Its all about culture, you know… nothing to do with Islam…


Gaza women denied inheritance rights

The majority of women in Gaza are being denied their inheritance rights, a survey by aGaza-based women’s rights advocacy group has found.

Well, I guess that’s just another reason to blame da Jooozzz….

From our  “Islam elevates women” series:

The Women’s Affairs Center (WAC) study, Women and Inheritance, found 88 percent of those surveyed claimed to have been denied their inheritance. Around two thirds of those interviewed said they would not request aid to restore their legal rights.

Details of the study were published last week, ahead of International Women’s Day on Monday, in an attempt to highlight one of the most complicated issues facing Palestinian women.

“You can say it’s a matter of culture more than religion,” Diab Zayed, programs officer at the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) told The Media Line, noting that the problem exists in the West Bank as well as Gaza. More>>

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