EUrabia: Sentence Against Susanne Winter Legally Binding

In Austria, the Truth is NO Defense

Susanne Winter (photo) has lost in the Court of Appeals (Articles about Winter’s case here) and was sentenced to a three-month probation term and a fine of 24,000 Euros. During the 2008 voting campaign, she stated that Muhammad would be considered a child molester by modern legal standards. Such a statement is considered as incitement. It wasn’t made known how the judges would classify a man that takes advantage of a nine-year-old… Susanne Winter/Politcally Incorrect

8 thoughts on “EUrabia: Sentence Against Susanne Winter Legally Binding”

  1. I simply cannot believe my eyes.
    The judges must have been coerced with Saudi or Turkish dollars.

    The truth about Islam is not the truth anymore…it’s a crime….”convicted of vilification and incitement of religious doctrine (What religious doctrine?) to three months of conditional imprisonment and fined 24,000 euros.”
    Susan Winter said nothing wrong in my opinion. She spoke the truth and nothing more. For this she gets three months in jail and fined 24,000 E’s?
    What is this world coming to? I truly feel sorry for our grand children. They are doomed to a future of Islamic submission.
    That is the equivalent of saying the church of Scientology is a fictional cult. And for this she gets nailed with no futhre chance of appeal?
    I would fight it all the way to the supreme court of Europe if there is such a thing?
    We are witnessing the return of the equivalent of Nazi Germany all over again. History repeats itself but this time it is called Islamism…not Nazism. And this time they are winning the war.

  2. If you ask me…this decision brought down by the court in Austria is an incitement to violence.
    It is a travesty when religion takes over the state governing and judicial bodies.
    Europe Unite and fight this Islamic disease.

  3. Ah well,Hitler came from that place,the’re just keeping up the tradition of twisting the truth.

  4. Strange …
    Do really the judges think that having sex with 9 years-old is a good think?
    the world it getting crazy 🙁

  5. Maybe the judges are envisioning a future where they can rape nine year-olds with impunity because the law will be … the koran!
    A world of sharia is a world where guys can do a lot of stuff they previously only salivated about in their heads …

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