Catmeat: Rape Jihad

Catmeat. Uncovered women are for the taking. Uncovered women are whores. Infidel women are ‘war booty’ for the soldiers of Allah. They deserve to be raped:

20, and Abdillahi Adan, 18, are totally innocent. They just followed their prophet Muhammad, who raped women of Jewish tribes after slaughtering their men and sold their children into slavery. How dare we apply man made law on these good muslims! What an injustice!

Liverpool rapists scream abuse at victim after being jailed at Liverpool Crown Court

Feb 22 2010 By Chloe Griffiths/Liverpool News H/T RoP

TWO rapists were wrestled to the cells as violent scenes erupted when were put behind bars for a total of 17 years.

Sadiq Hussein, 20, and Abdillahi Adan, 18, hurled vicious abuse at their victim as they were each locked up for eight-and-a-half years. Hussein, of Chatsworth Drive, Edge Hill, and Adan, of Daniel Davies Drive, Toxteth, both denied rape, but were convicted by a jury.

The pair tried to jump from the dock and had to be restrained by security guards and police officers as they screamed threats and insults at their 18-year-old victim.

Liverpool Crown Court heard they had “preyed upon” their vulnerable victim and led her into Princes Park, Toxteth, after she asked for directions.

Judge David Aubrey QC said: “While you both raped her, one after the other, she was distressed, she was crying, she was crying for help and she was crying for you to stop.

“Her fear, anxiety, apprehension, trepidation is in my judgement immeasurable.

“But notwithstanding her cries for you to stop and her cries for help neither of you desisted.”

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  1. Awesome – Eight and a half years each? That means they’ll be out in 5-6 years, so they’ll be in their mid-twenties…..

    “Let the raping continue” – so sayeth the judge presiding over the case!!!

    I say, save the taxpayers some money and put a bullet in the back of each of their heads, £1.50 per bullet maximum vs hundreds of thousands of pounds keeping the bastards in the lap of luxury at her Maj’s pleasure…… no contest in my opinion. If it’s good enough for the commie Chinese, then it should be good enough for the commie nglish government!!!

  2. Better idea… follow Vlad the Impaler’s example and impale them outside their local mosque.

  3. Here is a classic example of miscarriage of justice. In most instances there is a senile old bastard presiding over these cases who cannot even begin to comprehend the extent of shame and humiliation the 18 year old girl must have gone through when she was violated by two black muslim dogs. The thought of two xxxxx touching her must have revolted her and will remain a living nightmare with her for as long as she lives.
    This is what happens when two civilizations try and co-exist in a progressive modern country. Bring back the death penalty and hang them high, just as they do in Iran.

  4. Huddie,
    We are NOT racists!! You do not call black folks names! You can call islamists any name you wish but you do NOT ever use the word “nigger” here. Call islamists murderous child molesting sub-intelligent perverts – it is the truth – but you do not insult anyone because of the color of their skin – got it!!!

  5. Kaw, Anybody, who believes, that to only difference, between,..”Negros”, & “Whites”, is the “color of their skins”, has ,just, NOT, been paying attention,..

  6. they should be jailed longer… people like that have something wrong with their brains that needs to be fixed
    and why the hell do they call muhammad a murderer and a rapist!! when did that happen, yeah am a muslim and we dont have anything about “the right to rape” lol, . the guy who wrote this article must have been a jew??
    if you dont believe me about Muhammad read the Quran and read what some people are saying about him…

  7. yo there are innocent they did’nt rape no girls you can these 2 boys are real , girls will do anything nowdays to but nigger behind bars for nothing and the reason there doing it is for the money ,!

  8. i think the girls are chatting shit these lads are scousers they know the score to not rape no1 but bitches just chat shit, never trust bitch

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