The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Film Explores Forced Prostitution of Afghan Boys…/thanks to the RoP

The Warlord’s Tune

Over six months an Afghani journalist, Najibullah Quraishi, has risked his life to document the practice of Bacha Bazi (boy play), where young men are forced into prostitution serving the needs of rich and powerful men.

The filmmaker follows those who make a living procuring young boys, and those who abuse them. The result is a deeply disturbing portrait of a society that publicly promotes a strict moral code while effectively condoning systematic child abuse.


Michael Savage on Homosexuality and Islam

Imagine being nine or ten years old. You are orphaned and living on the streets of a city in Afghanistan. You are approached by a man you do not know. He will clothe, feed and “protect” you. All you must do is learn to dance.

At first you will practice your routine with another young man. After weeks of training you will make your debut dancing before a crowd of men. Many are former warlords who helped the Karzai Government make its way to power. Others might be powerful businessmen.

Before you dance you will be given clothes and make up to make you look feminine. After the dancing, the men are excited and they bid for your company. If you please a warlord or businessman they will pay highly for your favours. Ultimately you will be traded, violated and abused by a large number of men.

This is the world of the Bacha Bereesh, which means “beardless boys”. These children are groomed to become sex slaves. It is not a new practice. In Afghanistan the Warlords often kept young boys as their sexual partners. But in modern Afghanistan the practice has evolved into a lucrative and expanding business. In a country ravaged by war orphaned boys are being openly targeted by paedophiles. Some families are so poor that they are willing to sell their sons into slavery. Official reports now suggest thousands of children are at risk.

For the first time on television this practice is finally exposed. A locally born reporter has taken a camera and gone inside the world of the dancing boys. He goes with the “protector” as this man buys children. The reporter is told how the boys are trained and he is told how the “protector” will rent them out and take his “cut”.

The documentary finds evidence that this practice is not confined to any one area of Afghanistan. Although it is popular in the north it is now spreading across the country.

The investigation also shows what happens when the boys mature or fall out of favour with the men who desire them. Some are abandoned, others are killed. Asked what impact this life has on the boys, one local says: “They are just boys, they will forget about it.”

It is an investigation that has a special resonance for anyone watching in Australia. The people committing the abuse on these children are powerful figures in Afghan society. They are given license to commit these criminal acts by the very governments that are supposed to be our allies in the war on terror and the lethal contest against the Taliban.

“The Warlord’s Tune” is produced and scripted by award winning documentary maker Jamie Doran.

It goes to air on Four Corners on Monday 22nd February at 8.30pm on ABC1. It is repeated on Tuesday 23rd at 11.35pm. Also available online.

11 thoughts on “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”

  1. This is a vile and despicable practise, where men turn to abusing young boys, dressing them in female attire,and make-up.
    I hope every single man who partakes in this rots in hell; for every dancing boy they groom, they have destroyed a life. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, as it will be aired on Tuesday 20th April in the UK, but I have every intention of doing so. Kudos to Quraishi, for exposing what is nothing more than child prostitution and paedophilia.
    (Note to Sheikyermami; your name made me smile, made me think of Frank Zappa, and a particular album I haven’t heard in a loooong time.)
    To everyone else, Peace. 🙂

  2. i watched last night it was sick i dont get it they were goin to a mosqque and praying but i thought muslims hated gays and how can a religious person do that and in islam u lose a hand for stealing but nothing hapens to them for abusing kids only coz there rich i think but the whole comunity nows about it if peodos acted like that openly in uk the comunity would kill them do the taliban do it i doubt it.most men in that country seem to either abuse women or kids or both the parents sell there daughters at 12 to 60 year olds no way can that country be saved its a tradition to be a peodo they tell there wives there keeping a boy s well.i bet the rich pedos dont pas there own sons round the rich in afganistan do what they like and khazi is just a puppet but thats the same all over actualy

  3. ****ing horrible hypocrital, misogynistic, arrogant FREAKS!
    Washing before prayer, that guy who was a ‘pillar of the community’, married with TWO YOUNG SONS *shudder*, yet talking on camera about how a boy ‘makes me want to lose control’, has ‘had’ thousands of boys, he’s PROUD of it!
    What the hell is wrong with these people?
    Their women are enshrouded in cloth from head to foot with just their eyes peeping out if they’re lucky, no doubt most of them get raped and abused too when their ‘men’, upstanding Muslim men and warriors, aren’t busy with the boys.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am the most un-homphobic person you could meet, my anger isn’t about the homosexual aspect of it.
    That is one ****ed up society. All the men who exploit these boys should be excommunicated from their Muslim religion, that’s if men are ever seen to do anything wrong in Afghanistan.

  4. I was shocked to see this documentary. I had no idea that such things were happening in Afganistan,even more, that it was an “ancient practice.” It concerns me for the sake of these boys who will forever be damaged if they should survive to adulthood.
    I see we must pray harder for that country. Maybe, since, our military is there, we can have a positive influence and bring about change – change that I hope will help these boys.

  5. These men have no souls. They are pure evil in human form. The devil has latched onto them and must be so pleased.

  6. Bismillah, Bacha Bazi is a child play that is un-Islamic practice practiced in the norhter Afghanistan. This is a desease that must be cured and the only way it can be cured if Sharia is brought to Afghanistan and whole-heartedly practice as it was practiced by the Taliban before they were derailed by the NATO and with the enemy within – the Northern Allience. And since 2001, after the CIA self-orchistrated attacks on Twin Towers and other targets, they American military had successfully installed puppet regime and runnig the Afghan affairs as if it is an American state. Those who have given up hope in Allah, either have gone astray or part-time and half-heartedly support Islam and on the other hand support the Zionist American policy against Afghanistan. But all praise to Allah, the Taliban are still alive and still fight the Kafir ideology – capitalism as they did fight the former idelology – communism. And since they are no sharia in most of Afghanistan then the un-Islamic practices will take place such as Bacha Bazi and many others. What the Taliban are bringing to Afghanistan is light of Allah which is Tawheed in order to cleanse the souls of Afghans and show them the right path – Sunnah of Mohammad p.b.u.h. (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan)

  7. sharia law under the taliban in afghanistan resulted in countless
    offenses/crimes against humanity.
    the problem in afghanistan is the fragmentation; too many tribes
    fighting and too much corruption.
    solution is on the way; the world dictator will put order there with
    an iron fist. (the worldwide umma will take too long anyway).
    The Gathering of Yahwe will ultimately reign.

  8. * And since 2001, after the CIA self-orchistrated attacks on Twin Towers and other targets …

    When are muslims going to stop being stooges for the CIA? There’s no shortage of undie bombers, shoe bombers, breast-implant bombers, butt bombers, pipe bombers, baby boomers, burka bombers, doctor bombers all willing to suicide for mohammed and allah, when it’s really the CIA masterminding the operation, no doubt on behalf of Zionist Juice.

    Pwned by your own “god”, Quasimodo. Hoist by your own canard!

  9. Kakimoto,
    Afghanistan is a fractured country, separated along narrow tribal boundaries which are accentuated due to the abuse of the population by islam and its medieval sharia. No, sharia is no answer, it is part of the problem. The taliban are only alive because they are protected by a corrupt Pakistani government and because the coalition governments are suffering from an excess of PC idealism at present. This will change soon. When we are allowed to take our gloves off, you and your fellow soldiers of allah and its rapist prophet mo(piss be upon its head),will be quickly sent to the next world. The twin towers attack was made by muslim terrorists, however muslim idiots like you imagine fervently otherwise and believe that if you lie enough you can convince the reset of the world that your bleatings are the truth. We just have to say no one more time then you say yes! We know that you muslims murdered 3000+, we know that you know this as well, and we know that you are starting a war which we will complete. And at the end of this war, you and your kind will be extinct. As the Sheik implies, enter an argument only if you are sufficiently intelligent to hold your own. You are not.

  10. Everyday we face the enemy of ignorant western academics who constantly pander to Islam and approve of it in so called ‘democracy’. This is a religion that offends decency on a daily basis, in all parts of the world women, children (of both sexes) and animals are abused in the most horrible, appalling and hypocritical way. If we stand up to speak about it we are accused of hate, HOW UNJUST IS THIS.. As if standing up for the rights of the abused is considered hate these days! The misguided say we are making these things up, when the evidence is more plainer than their noses. I cannot in all conscience allow a religion to dominate that abuses others and considers 50% of the worlds pop to be less than animals (viz, women). Their ‘holy’ books quite clearly state this in black and white. We have tamed christianity to be more just than it has ever being and now we have the great battle of the last Semitic religion to fight. Nothing makes my flesh crawl more than appalling hypocrisy and abuse of the weak and trusting and in all ways I will fight this religion in as many ways as I can. It is with disgust that I observe ignorant western academics defending this religion and its hypocrisies, but not only that, they defend its so called ‘god’ given right to treat and state that women are 2nd or 3rd class citizens. they defend its right to slit the throat of animals for halal, in our countries where The RSPCA exists!!!!!!! Yes, I am v v angry about this. They do not read the Koran and see its appalling contradictions and its emphasis on the ‘revenge’ of Allah on ‘unbelievers. They swallow the garbage told them about its ‘peaceful’ crap. and do not read for themselves. They abuse people like me who HAS read both the Koran and the Hadith and tell me I AM ignorant. I found both these books with far more contradictions than the bible and full of instructions to ‘fight then in the way of Allah’, for Allah is more violent and more severe to punish’. Is it any wonder, young people reading this then run around with bombs?????? I am constantly told that I am full of hate, and I hate NOONE.,( I work in medicine) but I find a religion that is full of this sort of ranting to violence so distastful that I must speak up against its presence anywhere in the world. It must be eradicated, if it will not see reason. I cannot sit by while a religion condones the abuse of the weak and dependant. If this means I am subjected to constant abuse and threats so be it. The Koran reads as though its author was on some hallucinogen at times, in the same way as the author of the Book of Revelation appears to have been. ( St John the Divine) Otherwise, one could say that both these ‘prophets’ had severe mental health issues. So, to Islam, I say, what is written in the Koran about Allah allowing the believers to conquer the world by ‘fooling the unbelievers’ viz : ‘Allah will restrain the violence of those who misbelieve’, will NOT occur, though I know many of you think that is what is happening in the world today, with western countries opening and welcoming muslims is this proclamation taking place in reality. We will not allow you to do this, and will attack if necessary until you are eradicated. Also, the world will NOT end as a result of this war ( as the Koran says) but it may well end FOR YOU.

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