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Dementi: North Korea not likely to have sunk ship-Yonhap

SEOUL, March 27 (Reuters) – North Korea appears to have had nothing to do with the sinking of a South Korean navy ship near the disputed border that divides the peninsula, Yonhap news agency quoted a government official as saying on Saturday.

The ship went down on Friday night and there was initial speculation it might have been targeted by the North.

“Given the investigations by government ministries so far, it is the government’s judgement that the incident was not caused by North Korea, although the reason for the accident has not been determined yet,” a senior government official was quoted as saying.

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North Korea smells pussy in the White House, sinks South Korean ship:

Baron Bodissey reported earlier:

it appears that North Korea has fired a torpedo at a South Korean naval vessel and sunk it. The ship was patrolling in the Yellow Sea with 104 crew members on board, and some of them were probably killed.

South Korean Navy ship believed attacked by North Korea

A South Korean naval vessel is sinking off the Korean Peninsula’s North-South divide and could have been attacked by a North Korean ship. South Korea is investigating the sinking of the ship, with more than 100 sailors aboard. Breitbart has more