Don't google "smelly Arabs"- or else….

Google Slammed for Suggesting ‘Smelly Arabs’

“If Google puts itself in the position of censoring anything that anyone could find offensive anywhere, then we will be left with a least common denominator of nothing,” Jarvis argued. “That would be the greater tragedy.”  True. But PC MC demands the lowest common denominator applies to all. Shari’a ueber alles!

Achmed smelly?

Islam in Europe Links:

Asylum from what?

Norway: Immigrants, Muslims portrayed negatively in the media

Gee. Who would have thought. Lets blow up the media then. Or come to Melbourne, where the AGE knows all about Islam….

Kalheim from the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDI) says he’s surprised that Islam is more important for the media than swine-flu, education, children’s welfare and environmental and climate issues.

Good News From Scotland:

Shaykh Amer Jamil, an Islamic scholar from Glasgow, has promised to wipe out what he sees as dangerous misinterpretations of his religion. (let me guess: “wipe out” as in “kill the infidels, kill the Jews…?”)

He has also embarked on a project to educate Scottish Muslims about the true meaning of the word “jihad”, which is so often misunderstood.  More>>

Anti Dhimmitude in Norway:

Norway: Parliament member against Muslim taxi drivers

Knudsen says he joined the group to show that freedom of speech should be protected. He points to the Muslim taxi drivers protest in Oslo on Feb. 6th, when they stopped working in protest of Dagbladet printing the Mohammed cartoons. That the drivers did this shows that they don’t respect freedom of speech, thinks Knudsen.

“When it comes to rapes in Oslo, it has happened several times that the attacker is of Muslim background, while the victim has been of Western or Norwegian background,” he told NRK. I can hear the howlers about “racism & Islamophobia” already….

Germany: Jewish leader warns of Muslim antisemitism

Imam who marched with demonstrators who cried “Death, death to Israel” quits…. to protect the community, the blessed mosque…

In a speech he gave at a different demonstration he called in Arabic that “we belong to the community of Hezbollah”, and he expressed anti-Israel sentiments in a Friday sermon, quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini’s speech against Israel.

The imam had accused the news program of conducting a smear campaign against him.

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