Today's Offerings from the Religion of Peace

The Muslim Case for Killing Muslims:

Although one case against Islamic terror being Islamic is that Muslims are often the victims, the Qur’an actually justifies killing ‘hypocrites’ – those Muslims who don’t participate in Jihad. (Islam Watch)

Somali group hails attack on Danish cartoonist

Update from this: Axe-Wielding Islamist Attempts to Kill Danish Cartoonist in Home

MOGADISHU /AFP— Somalia’s radical Islamic Shebab group hailed Saturday the attack by a Somali on a Danish cartoonist reviled by Muslims for his drawing of their prophet Mohammed.

“There could be some people who might say that boy was related to Shebab or other Islamic organisations, but I tell you that this incident is not something that could be related only to Shebab or other Islamic organisations.

“It is a general obligation for all Muslims to defend their religion and the prophet. He really did what was to be done by any other Muslim.”

That’s what we’ve been saying all along. How refreshing when Mohammendans tell the truth! That’s exactly the reason why we must reverse Mohammedan migration and not allow them to settle behind enemy lines…..

Pakistan: Jihad Against Volley Ball:

Most of the 88 Dead at Vollyball Match were Children…

Children in the Jihadi Cause

Video of the Islamic version of Sunday School, where children are taught to praise Allah – and decapitate anyone who doesn’t join them.  (MEMRI)