"We are training fighters for the Taliban…"

From the magnificient Tundra Tabloids:

Taliban to be ‘bribed’ with jobs and houses in £330m plan to stabilise Afghanistan

This is gonna work!

Taliban fighters will be handed jobs and free homes under plans to crush the insurgency in Afghanistan.  Even Mullah Omar, their fugitive leader, could be rewarded with property if he renounces violence and severs links with Al Qaeda.

But senior Government officials said it was unlikely the insurgents would be paid cash to give up their weapons, for fear it would be used to buy arms to target British troops. The £330million plan to buy off jobless fighters will be the centrepiece of today’s international conference in London on the war-torn nation.   But the scheme likely to be greeted with dismay by some of the families of the 251 British troops who have been killed since the conflict began in 2001Read more

So the heroin drug running cartel of Taliban and non-Taliban Afghani war-lords and other minor potentates, are going to be rewarded for their role in stealing the majority of the Western aid meant for the destitute population, with a ‘bold’ scheme in bribing the majority of the people to whom the aid was originally meant for…

Karzai is pleased that he doesn’t have to pay back what he stole…..

SPIEGEL 360: Our Complete Afghanistan Coverage

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has emphasized the need for a new “strategic direction” in Afghanistan. But many German officials question Berlin’s plan to slightly boost the number of troops and police trainers in the war-torn country. “We are training fighters for the Taliban,” said one police spokesman. More>>

Do Exit Programs for Islamists Actually Work?

It sounds like a promising idea: Instead of confronting the Taliban on the battlefield, why not pay them to give up violence? But such programs have been tried before, and they have one major disadvantage: They tend only to work when the insurgents are already losing. By Peter Neumann more…

Germany’s Siemens pulling out of Iran

The announcement came shortly after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that she was seriously considering tougher sanctions on the Islamic Republic, which has failed to cooperate on disclosing its nuclear ambitions. JTA

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  1. Buy shares in the companies that manufacture AK47s & Rocket launchers. They’re in for a spike in sales

  2. When did win a war, become bribing the enemy. Who’s idea was that? Oh.. I see.. it’s freaking Jyza again. Freaking morons.

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