UK: telling the truth makes you an "ignorant racial bigot"

Tory MP says rapist was influenced by migrants’ ‘barbaric and medieval’ attitudes towards women

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David Cameron was last night challenged to deselect a Welsh Conservative MP who linked the case of a teenage Muslim rapist to “barbaric and medieval” views towards women “imported into this country”.

Monmouth MP David Davies made his controversial comments during a radio interview while discussing the case of Bilal Khan, 13, who was jailed for three years for raping a 20-year-old woman in a park at Stoke-on-Trent.

He said: “I think there is a wider question here. What is it about this young man’s upbringing, what about his community or his parental upbringing, that led him to think that women are second-class people whose rights can be trampled over like this?

“That is a very interesting question, and there are some sensitive issues here but there do seem to be some people in some communities who don’t respect women’s rights at all and who, I may say, without necessarily saying this is the case on this occasion, who have imported into this country barbaric and medieval views about women, and that is something that also needs to be addressed.”

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said: “David Davies should be ashamed of himself. His was a knee-jerk reaction based on ignorance. Rather than concentrating on the facts of a shocking case, he chose to malign entire communities in a wholly unfair and divisive way.”

Naz Malik, chief executive of Awema, the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, said: “By linking in this instance the rape case to undefined migrant communities, David Davies displays the thought processes of a racial bigot. I think it is time David Cameron reassured Britain’s ethnic minority communities by sending a very strong message to him that his remarks are wholly unacceptable. That could be achieved by deselecting him as a Conservative candidate in the coming general election.”

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a group representing young Muslims, said: “We in our communities find what Bilal Khan has done evil and totally unacceptable in Islam and for Mr Davies to suggest that somehow these rapist attitudes are engrained in some parts of [black and minority ethnic] communities is deeply offensive and of no substance.”

Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood said: “These comments not only display a crass ignorance of different cultures, but are highly inflammatory. To suggest that ‘backward, medieval and barbaric’ views towards women are being ‘imported’ into the UK is dangerous and irresponsible.

(“dangerous and irresponsible”- because its the truth?)

Discriminatory attitudes towards women have to be tackled in all communities, regardless of race or religion. For David Davies to claim otherwise, suggests he is either very ill-informed or trying to court the anti-immigration brigade.”

Wales Online, 29 January 2010


New Labour Heaven is hell for Tory MP David Davies

Daily Mail

Left-wingers are trying to depict David Davies, the Tory MP for Monmouth, as some sort of foaming reactionary. All he did was deplore as too lenient a three-year sentence given to a 14-year- old rapist, Balal Khan.

Mr Davies, a part-time policeman, suggested that ‘some communities don’t respect women’s rights at all’.

Good for him, speaking up for vulnerable women. But when he put his case in the Commons on Wednesday, Labour women – particularly a hard-core feminist from Milton Keynes called Starkey – hissed and snorted. It was as if they felt they were the only ones who could ever speak up for women.

Mr Davies was also attacked by Prof Heaven Crawley, ‘director of the Centre for Migration Policy Research’ at Swansea University.

She tut-tutted that Mr Davies had used ‘very dangerous words’ by suggesting that in some instances ‘barbaric’ attitudes to women were ‘being imported into this country’.

I urge you to visit the website of Prof Crawley’s publicly funded centre in Swansea. Leftist buzzwords abound.

The whole thing could be a pastiche of The Guardian’s social policy pages. One of Prof Crawley’s colleagues, Alan Finlayson, was author of the publication Making Sense Of New Labour. Good luck to him!

As for Prof Crawley, who took her MA in ‘Gender and Development’ at Sussex University, she was once head of the ‘citizenship and governance programme’ at a think-tank called the IPPR. It happens to be close to the Labour Party. She was also an adviser to the Labour- controlled Commons Select Committee on Home Affairs.

If journalists are looking for an objective critic, they could perhaps look elsewhere.

I’d say Monmouth is lucky to have the forthright Mr Davies as its Member of Parliament. What he said was not ‘dangerous’. What is really dangerous is when MPs feel scared of voicing widelyshared opinions.

Meanwhile, if we get a Tory Government and it has to cut spending on universities, perhaps it could start by closing a certain migration policy research centre in South Wales.

6 thoughts on “UK: telling the truth makes you an "ignorant racial bigot"”

  1. Kudos,David Davies! One’s ears tend to prick up when a politician speaks sense(it just doesn’t happen that often) but he swims against the tide of politics and the media;for every sensible politician making a valid point there seems to be a half-dozen craven dhimmi turncoats to shout him down as….well…. what else?…a racist! It is up to the public to get behind politicians who are brave enough to voice an honest opinion that goes against party politics;silent majorities need to get active.

  2. Please correct me if I am wrong, but Mr. Davies did not utter the word “Muslim” in his comments. Mr. Malik is the one who has the problem. You should have to work with a bunch of pantywaist liberal professors like I do. One day a couple of years ago two of them were discussing Iranians. Says the first one, “I heard that lots of Iranians were getting nose jobs.” The other prof said, “Oh, yeah? Wonder why?” The first one says, “Probably so they can look more like us and ‘take us over.'” At that, they both had a big belly laugh. It was sooooo cute! Not! These idiots are so steeped in liberal idealogy that they don’t realize they will be the first ones who lose their heads. Literally.

  3. barfly, you definitely aren’t ‘flunky’. Well said!
    There are more and more and more of us rising up to take a stand and linking up with other like-minded people.

    I call them BRAVE!

  4. Write a letter or send an email to the British Parliament to support the statements of Mr. Davies.

  5. It is men like David Davies who will keep the UK as a land of the free.
    It is all the more saddening that so many British subjects do not seem to understand or realise the ‘threat’ they live under. Giving in to these immigrants and numbskulls who may not have had a decent education speaks a lot about the new generation of the UK. The British have always risen up to calamities and one can only hope that they will rise up again to rid Britain and Europe of the ‘Evil’ that is insidiously descending upon the land.

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