Thai Jihad

A quick update:

FrontPage Magazine – Whitewashing the Thai Jihad


Muslim insurgency in Thailand grinds on


Mohammedans kill 10 in Thailand

Note the apologetic BS by this reporting dhimwit:

PATTANI, Thailand – Suspected Muslim rebels killed 10 civilians in a flurry of attacks in insurgency-plagued southern Thailand, the army said today on the fifth anniversary of a bloody assault by security forces against militants at a mosque. (Thai security forces didn’t cause a “bloody assault”- they tried to restore law and order in a jihadist infested area/ed)

Thai security officials blamed Muslim insurgents bent on stirring up communal tension between Buddhists and Muslims. (That much is true/ed)

Insurgent attacks – which include drive-by shootings and bombings – are believed to be intended to frighten Buddhist residents into leaving the area. They also target Muslims who the rebels believe have collaborated with the government, including soldiers, police, informants and civilians. (Typical Mohammedan warfare. Call it jihad./ed)

Now it comes,  BS on the double:

The identity and precise goals of the insurgents have never been publicly declared, and responsibility is rarely claimed for attacks. They pursue an ill-defined agenda that sometimes seems to call for an Islamic state separate from Buddhist-dominated Thailand, but is mostly a reaction to a history of discrimination.

“The identity and precise goals of the insurgents have never been publicly declared…”- BS on the double: as you can see here, we have reported years ago on who  is behind this insurgency and what the goals of these motherfuckers are:

Thai Jihad: Muslim rebel leader calls for referendum on independence for ‘restive’ southern Thailand

Why isn’t anybody listening?

Southern Muslims have long complained of discrimination, especially in education and job opportunities, in Buddhist-dominated Thailand.

Mohammedans always complain of discrimination when they’re not on top. Their religion teaches that they are entitled to exploit the unbelievers, extort the jiziya, humiliate and rape them. If they’re  unable to exploit the dhimmies their world is out of kilter and they resort to terrorizing the kuffars.  This is a pattern that repeats itself as long as the ideology of the profit rules over people.

If the soldiers of allah would  get off their lazy asses for once and work for a living it might  help them get over it.

3 thoughts on “Thai Jihad”

  1. Peace upon on you.
    How could you called it Jihad!?
    I am a muslimah from Thailand.
    It is not Jihad in Thailand.
    Kill people with no reason even muslims too.
    It’s not according Islam it’s about Melayu’s history. They use our religion Islam for their advantages.
    Even people here don’t call it Jihad ,it’s nearing become Khawarij!

  2. Really, Muslimah?

    You do know that allah uses its slaves to do its wet work, whether you call it jihad, khawarij, or ‘islam is peace”…

    allah, channelled via its false prophet:

    [8.17] So you did not slay them, but it was Allah Who slew them, and you did not smite when you smote (the enemy), but it was Allah Who smote, and that He might confer upon the believers a good gift from Himself; surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

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