr Ma’ruf told the Jakarta Globe the move was intended “to make sure that all products labelled halal are truly halal”.

The announcement is in line with signals Indonesia gave last year that it would no longer recognise the two existing certification authorities in New Zealand, Islamic Meat Management and the Federation of Islamic Associations.

Trade Minister Tim Groser said at the time that the Indonesian plan to ban $100 million of New Zealand beef imports – and potentially $450 million worth of dairy exports – from 2010 required a long-term solution.

Since then, John Key’s Government has announced that the Food Safety Authority will provide oversight for organisations which certify halal meat to “standardise” halal certification.

The oversight may yet be extended to dairy products.


Mid-East princess in plea to Rudd on halal slaughter


Apologies for posting this late, the article is from 02 Nov, 2009 but it seems that not everyone is keen on this halal racket:

THE King of Jordan’s sister has appealed to the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to stop the ritual slaughter of conscious animals for halal meat in Australia, saying it was not necessary under Islamic principles.

Princess Alia bint al-Hussein of Jordan, who is the sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan, said she had written to Mr Rudd saying that any lowering of animal welfare standards in Australia for religious reasons would be a blow to the country’s reputation and undermine progress in the Middle East.

“Contrary to some claims, killing without stunning is not necessary under Islamic principles,” she said.

The Australian standard on ritual slaughter for halal and kosher meat states that animals must first be rendered unconscious by electrical stunning before their throats are cut.

But under a disputed federal guideline, the Government has allowed at least four Victorian abattoirs exemptions to kill without stunning to fulfil Middle Eastern export contracts over the past two years.

“Reducing [Australia’s] standards to permit animals to be slaughtered while fully conscious may meet the personal preferences of a minority but it is not an example that will inspire positive change, nor encourage the acceptance of pre-slaughter stunning in the Middle East,” she said.

The Primary Industries Ministerial Council of federal and state agriculture ministers will meet in Perth on Friday to discuss the issue, but opponents of killing without stunning are concerned exemptions will be allowed to continue or the standard will be changed.

The previous government ordered a review of ritual slaughter in 2007, but the present Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, has not released the review report and is yet to decide on the issue.

Princess Alia said she believed Mr Rudd had a genuine interest in animal welfare and had assisted Jordan with upgrading equipment previously provided by Australia that she considered inhumane at the main abattoir in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

What is halal slaughter?

Other News:

Atlas Exclusive: Diversity and Religious Visas Continue to Increase From Islamic Terror Sponsoring Nations

In other news:

Christmas terror suspect pleads not guilty: a Muslimah is concerned about what his case could mean: It’s the “whole ideology out there that’s radical and misuses a beautiful religion,” she said. “That’s what needs to be dealt with and deterred. … He’s just a small part of it.”

20 thoughts on “NZ Under Pressure to Import More Halal Butchers”

  1. Stop it right here!

    Review all halal practices.
    Become an Australian country again.
    I remember when ‘halal’ slaughter was first introduced. The common ‘chatter’ in the media then was that it would only be small- to cater to the small minority of Mulims. No Worries, Mate!
    Do a ‘bing’ on ‘halal’ in Australia. It is not small. It is a huge industry. We are being fed ‘halal’ food and we do not know it. Businesses do not advertise that fact.
    Wipe out the barbaric practices!!!!!!

  2. “misuses a beautiful religion”

    God will deal with the “beautiful religion” by destroying it, its “god” and its false prophet.

  3. “We are being fed ‘halal’ food and we do not know it.”

    I eat a lot of pork these days, for that reason – to avoid food sacrificed to false gods and idols.

  4. Abu Abdullah,
    Seconds thoughts , Whaleoil puts up a few stories and he is not big on censorship but it is a party political site not an anti jihad site.
    Email the politicans about this as few people will understand it.

  5. Ban halal practises. Carefully heck the goods you buy – for example if Cadburys now claim their chocolate is suitable for consumption by muslim scum (as reported to my by someone) don’t buy any! Simply use the old practice of “shunning”. Any thing to do with muslims and their regressive culture should be completely ignored. It is time to eradicate these muslim parasites and we do not need violence to do so.

  6. I have noticed in the last two or three days that the MSN is reporting Islamic terrorism stories early and no-holes-bared.

