When Muslims have the upper hand….

17 Indians to face firing squad for killing one Pakistani

Dubai: Seventeen Indians were sentenced to death by a sharia court in Sharjah on Sunday for killing a Pakistani man during a clash between gangs in January 2009. The killing followed a turf dispute between groups that sell illegal liquor in and around labour camps in Al-Sajaa. Alcohol is banned in Sharjah, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates federation.   DNA

Qaddafi: Hey, let’s partition Nigeria!

Not unlike the jihad over and against Kashmir.  “Gaddafi says Nigeria should split into several states,” from BBC News, via JW

Muslim students call for removal of “year of Our Lord” from diplomas at… Trinity University

Christianity is “oppressive” to Muslims…

“Students want ‘Our Lord’ phrase off diplomas,” by Melissa Ludwig for the Express-News

Hamas Headbanger Calls for Suicide Operations in Israeli Buses and Restaurants

“No Muslim Can Commit Suicide”, from MEMRI

Taliban actively training child suicide bombers

Remember: suicide is forbidden in Islam, as  this poster here assures us: “suicide can not be a Muslim and a Muslim can not be a terrorist.” There you go. Believe it or else….

Islamonomics: “All Your Infidel Wealth Are Belong To Us!”

‘Islamic economics promises equality’

Paki Daily News

Dr Chapra said Islamic economics was different from conventional economics because it was driven by teachings of Holy Quran. “Islamic economic system is based on the principle of equal, wise and justified distribution of wealth in society. It stresses upon fulfillment of material needs of all citizens without any discrimination because Islam speaks of ‘Rehmat-ul-Lil-Alameen’,” he said, adding the world was run by conventional economic system based on market economy which in fact grabs all resources. He said Islamic economics was difficult but not impossible.

Prof Khursheed said Islamic economics was response to the need of people to live in peace of mind.

He said Islamic banking was progressing rapidly in the world and predicted that soon the Islamic Economic System would replace present system of subjugation and suppression.

Strange. Islam had a 1400 year head-start.  How come Islamic economies are all failures…?

4 thoughts on “When Muslims have the upper hand….”

  1. * Sidra Qureshi, president of Trinity Diversity Connection. “By having the phrase ‘In the Year of Our Lord,’ it is directly referencing Jesus Christ, and not everyone believes in Jesus Christ.”

    Sidra apparently is a devoted slave of allah and its false prophet, going by what looks like her facebook page, and her “fashion” black head thingie in this vid of her after Pervez Musharraf spoke at Trinity in 2009 Anno Domini:


    Second video near bottom of page.

  2. Incidentally, how long before buildings with years of construction on the parapet or foundation stones, such as “1936 AD” are defaced to appease the hurt feelings of those who do not believe …?

  3. Thanks Mullah.

    The article about Mushi is one big lousy demand for jiziya. Pakistan, like all Islamic hell-holes, is a beggar nation, a failed state because of Islam.

    And they are too dumb to even recognize it.

    Also interesting is the name of the protestor: “Sidra Qureshi”, a descendant of Hindus or Buddhists, who now adopted the fake identity and the behavior of Arabs, from the Quraysh, the tribe Muhammad belonged to, which makes him (or her) “the best of peoples”, except of course in the eyes of real Arabs, who spit when they see a Pakistani….


  4. Muslims are worse than pathetic, they are a decadent mob of satanic worshippers. Nobody asked or invited these sons of satan to settle in western countries. These rats came across because of the system. These sonsofbitches are extremely lazy as evident in their own countries. So, 17 Indians are to face the death penalty? What has the Indian media to say, now? Are they calling it racist as they screamed when a few Indians were killied in Australia? The west has to stop muslims from entering their shores illegally. Throw them all out, these bloody infidels, devil worshippers. Their so called allah is be-el-zebub. Yes, the very devil himself. They are a cursed people who are worse than H1N1 and aids put together.

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