Germany disenchanted with the O'bastard, Hitchens attacks Gore Vidal for being a 'crackpot'…

SPIEGEL twits fail completely to nail Mahmoud Abbas on the “peace process”

Israeli President Shimon Peres was in Berlin on Wednesday for the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and delivered a speech to the German parliament. Read his complete remarks.

Pals are the biggest Binnie Fans:

Pew poll shows Pali-Arabs  are big Bin Laden fans

“Its all Obama’s fault…”

that includes the Sunni-Shiite war…..

Lebanon top Shia Cleric holds Obama responsible for Middle East tensions

Hitchens attacks Gore Vidal for being a ‘crackpot’

Former protégé takes America’s great man of letters to task for adopting 9/11 conspiracy theories  The Independent

But the Independent pretends to be “balanced”, so it gives equal opportunity to an Arab headbanger to present his view. Gotta be “balanced”.  Unsurprisingly, the agents of Islam, of which Ahmed is one, love a good conspiracy theory and defend the old nutbag:

Hitchens Has No Clothes: A response to ‘Vidal Loco’

By Dr Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed MA DPhil

Notice the pattern – the need for war is an unquestionable given; those who pull the rug out from under the war-machine by pointing out the emperor’s brazen nudity are committing ‘treason’. Yet it is the impassioned concern for evidence, and for the well-being of Americans and the world, that motivates Gore’s discussions about issues like Pearl Harbour, Timothy McVeigh, and the collapse of the American empire.

The usual. You know the drill. The Arab mind is, and always will be,  a cesspool.  Gore Vidal seems content to defecate in it, perhaps he has no sense of smell.  In the end, its all manure. But  perhaps its the same fertilizer that can be used to make primitive bombs….. in that case, I have a problem with it.