    About time I’d say.

    Sheik, you might have done yourself out of a job yet!

    Three years ago you started this site, knowing what we would eventually face. It would be nice to think that it has achieved its aim so soon. As more people become aware, more people will stand up to them and our polititians.

    How do you start up a site like this. I looked at .?..4..?. Is that the way to go?
    I would like to do something special with graphics, that will capture the imagination.

  7. Thanks for that regarding Cadburys, Kaw – a quick search found a long list of “halal products” I will avoid. Most of their range by the looks:

    Halal Products

    Please find below a list of products that have been certified Halal by the Halal Certifying Authority – Australia.

    They have even got the gall to sell Easter / Christmas halal stuff:

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Bunny
    Cadbury Crunchie Bunny
    Cadbury Dream Bunny
    Old Gold Bunny
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs
    Cadbury Crunchie Eggs
    Cadbury Dream Eggs
    Old Gold Eggs
    Cadbury Beanie Characters

    Cadbury Santa
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar

  8. More about Cadbury halal cert on 4BC site, with pics showing the symbol – will check CADbury products for it when in supermarket next:

    Halal certification
    Posted by: Michael Smith | 7 August, 2009 – 1:16 PM

    Many of my listeners have written to me and asked about a new symbol that’s appearing on food and grocery items in Australia.

    I’ve seen it on Cadbury chocolates. […]

    (pics of halal symbol next to recycle symbol on choc bars)

  9. Bega cheese is another one I have been eating, unaware that all its products are halal certified:

    [At Bega Cheese we tailor our products to the specific requirements of individual markets and customers, and ensure that we meet country importation regulations and legal compliance in all regions. And all our products are Halal accredited.]

    I just checked the cheese in my fridge – Mainland, a frund in the frudge for now. No more Bega for me.

  10. Interesting story on the “halal mafia” in New York, claiming the right to operate food stands on the streets, and doing what muslims do to competitors:

    Halal heavies ‘strong-arm’ vendors
    Attack of the gyro-maniacs
    Posted: 2:43 AM, September 8, 2009

    Try to move in on a city food vendor’s turf and there’ll be halal to pay.

    Newcomers to the city’s food-cart wars say that when they stake a claim to a busy corner, they frequently get threatened by a loose-knit band of gyro-cooking thugs they call the “Halal Mafia.”

  11. try [He] believe[s] in freedom with responsibility, not freedom from responsibility. [His] ideal society is one in which government is confined to protecting its citizens from criminals and external enemies. [He] believe[s] in working with all those who are moving in broadly the same direction.

  12. Theresaj,you don’t have any site against muzz in all NZ…amazing !The sheik should open a branch down there of Winds of JIhad….!

    I agrre with Mullah me too I check all the food I buy,I never buy anything from a Muslim country.

    And for the Halal meat i’m fiercely against ,since I’m a pig and in the name of all my brothers pigs we prefer to be stunned before ending in the plate of our good friends Christians and others….Thaks a lot and Bon Appétit.

  13. In Israel they put the animal in a contraption that flips it upside down, say a prayer and then cut the poor beast’s throat. Imagine that a contraption that flips a 2000 pound cow onto its back! Halal is only a rip off of Jewish practices, but since sheikyermami’s a Jew he won’t bitch about this will he?

  14. Both are wrong Jan. However, the Jewish folks can adapt – it is doubtful that the mohammedans can.

  15. “In Israel they put the animal in a contraption that flips it upside down, say a prayer …”

    Are you sure “they” say a prayer, Jan? Do you have a reference? Even if they did pray prior to killing the “poor beast”, the prayer would be to God, not “allah”, and thus not sacrificed to false gods / idols.
    Kashrut: Jewish Dietary Laws

    [Contrary to popular misconception, rabbis or other religious officials do not “bless” food to make it kosher. There are blessings that observant Jews recite over food before eating it, but these blessings have nothing to do with making the food kosher.]

  16. If the Mohammedan don’t want to eat food from NZ because NZ won’t hand over their governing body for food handling… let them eat rocks. I’m serious, most Mohammedan sewers in the world have to import food since they have driven most kafur from their countries. So let them eat rocks and never mind them. I’m very willing to import stuff from NZ and AU.

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