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Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us”  – The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam…

Thai couple shot dead, burned

YALA – SUSPECTED Islamic militants shot dead a Buddhist couple and set their bodies on fire Thursday in the latest gruesome attack to hit Thailand’s troubled south, police said.

A bloody six-year separatist insurgency in the kingdom’s southernmost provinces along the Malaysian border has killed more than 4,100 people and wounded thousands more.

Police said a 51-year-old man and his wife, 42, were on a motorcycle on their way to work at a telephone company when attackers gunned them down in provincial capital of Pattani. The militants then doused their bodies with gasoline and torched them in the middle of the road, police said. The rest is the usual drivel from AFP

Muslim Gang Rapes Man in Manchester Centre

Manchester a bastion of NuLabour’sinflicted multiculturalism and diversity yet again makes the ‘rape jihad’ news. This time a lone man was raped by an “Asian” (media code word for muslim) gang.

And from my (and others) past blogs we know there is a high incidence of rape perpetrated by muslims in Western countries – but the vast majority of these rapes are women. Two muslim gang rapes recently occurred in the Manchester area – see HERE andHERE.   Man raped in centre of Manchester/More from the Opinionator

Other News:

(UK) ‘Asian’ Men Offer 13-Year-Old Girls Money for Sex…

The girls walked away but were followed by the men who offered the girls money for sex and grabbed them by the arm. The girls managed to break free and ran into the pub for help.

Just a little Mohammedan terror:

Pali Headbanger Sentenced for Shoot-ing Rampage at Danish Mall…

Denmark: Pali Arab  gets 10 years in jail for shooting up Israeli cosmetics stand

10 years means he will be out in 6.  But he said he did not intend to kill when he opened fire. Sure. Just a little terror… “Palestinian gets 10 years for shooting Israelis,” from Agence France-Presse,

Somali Mohammedans Start Killing Americans in the Good ol’US of  A

Triple Homocide Latest Symptom of Islam in Minnesota…

Two teens charged in a triple homicide made first court appearances as the Somali community stood witness.

Mahdi Ali was the alleged gunman in what authorities have described as a robbery turned fatal. Ahmed Ali allegedly confined two people to the back of the store while his friend robbed and shot the men up front, according to a criminal complaint. (Great. We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here, right?)

Two Young Christians Shot for Declining to Accept Islam…

TOBA TEK SINGH, Pakistan, January 14 (CDN) — Two Pakistani Christians who were shot at a wedding on Dec. 26 for refusing to convert to Islam are still receiving treatment at a hospital intensive care unit, but doctors are hopeful that they will recover. Remember:” there is no compulsion in religion…” except when there is….

Hamas work accident:  jihadist gets his virgins!

Or maybe not.

GAZA CITY (AFP) – A member of the armed wing of the Islamist movement Hamas was killed while handling explosives in the Gaza Strip overnight, a Palestinian medic said on Friday.

Imad al-Selkawy, 25, suffered fatal injuries in the accidental blast, which occurred at Deir el-Balah in the centre of the Palestinian territory, the medic said.

Hamas’s armed wing the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades confirmed the death in a statement, saying its activist had been killed during a “mission of jihad,” a phrase it uses to describe such incidents.   from AFP, January 15