Obama, Hawaii, Birthers, "Racist Germans" & a Few Links…

You’re not allowed to doubt. You’re not allowed to ask:

WTF is the Obasturd hiding?

Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama ‘birthers’ Associated (with terrorists) Press

From the Religion of Peace:

Which “Race” is Islam Again?

Islam Online Whines That Mohammedans Aren’t Allowed to Run Germany

Imagine! Many are born here. They are “here to stay”.

Sad to say, Germany is also witnessing the re-emergence of a new racism which seeks to deny these Muslims the description of being “German”, especially those of them born in Germany. One should bear in mind that the subject ofAusländerfeindlichkeit, or xenophobia, which was so widely discussed prior to 9/11, has now mysteriously disappeared from the public discourse.

Many active and widely promoted critics of Islam in Germany insist that Islam is foreign and backward-looking, and negate the possibility that Muslim positions might develop and adapt in accordance with the changes of a technologically defined world. German Muslims, especially those Germans who have entered Islam, are described in public discourse not only as “confused misfits” and discredited as “radicals”, they are more and more frequently made responsible for a series of grievances in the Islamic world as a whole.

In this way the idea that most Muslims are mere guests in Germany is reinforced in public. Sometimes it is even claimed that German Muslims ought not to be accommodated until minorities are given similar rights in all Islamic countries.

Imagine! The audacity of these filthy kafirs!  If that doesn’t call for jihad I don’t know what does….

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French Muslims  “suspicious” about Sarkozy: